Thursday, June 25, 2009


(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Rest In Peace,
Michael Jackson
The Ultimate Overlord Of Pop

He was once a legend, with an unmatched voice that moved millions, both our hearts, and all moving limbs of our bodies. He got legs that seemed to defy gravity, and body parts that goes beyond the possibilities of the human anatomy.

So what you went a little fairer, your nose kinda melted like wax, be a victim of dozens of parodies, and made parents to not let their small children near you. But you were never a freak, you were just misunderstood. The media drowned us with too much piles of steaming bullsht, that it almost overshadowed how awesomely epic you were back then. Out of all the deaths in Hollywood, you made one of the deepest marks, that even in time, will never be filled.

Rest In Peace MJ,
"..Well he died as a legend Ma" - Pa

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Giddy Up Pretty Kitties

As I'm writing this, three puny newborn kittens are bound helpless in a cardboard box outside. And here's the story :

Earlier the evening, I was skating outside to just you know, break out some sweat. Then, my little neighbour Aiman was wandering about a box near the bushes. So me, and Aiman's mom went a little closer to see what's inside.

Turned out, there were three kittens, not bigger than the size of my palm, with their umbilical cords still intact, scattered inside on a piece of dirty white cloth. With fur barely covering their pale pink flesh, mewing their little hearts out in hope the mother will come, which was nowhere in sight. I've a video, but too bad I still can't find my wire.

I think it's the work of this particular neighbour. Because I saw her looking at the kittens and was like putting her hand inside. Well, it seemed harmless at first. But when I came to have a second look, the white cloth was wrapped around two of the kittens, which I think was an attempt to deafen the mews of the kittens, which would also suffocate them. The neighbour looked restless too whenever someone walked pass the box, stealing glances along the way.

Then later, I saw her pushing the box with her FRIKKIN FILTHY FOOT (!) deeper into the bush. Later she was asked, and she replied "Oh takut nanti hujan" . WHATTHEEEFKK, the bush ain't that thick, the kittens will still be drenched if it's raining. People like you make me wanna regurgitate lunch.

But then again, I don't wanna straightly assume that it's that neighbour that did it, cause there ain't enough solid proof, but to whoever who did it, you just don't leave them out without the mom. What logic did you scrape off from your warty ass crack that they'll survive alone ? . Heartless hellspawn. How in the world do you go to sleep at night man.

The most disheartening part is that, we (me and my family) are all helpless on the fact that the kittens are too small to be done anything about it, other than just providing them shade. We can't touch them, it'll leave the mom to not be able to track them down by smell. We can't just feed them anything, it'll just further complicate the matter . And I've read, they could die within 24 hours if their not properly taken care off. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shitttttttttttttttttttttt, noo.

I walked to the living room around 4am just now to find some stuff for my assignment, and I could hear the mews from the inside. I went outside to check on them. I could've sworn I was shivering a little when I was looking down. Thank God they were still moving. I saw one tiny hero stumbling about, mewing with all his might, well the other two was asleep on top of each other.

The plan is that, my dad is gonna send them to PAWS this morning. I just hope they made it through the night. Don't worry little chumps, you guys will be alright (y)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's A Long Way Down From Here To The Sun

It used to be either this or that,
Now it's just one big ugly splat.

I just hope it dries up real soon.

It's funny how there's always a song that pops out to suit the moment. This one right here might sound all cheerful and parade-like at first, but as it progresses further, well it's still gonna sound cheerful and parade-like. But it didn't get me imagining a formal marching band marching with big, happy floats trailing their back through a big crowd , with colourful pieces of paper raining down. It's more of a small orchestra in a dim-lit brick-walled bar, where the small crowd sways from left to right with the rhythm with closed eyes and a little smile. Sort of like a short getaway from whatever !@#$%^&GAJAJUHFWFn&* choking the insides.

And again, it's on how it sounds :

Beirut - Carousels

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hump And Thump Plump Thumbs


Quote of the day :

After he lost to a handshake, turned thumb war, he cried :


The dude's epic (y)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cheryll Cheers For Choirs On Chairs

Knowing me, I love cherriieeeeeeeeeeess <3 . Be it cherry drops or cherry lollypops, cherry sodas or cherry stars, cherry chocs or cherry rocks, even the bloody-red cherry on top of cakes, which I'm still uncertain if it's there to make the cake pretty or is it really edible, but it's still nice. And also, cherries are the epitome of sexy, as displayed below :

The real reason behind global warming

Yeah, Durian's the king of fruit, and Mangosteen's the queen, Cherry is the super-smokin' sexy seducer the Durian cheats over her queen.

Til' this one very day, this little treat, disguised ever so prettily in pink, came into the picture :

I've been eye'in this baby for the longest time, hanging so seductively by the candy isle in Cold Storage, along with the soft-baked cookies, pretzel chips, Oreo instant cakes, and other imported saliva-swallowing sweetness. I was held back, everytime by the flatness of my wallet. Til, two days ago, where I finally decided to go heck with it and just splurge in 7.90, (or 8) good bucks for the sake of my taste buds.

Faye gathered round me to join in the anticipation. The moment the package is cut open, the sudden waft of smooth, sweet cherries made me gulp a gallon. I can't no longer wait, took one and put it in the carress of my tongue...

To only go,


8 bucks, which could've gotten me another Frosty Shake (it was Frosty Fridays, Wendy's cuts the price of anything Frosty to be half, which has a cherry on top ), got f-in cremated from the red coloured pieces of tongue torture.

I even sticked some of them in McD's vanilla ice-cream cone to who knows, eliminate the shizzitness of the shiz, but to no avail, I was still tasting trauma.

It's all around PLASTIC, it tasted like one, looked like one, the texture's like one, and even melts with fire like one.

