Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spleen Split By Splinters Spins In The Litter

"I'm not even what the mirror reflects to be.
In my mind, walks and talks the little me,
in a form that you would never see
- Bob

See, something as spontaneous as that can't come from my own sane awareness.
It must be Bob.
You don't just grow outside of me, your roots must have struck deep inside my skull.

Anyways, last week I was supposed to post something for Go Skate Sundays. But something has put me off my mood, my feelings. We were perfect for each other, for months we've put up with each other's shit. I swore, the times we had together, were the ones I had the most honest fun, ever. But, how long can you hover til' reality would snip the cord. No matter how strong, how thick, I know, WE know, it will eventually wear down. Crackle. Pop. And snap. I broke your heart, you broke mine, we broke up. Rest in splinters, my love ;

Love is to let go.

Holy noodles, the cheese from the last paragraph could've fed the whole world, for a year, and a half.

Anyways, it's not fair to let the spirit of Go Skate Sundays die even if I died a little inside. So, here's Haziq Hom Hom Termenong. Shredding with all awesomeness :

You can see more of Haziq (and his passion for the Dim Mak crew) in ShiftyMag's August issue.

Haziq loves his fans so much, that he wrote and signed all that with his broken right arm