Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Gentle Wind Is Harsh On Us Dandelions.

To Part, Stinks As Fart.

For long, our paths have intertwined,
And now, slowly everything is spiraling away,
Surely it is for the greater good,
Would've been greater if everyone got to stay.

Years turned to months to days,
Minutes to seconds, we're all counting dismays,
It's scary how everything just flashes by,
The next thing you know you're waving goodbye,

If at all I can have it my way,
I'll tie ropes round the fleeting feet,
So that everyone won't run away.
But I know that is just plain greed.

No matter how far, no matter how distant,
I'll still wish you guys are all here this instant,
But there's always the phone to shout me the rants,
And text messages to tell me how all things went,

The seasons change and the snowflakes melt,
And so do we and that's a fact.
Not in our hands if it's for the good or bad,
But I want that little "you" before you left to be intact.

Sooner or later I know we'll meet again,
When finally time and fate are hand in hand.
Till then, I wish you the biggest luck.
Till then, please take care my friend :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord

As of 26th of June 2008

Today, definitely, DEFINITELY, is beyond worth mentioning, and to not mention it as soon as possible, will only curse me sleepless nights trying to recall every little detail that occured today . And added that, every little phase of the day are filled with something major (and minor knick-knacks with major mental scarring), the possibilty to forget the tiny this-and-that's is 99.98 % . And that is, if don't start now, but I am starting now, so now since Im starting, LET'S START, START HEY(!) :D . "whyy do we likee to hurrtt, so muuchh" (8) echoes faintlyy

Woke up at 10 somethinnn, with that mental mindset of " Today's your big dayy my boyy" . And why is it big you may ask ? Read on . After severe procrastination, today's the day that I finally pierced a hole to welcome in the light of the real world, the light of the real future. I, registered, for, college o_o . Im growing up too fast, it's scary. This spreading dread of knowing that you're back to books, waking up early and deadlines is killing mehh. But all at the same time, however, I feel teeny-weeny specks of anticipation and excitement. And on the 28th of July (the intake) will be the day I'll be tearing that paper wall down, and carry on to follow the (hopefully) bright light.

Went back home with a real heavy load lifted off my chest, you know that feeling when you finally tick off the to-do list :) . After Zohor, I called a cab and headed to ou. Met up with Nis, Matt and Baiti over there. The real intention of this whole trip is to accompany Nis to do her last-minute shopping for Saturday. (Won't elaborate on saturday just yet, I'll get weepy and will not be able to finish this). Haha so yeah.

We roamed, and roamed around ou. And of course, highlights :)

When we all were in this shoe shop, forgot what the name was, but it's the really bright one besides Momoe. There were this group, which Im sure as heck, that they're from some international school. The accents and the hepps vibe they were all radiating, shrunk me and my unstable esteem. But nonetheless, the girl in the green skirt, was h-hh-hot :O , and super talll, she's taller than Matt o_o . The other white girl was pretty hot too :) . No pictures sorry, Im no pervie :P

Then, MPH. Nis were so indecisive whether should or should she not buy the notebook with a bad-ass tattoo on the cover. So, to kill the doubt altogether, she bought two of em, one white and white black. Hooray :D . There was this one part, where I got a triple combo of bangs, it's like almost perfectly coordinated. I was only trying to give an honest fact of, to determine one's natural hair colour, just look at the hair close to the root. And in the most orderly fashion, suddenly :

Matt : Dah tuu (with a mild kerek tone and expression)

Nis : Ye ahh (with the least kerek tone and expression)


....maybe I should just shut up. Ha-haa.

Oh and me and Matt took pictures with the angkasawan :D :

( To Hana : Suckerrrrrrr :PP )

Ran into Amirul and Zan. As firm believers of three is a crowd, we chit-chatted with them for only a while ;) .

In Deeper & Harder (Dennis mahaihh black ass crakk suddenly comes into mind), while Nis does her shopping, I talked with my ex-coworkers ( Yeahpp, got my arse fired here ) . As predicted, I was greeted by Kak Ida saying "rambut kembangg", in that Cirit Or Die accent ;p

Then , we chilled at BK :) . Let the pictures (and one video) do the talking for this section :D :

Raawrrr !

A few seconds after this, Baiti said : Lahh, ingat muscle, tp flabbies" :P


Coolameeee Partneerrrrr :))

Alahh, chooooo chuuuuuweeeeeeett (;

Cocokk Hidunggg

Oli Sykes with braces

Baiti lip-synching
Wear headphones, or else it'll look just plain weird :P

Amirul and Zan rejoined us later, with Amirul's new haircut (Hahaaa kena potong rambut :P) . Eventho there's not much difference with his "before" , but it was still smart-stylo :) (inside joke).

