Sunday, January 25, 2009

Behead Them Barbarics.

What would make grown men cry,
And haunt them to their beds,
Is a sight of slaughtered mothers,
And bullets in their chidren's heads.

Can't they see that they are all innocent,
Can't they think before they resort to violence,
Cries for mercy meant nothing,
As guns kept shooting, and bombs kept dropping,

Little kids can now no longer,
Enjoy the simplicity of a laughter,
When all they see is murder, murder,
To fight them guns, they only have a prayer,

Blood stained debris,
That tells of unspoken stories,
Of the merciless savages,
That kills off every gender and age.

I've heard of a ceasefire,
But how longer before the liars,
Engage on another bloodshed,
And let their insatiable greed be fed.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Norman Ain't Normal. He's Nocturnal, An Animal.

My eyelids and my jaws are ceased to function. They're stuck, oh mercy. Mess up your facial functions too by watching the video below :

..Now wait for around 15 minutes, and your face will work normally again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mullen's Lemon Tastes Like Melon And Layman's Melon Tastes Like Lemon

As I type each word out, inconstantly will I burp out tiny wafts that smells of melons. Emm, melons.Blame the two white/green boxes (make it one, just finished one just now) that are sitting quite comfy in my fridge. That one cup, literally pushed the F5 button on me (If in case noone got this joke, F5 on the keyboard, means refresh, and this drink is refreshing, get it ? get ii..nahhh). It's soo, sooo goooood.The soothing, sweet aroma and taste of melons, made creamier with the infusion of milk will never fail to moist the throat with ultimate pleasure (exaggerations, yheahp, but this drink is THAT good). Like when you're little, you know your enthusiastic friends will have this tiny book that he'll/she'll pass around and ask you to write your biodata inside. Questions include, name, age, d.o.b, music (at the time, Backstreet Boys seemed to be written on everyone's bios), fav food, fav drink, and etc. All was written in loads, LOADS, of coloured gel pens, to make matters worse, it was written like tHIZzz all the way through. How did my fingers ever got the stamina. ANYHOW, now to the point. The drink that I'm gonna write on that "fav drink" session (if there's still anyone actually haven't outgrown that buku-biodota and various coloured gel pens phase), is, is


If you see this drink hanging round the cooler near your vendor, don't hesitate, nor you wait. BUYYYY ITTT ! :DD . Trust me, your tummy will thank you (altho sometimes with a little gas, but maybe I'm just lactose-intolerant) :)

Sorry for the excessive exaggerations spilled all over, but I just can't stand the idea of writing only "I like this drink, it's good. Try it" here. If the drink's not as good as what is hyped up here, then I'm sorry. My biological functions, that includes my tongue, isn't exactly normal. Anyone my age out there like Jasmine green tea with honey ? ...

See, told you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whining Swine Wins Fine Wine.

If my mind's a train, it's gonna take forever if I were to unload passengers on different stations (passengers meaning the topics, and stations meaning the posts), so I think the best way to resolve this is to unload them all here. Don't worry, it won't be a clutter, I've asked them to make short, manageable lines.

First off, 2009, you're becoming more and more of a biiiyotch. I had my moments, where I was so close to kicking you out and stuff your dirty laundry up your provoking face. But nahh, it won't happen. You will go out, and I will go out too with most of my major resolutions ticked with a big, red marker.

AND, I finally drove a car, although at an embarrassing speed of less than 10km per hour (I wasn't allowed to press on the accelerator yet, it was my first driving class, whaddya expect) . And guess what, noone got killed :D . And I got a thumbs up by my indian instructor, with his shades on, and middle-parted hair that was reluctant to move along with the wind as it was gelled up pretty good, and yes, a moustache. A thumbs-up can't get anymore stylish than that (y)

I GOT A HAIRCUT :DD , that lead to predictable remarks such as, "Takde beza pun ?" , or "Baik takpayah potong, bazir je". Ha-ha-ha. I'm sorry 2009, and fellow hopefuls, I ain't ready to make BOB lose weight.

And, my friends are all picking up skateboarding at a very excitable rate :D . Matt bought a new deck, Meor and Haziq too. Even Aiq NC bought himself one. He claimed that he landed an ollie on his first try, if it's true then, you've a bright road ahead of you man :) . It took me 2 weeks to finally be able to get off the ground mann.

