Monday, May 25, 2009

Her Horse's House Has A Hose

Band Of Horses - No one's gonna love you

I've been listening to this song for about 24 times per day, for a week plus now. Something, about how it sounds just feels so right, so fitting the moment. WAIT, I AIN'T NO WEEPY STARE-INTO-THE-SUNSET AND REMINISCE ABOUT HEARTBREAKS ABANG JIWANG (!) concerning the lyrics (although I do like sunsets), the lyrics can consist of Your Mama Jokes or be written in LOLSPEAK, and still sound right.

It's just on HOW IT SOUNDS.

Man, I feel as calm as the evening sea every time the song is serenaded out of my noble laptop speakers :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not A Thing Thinks Of Nothing

Silently, without a sound
All swiftly sinks into oblivion.

A lie be told, I've nothing left,
Blame it on Paranoia, the thief of trust.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Thrill Of The Grill.

I learned a little thing in life today,

I now finally know how to tell when's the right time to flip over a piece of lamb, and let it cook properly without it losing it's juiciness and ends up being all hard and a pain in the jaw, or ultimately be burnt to a pitch black crisp. I am now imagining myself wearing a tucked-in golf shirt, with khaki shorts, grilling one perfect juicy lamb on a lawn that stretches the greenest grass, shouting "Son, your meat's ready" while the wife's reading today's newspapers, wearing a sun hat and pink shades under the shade of the self-planted apple tree, eyes still not averting from the paper, saying flatly "Go eat your food (insert future son's name)" .

What the f-in mercy, I better put that on hold now.

Well, Rudi had a mini farewell makan-makan that practiced "Siapa nak makan, panggang sendiri" . And lucky for me, when I was the man behind the grill, that was the time that Rudi's dad came out and saved me with the fore-mentioned life lesson, from eating carcinogenic carbon.

With the sidelines of Lingonberry jam, and a background music of jazz, it kinda felt like fine dining. Minus the sloppiness of one's chewing meat like he hadn't eaten all day, and hair not combed neatly with grease.

I grilled myself this giant burger that costs RM4 a piece, and..

Haiqal : "Tu burger ke begedel ?"

That statement can pretty much give you an idea of how it turned out to look like

After the swell BBQ's done, we went for a little Left 4 Dead.


My team, consisted of me, Matt, Haziq and Ayai killed the opposing team right after they just walked a few steps out of the safe room.

He-he, and I guess my Boomer-exploded-on-all-four-survivors played a big, sorta, role in the mass-murder :B

But sadly, my Tank-ing wasn't much of a good job, with running my life out while I'm on fire, throwing debris onto nothingness, and repeat. Bleh

And a little footnote : Is all the silence turning this to be one big waste ?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unlike Any Other Mother, She's Super

As of the 10th of May 2009

For further details on them little eggheads, click HERE

YES, I'M LATE BY 11 days, I know, I just found my usb cable. Thus, the picture, finally.

Mother, mother, mother,
With her love as sweet as nectar,
Gentle is her touch, like the lightest feather,
But yet, her spirit matches the mightiest thunder.

You've seen me grow up mother,
From that little blob of blubber,
To the guy who's now taller than father,
But you know I'll still bear the title "son" forever.

You know what,
In my veins runs the royal blood,
For I am related to the queen,
The queen of my heart


Through everything that happened from the start,
Through tolerating naughtiness, and approving haircuts,
Through showing your friends embarrassing pictures of my butt,
But in the end, those what glued all the working parts.

Sorry for all the undone chores with all my Kejap's,
And sorry for making you wait while I hog the laptop,
But you know this ain't gonna stop,
For I am your son, and that's my job ;)

Now that you've read this,
Can I get extra allowance please ?
HAHA , neh I was kiddin' around,
May God secure you safe and sound :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hop Up The Hub

All I hope for is that,
May all hope is not lost yet.

Well, hopefully.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Glad That The Galaxy Gagged

I was somewhat bothered, or in awe, or fascinated, or bedazzled, or disturbed, or..Bleh (!) , I don't even know what in the world that I've felt, but it certainly made me wiggle in my seat in all awkwardness to see a familiar villain that used to eat brains for power and kill his own mother, to suddenly sport a hairdo, a clean shave, and eyebrows that look like this :

(and it made sense literally)

All and all, his portrayal of Spock was epic. Star Trek, itself was EPIC.

Loaded with gorgeous CGI's,
Drippin' all over with action-packed PIU-PIU laser-gun duels .
Equipped with an extremely mind-bending storyline that reeks of critical logic (or not).
Filled with hot, smokin' wait now that I've mentioned it, there's only one that I could recall, well you could say two, but the other one has green skin. But skin colour's just skin colour rightttt (y).

HOLY SHIIT SPOILER, SORRY :D . But seriously, go watch it.

Peace out V(n.n)

Pat Pretty Pads


This morning, my dad found four sanitary pads , YES (!), PERIOD PADS, slapped onto the Volkswagen o.o

...I don't even know on how to feel about this. I've heard of Ah Long pamphlets, "Jika Mahu Jual Sila Hubungi xxxx-xxxx" notes, scratches, offensive drawings on foggy/dusty windshields. But sanitary pads ? , that gotta be the goddarned first.

Go unleash your hormonal imbalance somewhere else biyotch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bands Banned Of Blenders


This is the part where Paranoia would lay cards in front of me, and on each card's an assumption. Out of the 168861 cards to pick, maybe only one or two sounds optimistic.