Baiti picked this annoying habit from Matt. For no apparent reason, she'll be randomly slapping my titties -_- . And Nis tooo ! . STOPPP SLAPPINGG MY TITTIEESSSS ! O_O .

Oh and I bought this measuring tape belt from Pull & Bear :D . Although it bears all glory of my giant waistline to the world, but oh what the heck -_-

After we are all finished with Ou. We headed for Fariz for some goood ol' sheeshaaaaa :)

Smokinn' Hott (Kononnya-lahh) :P

Shan In


Sukanyaa diaa ;p

Much much much much laterrrr, the BB guys joined the remaining four, me, Acap Myvi, Tot, and Praevin ( This is almost excusable, he works at Fariz) :P . Fad finally pillowed on his disappearance, long long ago. Old beefs and heart juices are pretty much spilled all over the table. For not ruining the nostalgic moment, I was frikkin duct-taped -_-


( I don't know how that white slap of light got on my eyebrows, but it looks cool, soo chinese warlord-ish :D )

The biggest anti-climax of the pillowing process, was definitely the sheesha uncle -_- . He talked and talked, on history of sheesha, on sheesha being the heaven on earth, and even on making sure of us picking wives that can prepare sheesha -_-

After the confession's done, we all head home.

Wait, wait, the story's not ending yet. Just when Im about to be dropped off. There was this curious looking Indian dude waiting outside of my house on a motorcycle, and it's 2am in the morning. I can't go down just like that can I, I might get shot (when you're in the shivers, you'll think of the extremes). Even after Najee made several rounds around my area, the dude still won't budge. And yes, we were all smelling something fishy alright. I even called to alarm mum and dad. Turned out in the end, he was only waiting for his girlfriend -_- .

It was a tiring day indeed, but yet was it fun-fun-funnnn :) .

Monday, June 23, 2008

Remnants Of Almondy Daim Cake

As of Friday, June 20th

*with the drum intro of Alexisonfire - This could be anywhere in the world playing in the background*

Haha inside joke :)

His party was held at The Curve's Royale Bintang. And the theme was supposedly to be black. And I think I was the only one with the most black on, plain black tees, black jeans and black slip-ons. Only for the belt, it was white. To say that I got punk'd once again *will elaborate on the next paragraph* , I can't quite say so because he did wore a black shirt. But then again, if he did meant to do so, whattheheyy, it's as harmless as pie :)

A side note : Aiq and Ashton Kutcher shares the same, evii-hll mind. Wire him up to a lie detector, I don't think he'll trigger even a beep . Weirdly, even after all the punks and pranks, Im not nearly as pissed as I normally would with anyone else, infact I'm not pissed at all :) . Haha spooky.

Okay back to the story. and back in room 409. The party was onnnnn 8) . It was one of the rare parties that made me feel all teenager-yy you know, with the ambience of the suite and all, no awkward vibes throughout, and stripper poles. HAHA okayy, kidding. The party's so innocent, not even a drop of alcohol or a flake of weed was involved. Only carbonated fizzies and KFC's chikkiins :) . Yet, the party felt so hepps, as they would call it. Haha

The suite consists of two bedrooms, separated by a sliding door. So pretty much, the suite was cleft in two sides. One side is the normal side for eating, talking and watching tv. And the other side, is whereee the reaaaall partyyyy wass 8DD . No, no this is no sweet sixteen or whatever with giant dancefloors and dirty dancing as the typical conscious mind would picture. Haha. We only hardcore-danced to breakdowns and shuffled (saja-saja) to some, err sounds ? :P . The lights off, and the colourful lights flickered by the mouse (yes, just the computer mouse) really disco-fied the whole feel of the party :) .


The party stretched all the way to midnight and to the Cineleisure's karaoke/pool place. I still haven't take note of the place's name eventho it had already mentioned twice here, so far. We, did, the, unthinkable. We, karaoke-d :O . All complete with slow-motioned, handsome jejaka's fashioned with a wet hair parted in the middle, so precisely, decorating the background of the screen. Abe was with the most spirit. Haha.

Also played pool with the birthday boy. It was a very closeee, close game. But again , I lost -_- I was only left with one ball when he claimed victorious. . Technically however, I should've won because he shot the black ball in without finishing his balls first, but that rule is usually ignored.