Yes, still on skating. The skateboarding rush, this year, has been one the most intense yet. We skated til' the wee hours in the morning (once til almost 5am, nakal betul kan ?) , and we got shoo-ed off by pak-guards, I ripped my shoe open, and we tried to hammer out the round rail attached to the big box at Paramount. Jahat, memamg. But it was worth it. I'm starting to feel the Baker life here 8)

Oh, and again, this has been the second time that I've dreamed about an unknown girl, giving out her number. She wore green, and she's fair, and she's round eyes and wavy hair, and and heehee, kindaa cute :) . Too bad I woke up, and forgot her number altogether, holy jives. If I think, and I hope, that miraculously, that "you" had dreamed of my digits too, I hope that "you" will give me a ring soon :) . And, when I continued my nap, I dreamed of a body,wrapped in cloth dropping hard with a loud THUD(!) right infront of me. Nice -_-

Oh and Pet Society's getting addictive once again. And my how my little Sykes look now will knock the ladies off their stilettos ;)

And I'm not dumb, maybe not the brightest bulb in the box, but definitely not THAT dim to a point that you'll accidentally shave off a small portion of your upper lip under my lighting. And I can put up my own bulb thank you very much.

You guys are hatin' on em' like they're teaming up to plot a plan to bomb the country. So what if some of em are a tad bit too carried away with ANTM, so what they ain't acting they're age, and so what they're taking pictures with over-used angles, and cliched poses ( I do that too, abuse me verbally too if you may) . They're minding they're own business, and so should you guys. Call me a hypocrite if you want, for I have bad-mouthed them once or twice, but I was caught in the heat of the gossip. I'm still sticking by this opinion.

What sucks so bad about juggling time is that, unlike bowling pins, if you dropped one down, you can't pick it back up and put on your painted-smile on like it never happened. And I happen to be one of the worst juggler ever, and I feel like my circus is almost going out of business.

Eh it's getting quite long, and I sense there'll be a part 2 ( I think ) . But the idea of smushing up various events in one post ain't to shabby ey :D . I think you'll be seeing this style later on, hehehe bearr with meh :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Thousand Nine's Spine Ain't Felt Yet.

And there it goes. 2008, it went off without turning it's head back with a tear twinkling down one eye, no matter how fast I waved my hand goodbye.

And there comes 2009, boarding down the train, onto your petty little station.

Like a charming stranger standing before your half-opened door, with gleaming eyes looking up at you. You feel like bitch-slapping this dude, but you know if you do that, he's just gonna magically transform into a witch doctor that's gonna put a deadly curse on you, that you'll be stuck with your love handles and spare tires as long as you're under his reign.

So , I guess , come in 09 ?

The moment he's inside my little imaginary house, he splattered red paint all over my walls, like a frikkin Ah Long. And it all wrote CHANGES, CHANGES, CHANGES. As annoying as it gets, but I know his intentions are good. I just hope, in the midst of his ruling, I won't need to repaint the walls white, like how I did in the past years. Just like a loud, repetitive morning alarm, it just needs a little getting used-to.

Other than the awesome new year celebration at the Curve, and the places that followed (The view of the fireworks from the rooftop is just downright breath-taking) . How is my first impression on this dude no. 09 ?

Not very good I guess. First, I woke up at nearly 3pm (AND NO I DID NOT HAVE A HANGOVER), and I realized that I still have my contact lens on. That's disappointment to Mr. 09, number one.

Then, I went skateboarding later. And I FRIGGIN RIPPED MY GOOD OL' "BAGGY-CIKANG" CHEAP MONDAY JEANS ! :(((( . And that's number two

The third letdown is, my right eye is throbbing in pain when I was at Paramount, but I can't take it out because I don't have the case. I forced a kickflip down with one eyelid hardly opened and a ripped pair of Cheap Monday's.

And now, I'm typing this all out with a bloody-red right eye that's in combo with my beehive-rank of a hair, can fool anyone that I'm a hardcore druggie. But I am not. Straight-edge yo. (HAH !)

Contact lens almost rhymes with annoyance.

Oh well, he's here to stay for another 363 days. There's still a lot of time to impress you 2009 :) . You just wait :D