Bleh, I know I should be stuffin all of em in a paper shredder or a Blendtec Blender (play the video above, or go search Will It Blend on Youtube) . The act of shredding all pessimism would surely hold my sanity in place.

Well since Chuck Norris doesn't bother me, so I guess it'll blend the rest like cake.

But hm, I guess I just need some reassurance from time to time. That shall further put chains and locks on my forementioned sane well-being.

ANYWAYS, all emo-ness aside, this is just a , YES, ANOTHER (!), side post to just fill up my blog tummy. I can't find the usb wire to transfer the pictures from my phone. Wait up :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snort Some Shorty

A short one,

The fakie flip up on the bank pretty much redeemed the predicted-to-suck-Saturday, thanks for the friendly rivalry Matt :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Passing On The Pancakes

What's worse than not getting something is,

Almost getting it, but turned down like a flap of pancake when it's just barely within your reach.

(Situation A)
You just walk away from the breakfast table when you know you're not getting pancakes, but still be jealous at the person who's getting pancakes.

(Situation B)
You're all set at the dining table, with your favourite napkin tucked in your shirt. Suddenly, a heavenly whiff of buttery, milky goodness turns to a smell of scorched shit.

And, and the next thing you'll hear is..

"..I'm sorry (insert a mushy name your mama calls you) , but I don't think we'll be having pancakes for breakfast today"

Which one do you think would cause one to throw plates and sharp kitchen utensils and fail at aiming ? . The answer's obvious, 'cause the other option didn't have any plates and kitchen utensils placed on the table in the first place.

Kid in situation A (Kid A) , giving in to basic human instincts, would laugh menacingly and point a finger at Kid B, or at least have the scene played in his head secretly while trying hard to rip off the ugly grin off his face. Equality can sometimes do that to people.

But soon, seeing how degradingly miserable Kid B is, In aid of guilt, Kid A's face would gradually change like this :







And later, Kid A would give a tap on Kid B's back and say..

"Cheer up kid, that wasn't the last piece of pancake in the world"

If you read this far, you'd think that I'm relating this to a sappy, personal story, but really, it's really about this :

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bring Me The Horizon regretfully announce that they will not be performing at Hanggar Teras in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 21st 2009. After weeks of negotiation the promoters have still not fulfilled their side of the contract that was previously agreed.

The band felt it was best for their fans that this decision is taken now and not let the promoters sell more tickets for a show that they are not confident will take place.

We advise you to deal directly with the vendor you purchased your ticket from for a full refund as unfortunately this is out of our hands.

Bring Me The Horizon thank everyone in Indonesia for their support and promise to play as soon as possible!

..or if you guys are still not buying it, click this

I feel you fellow neighbours :/ . Sorry for feeling better about myself for a minute there, but I was just being a broke, sore loser. Well, re-reading the last paragraph would cheer you guys up ? :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chuck's Truck Got Stuck, What Luck

Holy crepe, if Bad Luck's a fighting game, my combo would place me first in the top score, unless the guy who rides the blue, 3 wheeled car in Mr Bean decides to have a go :

I feel you bro

I don't remember walking under ladders, or coming across thirteen black cats.
Hodamn, then whyyy.

I still remember the other day, on my friend's birthday barbecue, Azman.


Bad hair days didn't seem to end yet, well nothing unusual about that, I know Bob have seen better days, altho it usually doesn't last very long. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

FYI , I've very bad eyesight. The only thing that's available to let me see the world for the day were my expired contact lenses. WHICH, the right side suddenly turned super dry in the evening, leaving me with only one side to work with. For the icing, it was Labour's Day, and my usual optic center was closed (y) & (r) .

Now for the cherry on top of the icing,

The left one fell off right before the party.

...I love my life.

That left me to see everything horribly pixelated for the rest of the day. Like I'm in a bad NES game or something.

Example :

With my lenses,

WANNA BE ON TOP..of me ?

Without the lenses,

In this case, I would be glad that I can't see him/her/herm.
But other than that, I wanna see sunsets and rainbows clearly :(

Then for the barbecue, most of the chickens that I grilled turned pitch black on one side. Except for the sausages, that I smeared loads of ghee on it before grilling, those were scrumptious.

But in the end, how fun the night turned out to be kinda made me forget all about the mishaps :)

And this one happened today,

We first wanted to go to Murni, damn it was closed,

Kam Hyong, it's closed too.

We finally settled for Utara.

Where my order came when everyone's already done with their meals. But that's okay, the soup's good.


The moment I wanted to get up, my thumb drive (which I hung 'round my neck) got stuck on the table, making the table tilt down, sending almost everything on the table crashing down.

Holy f-k..

All eyes darted on me that instant. Time stood still. Out of the death of all functionality of thought due to the death stroke of Major Embarrassment (it's like villain's name or something, might be featured in Brainsorbet one day, who knows (; ), I walked straight to the car like a jerk without helping them to pick up the scattered plates and glasses. Damn I felt bad :/ .

I'm sorry for my badluck's infectious Eddy, as he reversed the car and hit a motorcycle, which fell on another motorcycle, which fell on another motorcycle. Like dominos. Damnn.

I'm starting to miss my ex, Lady Luck. Come back to me darlin' .

I can ramble on, but it's just gonna sound like a complaint letter to God. I am thankful, yes I am. My tummy's not growlin, and my lungs still pumpin. But, but, I just need to get back with Lady Luck. I mishhh her.