Went back to our sweet suite once again to see euro. The overly-dragging 0-0 scoreboard really weighed my eyelids down, downn, downn, UNTIL(!) Turkey scored the first goal ! , then in a real short time gap, Croatia made it even ! . That's just the maximum that my eyes could take before it went to snooze mode. Missed the penalties, and I slept with my contacts on, bummer :/

The sun's uppp and it's time for BREAKFASSTTTT :DDD . OMG, the pancakes were flippiinnnn-fantastic. Hadn't had pancakes for ages, and what a way to excite the tastebuds back again with those, fluffyy, hot, lempengs (; . The pancakes were so soft, it actually absorbed the sweetness of the maple syrup to it's very core. And the hot, and steamy whiff of the pancakes, the moment I took the lid off, literally refreshed my senses, eliminating my sleepiness altogether. Umhh, umphhhhh, umphh :9 .

Matt chaw-ed right after breakfast. Later that afternoon, we all, err Aiq, JS and Pithang at least, decided to take a dip in the swimming pool, while me and Kobe sunbathed on dry land. For a moment there, I didn't feel we're near what was so familiar (ou and the curve)at all, I felt dislocated, in a good way :)

After that, we went back up and Nabil, Pithang and Aiq went for their bubblebath, YEAP(!), you heard me right, three guys, dipping in the same, bubble-loaded bathtub, IN THE NUDEEEEE O_O . Hahahahah okayyy, comb the hair of the back of your necks back down, they weren't nekkid-lahh. I was sleepy on the occurrence of that golden moment, so it didn't hit me how gay it was back then. But now, Im getting goosebumps as I type and recall. Brrrhhhhhh :S .

Noww, scroll down if you have the guts.

Brace yourself,

This may semi-permanently scar the minds of the weak-hearted.

You ready ?




Z..Zz..ZERO !

Alright, now SHRIEEEEEEK !

Now, knock yourself silly to amnesia.

We checked out and we went to Ikea to grab a bite (oh no, not mee, was on the verge of an exploding tummy with pancakes and some other goodies). Went back home with the free shuttle and catch up on lost sleep, before being rudely awaken by my little sister, "bangg,bangg bangun, siap, party rosliii !", while my door's knocked like a menace. Yeap, another birthday party's up,
it was my auntie's maid's son birthday. If even by a little, you're wondering why a party was thrown for him, I've to say that he's already part of the family. If that's not concrete enough, try rm800++ for his present instead :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rebound And Rejoice

As of 15th of June 2008

Sunday was quite a fun-filled dayy, so I guess it was a FUNDAY (!) , HAHAHA get it ? . SUNDAY ? FUNDAY ? :DD . HAHA-ha-haaaa, okaay I feel pretty stupid now , so let's get on with the story shall we.

Me and Faye went to this Sri Cempaka thing for autisms. Acap Myvi was supposed to join us as well, but why he didn't was explained in his blog, so all steam is pretty much puffed out :) .

I decided to put on this " I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours ?" t-shirt. Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyy, critically cornyy I knowwwwwwww. But the t-shirt kinda explained the current situation im in, which was (and still is) my phone broke down, thus, I've no number. SOOO, I was more of being bloody honest than being flirty or anything else :PP . Hahahhaha.

As we both were there, the first performance that we saw was this robotic and fluid-like-movements-of-the-limbs dance. I thought it was some sort-of a shuffling showdown from afar. Haha extremely relieved that it was not, phewhh. The moves were coool, so cool infact, I can actually feel the jelly that's wriggling in the dancers limbs, transferred to mine. Only when I tried to manipulate the jelly in some hidden corner, it didn't wiggle as smoothly, I wonder why -_- .

Then, we met up with Matt, Aiq Meor, and Hariz inside of Cineleisure. Surprisingly(or not), they were watching the Kungfu Panda thingy. Since Faye was hungry (proved quite well, he ordered a friggin Megamac), we all hung around McD for a while, till Ahbear joined us. We talked and talked a little, then we all went out to see My479.

After a swell performance by them, it was time for Matt, Hariz, Abe, Meor and this petite Sri-Cempak-ian to step up on stage. Matt got a little busted on the distortions and stuffs, but all and all, it was a fun show :) . They played "Kiss Me" and Paramore's Crushcrushcrush :D .

Sooner or later, the group expanded when Iffat, Adrie, Pithang, and JS joined us.

For the rest of the event, we pretty much hung around the place, watched the performances, and freshen our eyes up with the cuties the majority of Sri-Cempaka-ians were :) . Hee hee.

