Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's A Long Way Down From Here To The Sun

It used to be either this or that,
Now it's just one big ugly splat.

I just hope it dries up real soon.

It's funny how there's always a song that pops out to suit the moment. This one right here might sound all cheerful and parade-like at first, but as it progresses further, well it's still gonna sound cheerful and parade-like. But it didn't get me imagining a formal marching band marching with big, happy floats trailing their back through a big crowd , with colourful pieces of paper raining down. It's more of a small orchestra in a dim-lit brick-walled bar, where the small crowd sways from left to right with the rhythm with closed eyes and a little smile. Sort of like a short getaway from whatever !@#$%^&GAJAJUHFWFn&* choking the insides.

And again, it's on how it sounds :

Beirut - Carousels