Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unlike Any Other Mother, She's Super

As of the 10th of May 2009

For further details on them little eggheads, click HERE

YES, I'M LATE BY 11 days, I know, I just found my usb cable. Thus, the picture, finally.

Mother, mother, mother,
With her love as sweet as nectar,
Gentle is her touch, like the lightest feather,
But yet, her spirit matches the mightiest thunder.

You've seen me grow up mother,
From that little blob of blubber,
To the guy who's now taller than father,
But you know I'll still bear the title "son" forever.

You know what,
In my veins runs the royal blood,
For I am related to the queen,
The queen of my heart


Through everything that happened from the start,
Through tolerating naughtiness, and approving haircuts,
Through showing your friends embarrassing pictures of my butt,
But in the end, those what glued all the working parts.

Sorry for all the undone chores with all my Kejap's,
And sorry for making you wait while I hog the laptop,
But you know this ain't gonna stop,
For I am your son, and that's my job ;)

Now that you've read this,
Can I get extra allowance please ?
HAHA , neh I was kiddin' around,
May God secure you safe and sound :)


Ara said...

quite cheesy but hell yah! sweet sgt2! she's a lucky mother! =)