Then, we head in to the Yamaha music shop inside the curve. Like the usual, we all played and tested out the instruments like our dads owns the joint. But, Im sure the dudes working inside the shop were pretty much immune to our likes, or worser. What caught my intention was the drum solo (showed on TV) played by this little toddler who was only, like 10 yrs old ? , and he's been playing the drums since he was 1 and a half years old, gnarlyy. The only thing I drummed when I was that little was my tummy. The tiny bugger's name is N. Sidhar, i think. Go look it up on Youtube :) . Oh and,we soon met our own, as in Malaysia's own, N. Sidhar, and he's only 5 yrs old ! O_O . He looked so cutee, and cool tapping the drums and the drumsticks to the rhythms of the jazz. Looking forward to see you make it big someday kid ;)

The next spot we terrorized was Echo Park's small, ghetto basketball court. We played basketball like it was noone's bussiness. It feels weird to sweat inside a mall, not to mention darned uncomfortable. Ha-ha but I haven't been sweating much lately, so I can't complain much. This basketball incident, triggered another fun stuff which was carried out later that night.

Around 10.30pm++ . Most of us met up again at Taman Paramount's basketball court, with two main intentions, play basketball and skateboards :) . Finally, after months being apart, Im finally reunited with my blue-griptaped babyy :DD .

The amount of time, and effort to just inflate the basketball was ridiculous, but it was redeemed good by the amount of fun we had later on. And again, I forgot how everything goes in order, so highlights, higlights :)

If I can recall well, I think I only managed to net in one ball -_- . Where Iffat scored the most I think, combo-ed with his fro, I called him Kobe for the rest of the match. And Pithang scored the only 3-pointer in the game. Aiq played like a gangstuhh too.

Me With Kobe

We all sweat like pigs in a sauna, and I can feel the evil little burgers from yesterday (refer to post : yellow submarine) evaporate away to little droplets of salt. Ha-ha.

Now on the skateboarding part of the night ; My skills were all rusty. My legs were wobblier, and my heels and toes were stiffer than usual, and that combination proved lethal . The failed attempts of kickflips and the double flips coloured my legs black and blue, and the hospital flip almost impaled my groin. But a few successful lands,(although extremely sloppy), reassured me that I still got it , hehe :)

There was this part where Iffat, JS and Imran raced using the skateboards as their RXZ's at breakneck speeds. They all looked cool with wind shuffling through their hair and all untilllll, Iffat ran into a NASTYYY bail ! . One of the wheels got stuck to a rock , making the board stop abruptly. Thanks to merciless inertia, that had left Kobe flying through the air. An awkward THUD! and gnarly scratch marks followed rightly after. Yeeeowchh :/

Then after everyone's tired of being tired. We all went to replenish our empty tummies and rehydrate ourselves. Then, went home to get some shut-eye after a longg tiring FUNday :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Yellow Submarine

Last saturday was my cousin's birthday party. Haven't met her, and the other side of the family for a real long while, so yeahh , it was about timee :) . Usually, I'll just whip her up a card, but my mum came up with an ingenious idea : "Shraf, why don't you make a t-shirt for Leia ?" . With the presence of the t-shirt crayons and markers, and with "I want to create my own clothing line" being answered to every "What do you want to do when you grow up ?" questions, I know I gotta mark the starting line sooner or later no ?, and I think I did just that a few days ago :) .

Since I got all my stuffs ready by 3 o'clock, and the party's starting in about 2 hours time, I think I did it a tad bit too hastily. As a result, the t-shirt's a little sloppy, with smudges here and there. But then again, to ace on that first try, on anything basically, is like 1 micron next to impossible. Haha

It's not fair when you're too absorbed on doing something, time will like purposely be on fast forward. So after what I felt like it was only 20 minutes, when in fact it was 2 hours ++ long, this is pretty much what I came up with :

I shall name my first ever creation :
"Fuzzy The Furball's On A Frenzy"

Okay lame, but whatevs :D

The ones going were only me and my mum , my sister was down with flu and my dad's gotta watch over her. And at about 5 somethinnn, we moved out.

Like every party I've ever been to, be it thrown by family members, or friends,or someone random, I'll always get this little weird vibe just before I go pass through the entrance, the "everyone's gonna look at you and make faces" kinda vibe y'knoww, which will leave you feeling super anxious, super nervous and super awkward. But this is soon cleared off like how you shrug off dust from your shoulders, when you go in and shake hands with everyone and sit down with the group you can click with. (or if you can't, that vibe is still going to stick for a little while longer)

The birthday girl

So okaay, after I handed out the present to the birthday girl, I joined Akmal, Mox, Amir, Zikri, Gesty and Adora at one of the tables. And the greetings I got were "Hey Hotstuff" ( a mockery on how much I look like a girl) , and "Eh kau Ashraf ke ? , Aku ingat awek mana lah tadi , baru nak ngorat" . PFFFTTFTFTFTTTT -____-" .

