Friday, May 8, 2009

Passing On The Pancakes

What's worse than not getting something is,

Almost getting it, but turned down like a flap of pancake when it's just barely within your reach.

(Situation A)
You just walk away from the breakfast table when you know you're not getting pancakes, but still be jealous at the person who's getting pancakes.

(Situation B)
You're all set at the dining table, with your favourite napkin tucked in your shirt. Suddenly, a heavenly whiff of buttery, milky goodness turns to a smell of scorched shit.

And, and the next thing you'll hear is..

"..I'm sorry (insert a mushy name your mama calls you) , but I don't think we'll be having pancakes for breakfast today"

Which one do you think would cause one to throw plates and sharp kitchen utensils and fail at aiming ? . The answer's obvious, 'cause the other option didn't have any plates and kitchen utensils placed on the table in the first place.

Kid in situation A (Kid A) , giving in to basic human instincts, would laugh menacingly and point a finger at Kid B, or at least have the scene played in his head secretly while trying hard to rip off the ugly grin off his face. Equality can sometimes do that to people.

But soon, seeing how degradingly miserable Kid B is, In aid of guilt, Kid A's face would gradually change like this :







And later, Kid A would give a tap on Kid B's back and say..

"Cheer up kid, that wasn't the last piece of pancake in the world"

If you read this far, you'd think that I'm relating this to a sappy, personal story, but really, it's really about this :

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bring Me The Horizon regretfully announce that they will not be performing at Hanggar Teras in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 21st 2009. After weeks of negotiation the promoters have still not fulfilled their side of the contract that was previously agreed.

The band felt it was best for their fans that this decision is taken now and not let the promoters sell more tickets for a show that they are not confident will take place.

We advise you to deal directly with the vendor you purchased your ticket from for a full refund as unfortunately this is out of our hands.

Bring Me The Horizon thank everyone in Indonesia for their support and promise to play as soon as possible!

..or if you guys are still not buying it, click this

I feel you fellow neighbours :/ . Sorry for feeling better about myself for a minute there, but I was just being a broke, sore loser. Well, re-reading the last paragraph would cheer you guys up ? :)