Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cheryll Cheers For Choirs On Chairs

Knowing me, I love cherriieeeeeeeeeeess <3 . Be it cherry drops or cherry lollypops, cherry sodas or cherry stars, cherry chocs or cherry rocks, even the bloody-red cherry on top of cakes, which I'm still uncertain if it's there to make the cake pretty or is it really edible, but it's still nice. And also, cherries are the epitome of sexy, as displayed below :

The real reason behind global warming

Yeah, Durian's the king of fruit, and Mangosteen's the queen, Cherry is the super-smokin' sexy seducer the Durian cheats over her queen.

Til' this one very day, this little treat, disguised ever so prettily in pink, came into the picture :

I've been eye'in this baby for the longest time, hanging so seductively by the candy isle in Cold Storage, along with the soft-baked cookies, pretzel chips, Oreo instant cakes, and other imported saliva-swallowing sweetness. I was held back, everytime by the flatness of my wallet. Til, two days ago, where I finally decided to go heck with it and just splurge in 7.90, (or 8) good bucks for the sake of my taste buds.

Faye gathered round me to join in the anticipation. The moment the package is cut open, the sudden waft of smooth, sweet cherries made me gulp a gallon. I can't no longer wait, took one and put it in the carress of my tongue...

To only go,


8 bucks, which could've gotten me another Frosty Shake (it was Frosty Fridays, Wendy's cuts the price of anything Frosty to be half, which has a cherry on top ), got f-in cremated from the red coloured pieces of tongue torture.

I even sticked some of them in McD's vanilla ice-cream cone to who knows, eliminate the shizzitness of the shiz, but to no avail, I was still tasting trauma.

It's all around PLASTIC, it tasted like one, looked like one, the texture's like one, and even melts with fire like one.

A life lesson here, NEVER buy anything low fat and artificially flavoured. It's either you take side on the low-fat bad tasting treats, or the artificially flavoured unhealthy, good tasting treats. You don't go to a Chelsea VS Man U match wearing a red and blue striped t-shirt. The aftermath will not be pretty. Same rule applies here.

The best reaction of the f-in day goes to..(!)


For the priceless act of smiling ever so widely while saying "Nice !" , and purposely letting the candy fall off his mouth the next split second, while still keeping the smile intact.

A close-runner up is Os (!)

With the act of eating one on a very bad timing. Traffic jam + The possibility of everyone on the road seeing Os as an inconsiderate literrer if he spits it out + The torturous struggle of finding where he can throw it out+ Finally gulped it down with melted ice in a cup like some foul cod liver pills = WIN . All done with his mohawk still standing 90 degrees straight.

Well maybe i'll turn back to this candy when i'm 60, till then, I'm sticking to Chuppa Chupps cherry lollies, or other non-lowfat+artificial flavoured-combo cherry treats.


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