Oh and the party's theme was yellow. And I don't have a single yellow thing on me. From the t-shirt,the belt, the pants, and even my undergarments. Ha-ha , I love breaking rules ! (Or maybe,it was just because I wasn't informed about the theme earlier) .

Then, sooner or later, Syafique and Dixon joined us. We talked, we talked and we talked until the birthday cake came out. So, like the usual, we sang for the birthday girl and share the joy all around.

After the candles were blown out, me and most of the guys decided to head in and play pool. It went well at first, until the little rascals mistakenly took the big boys game of pool as an innocent game of marbles. So, we decided to put it on pause, and chilled around until the little rascals,chill themselves around the pool table.

But just as the little kids started to settle down, why in the world I have to start the riot all over again by just, showing one magic trick. Practically, moments after that was spent by the little kids (Meghan, Sarah and Abang), chasing me all around the living room, slapping me, punching me, choking me and pillow-smacking me hard while they're screaming the chant "Magic tipu ! Magic tipu !" repeatedly. Put them on hold for a while, when I handed Meghan and Sara a tissue and asked them to work out on a magic from there. Ha-ha SUCKERRRRRS. But that only worked for a while til' the whole riot repeats again -_- . This time, I had to lock myself in the bathroom, still, the kids won't leave me alone, knocking the door and keep flicking the lights, on and off -_- .

Then, we continued back our game of pool, as the kids have all tire themselves out of being annoying. The game were pretty much neck and neck, but my team lost so me and Zikri had to crawl down the pool table as payments to the price of defeat.

After that was the presents-opening ceremony. She got loadsa cool t-shirts. I like the yellow one, with spongebob face on it. Can't never to find myself one tho, ran into similar ones before this, but why oh why it was blue -_- . I can't seem to write the part where she opened my present without having my nostrils inflate and deflate furiously, but let's just say, I think I already have a small circle of future-customers :P

About a few minutes later, my dad arrived and it was time to say goodbyeeee. Haha and it's time to say goodbye here as well , so GOODBYE ! :D .

Oh yeahh, I almost forgot, what's a blog on parties, without a section on the fooood :D . Hahaha so the menu was fried rice with prawns, and some chicken rendang ? I think it was rendang. And the char kuey teow was niceee, it got that right amount of moisture :) . But what got me hooked was the tiny hamburgers, mann it was darn addictive. I think the total tiny burgers that I've consumed can sum up to maybe 5-6 actual sized burgers. Clever manipulations, I h-ha-te you somewhat, im 1kg heavier now -_- .

The Evil Little Burgers.

( Oh and the flowers on top of the cake are real flowers. Real Crysanthemums, glazed in sugar. Tasted quite okay really :) )

More party pictures :

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Rooftop Remedy

To patch up the humongous hole that darned summer splash had poked , I decided to redeem myself at rock on rave which was held on top of cineleisure's rooftop (awesome choice for the venue)

Went back from Malik's house around 4 somethin somethin , did my Asar prayer and a lay-head-on-pillow-for-5-minutes-but-turned-out-to-be-20-minutes session, then called a cab to zoom off to that noisy place up high :D

Once I was there, I took out 50 bucks to pay for the ticket and scrunched up the receipt as soon it is handed out , was too scared to see the balance. Hee . Then, out of not wanting myself to look like a noob, I restrained myself from asking directions. So, I walked around, rode up escalators, walked around some more, and rode up more escalators, UNTIL (!) I found two dudes, dressed up all gig-ish. So just to be safe, I followed them. But of course, I pretended to look like I knew my way, just so the noob factor do not beep. Got a little busted when I missed them, turning and taking the last escalator up, as I confidently walked up straight, heading inside the foosball/karaoke place. I can't turn back now can I, as they're still giving me the stink-eye. So, I took out my phone and pretended that Im like, meeting a friend inside that karaoke place. Circled roundd, round and roundddd the place until I thought it was safe to come back out again, and then, finally I rode up the escalator.

Bought the ticket for 35 bucks, then I got my left wrist wrapped with this black-plastic-thingy, got my arm and my ticket chopped (Just to erase the uneasy gruesomeness of that sentence,it was chopped as in,chopped with ink). So okaayy, this was when the security measure went a little out of hand, if I was a girl, Im sure as heck that I would've bitch-slapped that flat-topped, handsome-moustached, big bouncer for spotcheck-ng/molesting me,ever so passionately. Yes, I know you're doing your job, and you're doing it good if I might add, but only if you did that when you're in bed -_- . Don't let me hot-wax your moustache clean off mister.