A life lesson here, NEVER buy anything low fat and artificially flavoured. It's either you take side on the low-fat bad tasting treats, or the artificially flavoured unhealthy, good tasting treats. You don't go to a Chelsea VS Man U match wearing a red and blue striped t-shirt. The aftermath will not be pretty. Same rule applies here.

The best reaction of the f-in day goes to..(!)


For the priceless act of smiling ever so widely while saying "Nice !" , and purposely letting the candy fall off his mouth the next split second, while still keeping the smile intact.

A close-runner up is Os (!)

With the act of eating one on a very bad timing. Traffic jam + The possibility of everyone on the road seeing Os as an inconsiderate literrer if he spits it out + The torturous struggle of finding where he can throw it out+ Finally gulped it down with melted ice in a cup like some foul cod liver pills = WIN . All done with his mohawk still standing 90 degrees straight.

Well maybe i'll turn back to this candy when i'm 60, till then, I'm sticking to Chuppa Chupps cherry lollies, or other non-lowfat+artificial flavoured-combo cherry treats.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Constant Tension Turns To Ten

..And still single for a close 19 years. FML

All self-pity and giant L's on forehead off the table, I'm starting to miss channeling thoughts of the brain through wriggling fingers like spider legs (10 of em) on plastics marked with alphabets, numbers and symbols. Notice the over-exaggerated, metaphorical intro ? , that's how I miss typing :)

Random ramblings of the fortnight :

A lot had happened, a lot had not.

How I imagined I'd be by this time of the year when the year started, welllllllll, it didn't turned out half as good, if not, worse :/ .

Pessimism might lead to this. Law of attraction really works I guess. Man, I need to wake up on the other side of bed, drink a half full glass of water and breathe in early morning air instead of going,

"WTFK!! It's already 1pm ? , alright last 5 minutes then I'm up,"


"WTFKK !! ? , It's already 3 ? slkjsa&*(dskfj"

Well, now that we're kinda talking about sleeping, I've a few stuffs to share :

My love of sleeping had went a tad bit too far. Losing one night of sleep can be disastrous, it'll make you fall asleep and soon wake up not knowing you fell asleep. And when you are awake, your eyes will look like they're on invisible bent toothpicks. And you'll speak Mumblish and Mumblay (Mumbled english and Bahasa Melayu). It'll also make you crack the lamest joke (thus Mumblay and Mumblish) .

Eg : One time, I woke up at 7 and be grumpy why am I kept being woken up at such early time of the morning, was still conscious enough to know that I'm not in highschool anymore. Till I heard the keyword, "Maghrib" .
The funny thing is, I didn't even remember that I fell asleep in the first place. As mentioned above.

The only good side of it is, it'll make you dream the realest, vividest dream ever. Like one of them, I remembered that I was in an unfamiliar distant land. Stone buildings, on a body of sea. Little boats adorning the sides. Then, there was this black haired, fair girl standing by the balcony. The next thing I know, we were talking and talking, we pretty much liked each other. I swear to you, the butterflies in the stomach, the flushing of cheeks, the warmth of touch, they all felt f-in real in the dream, which in the moment didn't even feel like one. This soon lead us to be taking care of a monkey. Hold that giggle in, the next scene is tragic -

Me and the monkey went to a war with golden pieces of armor guarding us. Then, then.. :'(
..The monkey met his fate, with a giant bloody battle scar on his back. This tragic, teary tragedy made me and the black-haired girl to further fall with each other. Which, the scene soon shifted to the girl carrying a baby on her arms, with me smiling over her shoulder. I swear to the fallen monkey, everything felt f-in real.

Well moving on,

I missed both Steve Aoki and RATATAT :((((((((((((((( . Well they still live on the same puny earth. I'm sure I'll be able to feel their magic soon enough.

And it's a Kenduri Kahwin galore !

There was Aznam's sister wedding, my neighbour's wedding, and the son or daughter, of this guy which I think is a surau-friend of my dad. One wedding which I'm not invited to, but my parents went. One wedding will be on the 20th I think.

I like Kenduri(s), free food, the chills of the preview of ginormous commitment, the flashy, frilly stuff on sticks (bunga mangga eh what they call it ?), and kids saying they haven't gotten any bunga-telur/candies, when the buldge in their pockets are darned obvious.

But there's one thing :

WHAT IN THE WORLD DID THEY PUT IN THE KENDURI-FOODS ? . Sure they're tasty, but how it made me helplessly sleepy the moment I get back, is mind boggling. I think Acar-Buah's are secretly sleeping capsules. I've experimented, once I took a small portion, but to no avail, slept for 4 hours and woke up, still in my baju melayu, sweating like a naked, well-hydrated man in a sauna.

Well, I had my first accident. It wasn't my fault the Saga was parked at the very side of the road, and my car-size-estimation skillz are bloody awesome. I now suffer a short trauma of car-sizes and things on the side of me. I've a picture, but the wire's nowhere to be found. Again, hold on :3

What else,

Hm, I need a boost like a very buoyant ball on a geyser. My self-estiihiihii..Neh, don't even feel like talking about it.

Knowing the consequences of being an outrovert and picking the wrongly perceived words to stand my justice, I rather hold it in, and release it on a Google searchbar.

My phone's acting up again. Keypad delays and sudden restarts. Loose upper part, and a faulty backlight.
And I sorta miss texting, the phone's been a bit too quiet now.

Whoah. I. Think. I. Will. Stop. Now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Tank Goes To Texas


"And if we run out of bullets..",

*Chainsaw rumbles* ,

"Baby, they're gonna wish we haven't"
(or at least that's what I think I heard he said)"

Now, that's just Epic, with a capital, bolded, italic, big E.