Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mullen's Lemon Tastes Like Melon And Layman's Melon Tastes Like Lemon

As I type each word out, inconstantly will I burp out tiny wafts that smells of melons. Emm, melons.Blame the two white/green boxes (make it one, just finished one just now) that are sitting quite comfy in my fridge. That one cup, literally pushed the F5 button on me (If in case noone got this joke, F5 on the keyboard, means refresh, and this drink is refreshing, get it ? get ii..nahhh). It's soo, sooo goooood.The soothing, sweet aroma and taste of melons, made creamier with the infusion of milk will never fail to moist the throat with ultimate pleasure (exaggerations, yheahp, but this drink is THAT good). Like when you're little, you know your enthusiastic friends will have this tiny book that he'll/she'll pass around and ask you to write your biodata inside. Questions include, name, age, d.o.b, music (at the time, Backstreet Boys seemed to be written on everyone's bios), fav food, fav drink, and etc. All was written in loads, LOADS, of coloured gel pens, to make matters worse, it was written like tHIZzz all the way through. How did my fingers ever got the stamina. ANYHOW, now to the point. The drink that I'm gonna write on that "fav drink" session (if there's still anyone actually haven't outgrown that buku-biodota and various coloured gel pens phase), is, is


If you see this drink hanging round the cooler near your vendor, don't hesitate, nor you wait. BUYYYY ITTT ! :DD . Trust me, your tummy will thank you (altho sometimes with a little gas, but maybe I'm just lactose-intolerant) :)

Sorry for the excessive exaggerations spilled all over, but I just can't stand the idea of writing only "I like this drink, it's good. Try it" here. If the drink's not as good as what is hyped up here, then I'm sorry. My biological functions, that includes my tongue, isn't exactly normal. Anyone my age out there like Jasmine green tea with honey ? ...

See, told you.


Lissy said...

mm jasmine green tea with honey~

I drink that everyday