Got united with Matt, Js, Iffat, Zul, Adrie, Aiq and Pithang right after I went in . And the first band to greet me was They Will Kill Us All :D . They're goood (y). Banged my head lightly, to just you know, trickle out some adrenaline through them veins :D . Halfway trough TWKUA, I went down to meet a friend :)

After a nice,small chat with her near Baskin Robbins, I went back up to rock and rave. The next band was Bittersweet. They're not too shabby, not too shabby at all :) . But Im not quite a fan of super tight,super-bright jeans and oversized shades on guys though :P . But they're good nonetheless :)

Then, there were a few bands that I can't recall what the names were. And from that on, I forgot what band came out after what band, so I'll just highlight the best ones :D

RESTRAINT (!) went up just when the sky started to darken (really added to the mood y'knoww 8) ), and most of the crowd got up to their feet and stormed the front. As they got screaming,the moshpit started growing. The adrenaline was overflowinggg and I started swinging my limbs here and there inside the pit, untill..*BDUKH!*, (urghh-yeahhhh), my stomach was shouldered hard. Prghh, sumpah senak. So,I slowly walked back, and stayed with the less-active part of the crowd and just wait for the senak to cool down. But I kept banging my head in that while, just so that I don't look like some wimp. Haha and the circle pits were awesome (y). Iffat's a mean hardcore dancer btw haha.

Then,there was Cassandra (!), haha they rocked just as much too, and what made them rock more(only for that night, or else they're just as awesommee as Restraint) was that they actually commanded for the Wall Of Death. I think the adrenaline was pretty much squirting out of my pores at that time. A SHOUT , then we're all of to warr (Wall of Death's always reminds me of the *CHARGEE!* part in war movies). Ughh, awesomeness 11/10 .

Oh Chentaku were up next as the final band performing . And I guessed that Zul's a massive fan of them, to a part where he actually changed to an Oh Chentaku t-shirt just for the occasion :). It was the first time I saw them live, and I can proudly acclaim that I am now a fan too :D . On top of the fact that they're from KJ too ! . And btw, the violin touch to some of their songs were beautiful :).

Unofficially,to me,the rock and rave was a wrap just as OCK finished playing, because what was up next was the *ubs ubs ubs* (techno beatbox sound) rave partyy -_- . Stayed, and tolerated for a while, just to discuss where were we all going after this to grab some bite.

Went to Indomee SS2 , and ordered Kam Hyiong Sotong (a dish with rice and crispy squid in tastayhh sambal and fried egg). Nyumeeyhhh (y).

So as I was home, I can pretty much sleep well with that darned hole now nicely clogged up :)

Summer Splat

As my summer splash ticket was earned by treating my supervisor to that square-shaped, shakey's pizza, with four different toppings, I know I can't let it go to waste :D . On top of the fact of how much the past previous summer splashes rocked, and and how enthusiastic me and my friends were, to a point we all bought matching boardshorts. It's easy to tell that I was stoked ! :D . Little did we all know, we were up to face one of the biggest letdown ever.

The journey itself peeked a little reluctance, when I actually realized I forgot my ticket along the way o_o . Orrr , maybe that was just me :P . Okay, not funny. Im real sorry Malik, do tell me whenever you're short of cash to pay for the oil alright (y).

Then, that hunt for a darned parking spot. It's pretty predictable that the parking spots near the Sunway Lagoon entrance to be full, but to expect even the spots inside Sunway Pyramid itself to have a full house, was downright nuts. Then finallyy, we found our parking spot all the waaaay in the loading bay. And that's considered lucky, with the fact that there were cars parked at places as far as the housing areas o_o.

After a little meet-up, I headed for Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach with little mental pump-ups like "Oh yeah baby, here I come" and sorts. Ha-ha-haa. Then,the volume of the chant was put on mute the second I saw the queue. The friggin queue o_o. At heart, I know there's no way for me to get my hands on the roxy goody bag. Haha okayy cancel that "eww gay nya" thought immediately, was only kiddin' around. The queue stretched all the way to the parking lot. And it was not even in a single, straight line. So, to respect the early birds, we went all the wayy to the back of the line and waited for our turn to go inside.


So okay, this is the part where Im gonna read when one day Im an old gramps, rocking back and forth in my chair and say " Oh what in carnation, I could've been 2 hours younger ____(insert wife's name here)" . And why ? That's just basically it ! I just wasted 120++ dandy minutes out of my lifeeee o_o . Not only, we waited in the line for hours and tolerated BO's, we also had to bear with "twinkle² little star" singing rempits (no, I am not kidding), haha but then again I guess that wasn't so bad. But the MAJORR put off was when we were only mere footsteps away from the entrance, "Oh finally" we all thought. Until, a friend of mine snapped a picture of what was waiting for us downstairs. and oo yeah, it was AN EVEN NASTIER MESS O_O . People looked like giddy ants. The moment we all finally gave in and stepped away from the line, just hit me like a spitball, that 2 hours worth of waiting, for, n-n-nothinggggg. A sad thought, for sure.

Then we all headed in pyramid for a little redemption and we all decided to fill our tummies at A&W . Met another minor letdown, and that is the good ol' rootbeer is served inside paper cups :P . Ha-ha-haa. As I thought it was time to unwind and enjoy my mozza burger, another tragedy strucked (!) , I SPILLED THE FRIKKIN ROOTBEER all over the floor,all over Najee's and Fad's leg, and all over Fad's cap and phone -_- , I guess that's what I get for complaining. Out of panic and blushing cheeks, my reaction was very unlikely of me. I was rude. Sorry, that wasn't me (shaggy).

Laterr that evening,most of us headed to Malik's place for a sleepover. The briyani served was so goooood I tell you, that you can just eat it plain without curry or whatever. But since there were chicken fillets, and that sour cream and onion paste, so why not ? :9 . While waiting for euro to start, we played darts, watched Fad wrestle the crap out of Aznam, poor dude, played guitars, took pictures and stuffs. Oh and Malik owns a spear/sumpit people, don't mess.

We only watched Euro attentively for a while, then the rest of the sleepover was filled with us asking each other trivial questions. Surprisingly, it was fun, and it killed a LOTT of time, fast :/ . We all learned a lot no doubt, especially on capitals of countries. Ha-haa

And before bed, I got a nice round of bangings from Fad. And this particular part of it left me to wonder , is it something to be proud of , or to just be plainly pissed about :

Fad: Kau kena tau yang kau tu banyak buat taik kat orang.
Me: Ala , semua orang buat taik kat semua orang , pahal aku yang kena lebih ?
Fad: Ye la , kau taik special

Taik special ? Ha-hah-hah , thank you I guess -_-

Dah lah kentut tak beragak . Hahaha nyways thanks for clearing things up man , kinda felt a little insignificant through out the whole day. Now, a little, I know why. So here's a proper thank you:

MEMANG TAK ARGHHHHHHHH !! . Haha pfft , thanks :P

Now for a little randomness:

Who wouldn't jump when the first thing they see when they enter a toilet is a FRIGGIN CLOWN , adjusting his make up and his red nose -_- . As it turned out, he claimed to be the clown that was in one of Pop Shuvit's vids. But he's a clown, so yeah :P

An Oily Outrage

As I've been living under a rock from the headlines and the evening news for as far as I can recall , to just go rashly and bang on things I do not know to the very core yet , will just get a big L stamped on my forehead. But even so , what was leaked on Wednesday was far beyond absurd. Cents never sounded so sinister.

Friggin 78 cents

To talk on politics is like playing tag on a minefield , you'll never know if suddenly your arse is gonna get sued silly. But, is it even in the foulest pit of rationality to raise the price , this insanely high , this insanely abrupt ? . Imagine , the folks in the rural areas , imagine the raise of roti canai to a something ringgit , and imagine the young teens who are just about to take up their license :/ . I never actually filled up fuel my entire life , but the shockwave of this blast is surely felt.

The wednesday was going on like any normal weekdays in the earlier hours. Went to see Indy Jones with the dudes. Over-payed my debt to fad , buy buying him the large popcorn set, but that's okaay since I wanted some too . Hehe :p . Indy Jones was pretty awesome , but the stunts and all are ridiculous , in terms of timing and prediction. Especially , the part where Indy's wife was driving straight into the raging waters down below , landed on top of a tree , which lessens the moment of impact , and then as the car floats nicely on the water , the tree catapulted back itself and slams the upcoming , enemy vehicles. Insanee . Oh yeahhhh , the part where a gajillion of overly-sized ants started to spread and crawl around , really did shrink my nuts to a speck . I can practically feel them crawling all over my skin . Major EEEWWWGGGKHHGGHHHHH !!!!!! .

What was waiting after Najee inserted the parking ticket , was none for any of us to predict. As the light outside slowly erases the faint darkness of the parking lot , a sight of a major traffic jam , by far , the worst one yet this friggin year or maybe , the century, enfolded. The jam was so bad , we were practically moving a centimeter per minute. The jam stretched all the way to only God knows where . The little accidents along the way did no justice but only played as minor setbacks. Along the way , inconstantly , we rolled down the window , and shouted " Roll down the windows ! Save petrol" . Ha-ha-haa.

The sight of the first petrol station we encounter after we head out from OU , showed us a little preview of what's oncoming. The cars were like ants , crowding the petrol station which stored all the oily sugar. A disturbing thought re-entered my mind , and yeap , you guessed it , Indy's giant antssssssss, URGHHKHHGHGHHHH !! O_O

As we were moving along , we can see the cars from the housing areas marched out to get some petrol as we all are . The rush of the jam was almost like , Cloverfield. Only , we were not chased , but we're the one chasing the monster.

After about 3209480934809234 hours later , we finally arrived at the borders of Kelana Jaya , and OH BOY ! , out of my whole 17++ years of living in this neighbourhood , never have I seen such clutter in my place. But it was predictable , as we have a lot of petrol stations , and two of em , side by side.

I am so forecasting everyday riots and molotov cocktails from that day on. And guess what , I may just join one of em , and why ? , because the car that Im gonna inherit will require a lot of oil . Be patient , Oh my yellow-butt Volks.

Coal Rhymes With Cold

As of Friday the 30th (out of verbal pronunciation , it sounds like Friday the 13th o_o) , my cousin , or more like my little brother from another mother came to my crib for a sleepover. In contrast of his now thick moustache , his kiddish behavior is still intact. And it's better that it stays that way , for I am still childish and he's the only one at the current moment , who I can express that side on. But please , do not imagine Ultraman toy figures nor camo underpants. Kiddish , as in super-lame jokes and acts on random things , almost spoken on a different language , which only we both , and occasionally my sister can laugh about.

For the first night of the sleepover , I felt pretty guilty for ditching him for a BBQ party over at Pithang's. But since the plan was told wayy earlier before his arrival, I had to , and I haven't had a good BBQ in a longg , longgg while. Sorry Bahnan.

Rudee and Aiq picked me up , and then we picked Kelso along the way. Kelso came out a little late because he had to get his leg massaged . Thought it was as an excuse to do his hair or wtv at first, but it was proved right when we peeked into his house (from the car of course , we're not thaaat desperate to seek truth) . He limped a little to the car ,then we zoomed off .

The BBQ had already started when we arrived . JS arrived the same moment we did too . Practically , everyone was there already. Met people I havent met for quite a whilee , varying from a few weeks , months and even a year (or slightly lesser) :O

From this point on , Im not sure if I can write it in sequence no more , so I think I'll just point out the highlights , and not necessarily in the proper order. Nyeh sorry , my memory's too much of a mess.

The lamb and chikkiiinn was goooooooood ! (y) and what made them sweeterr was the ever so delishhhhhhh mushroom sauce ! . No , seriously , the mushroom sauce was the Jericho alright ( Iron Man ) . Too bad there was too little of it tho :( .

For the very rare of times , I got to feel real responsible when I was in charge (eventho noone told me to) of fanning and flipping the steaks and chikkins . Although , as professional as I looked behind the smokes , I don't think I can ever tell a steak is well-done , rare , medium-rare or wtv tho. But noone complained ! , so I guess I've passed the test (thaaat , noone really set me out on) .

And for an even rarer of times , I made a joke that someone laughed along with , and not the way around :D . Even better , I got to drive Rudee into hysterics. Ahhhh , the "Cirit Or Die" and the "Peti Alkali Pandai The Clue.." impressions never fails 8) . For the earlier attempts at least.

And we took pictures too ! . Haha :) :

Oh and , Chipsmore Butter Crunch tasted so goooooood when it's baked over the fire. The melted chips and the more distinct smell of butter was a terrific treat to the tongue indeed.

So, we ate , we drank (no alcohol please , we are all keen STRAIGHTEDGE-ers ! , Mwaha) , we sang along with the strums of the guitar and we made merry. Good , innocent times like this , if practiced all around , will surely get the Mastika writers out of their brain juices on how to prove how screwed up we adolescents are.

End Of Subtopic : THE BARBEQUE


The best thing about having a
sleepover with him is that , there'll be always something new that little cousin of mine gonna cook up , given a considerable amount of time. Be it tricks , jokes from all around or handphone games (he picks the best ones) . And since the time gap given was months , he came in with all of what was mentioned above.

The joke brought was from his pops ( I call him Pak Zali ). His dad , if I may say , makes the best unintended jokes ever , like this one time where Hanan's mom complained about getting a new fan. "Eh ayah , kita rasa kita kena beli kipaih (kipas) baru nohh" bellowed Hanan's mom ( I call her Mami Sharifah ) from upstairs. With all his speed , he went up and with such confidence and sincere intentions , he asked " HAAA ! MANA LIPAIH ?! ( lipas ). Cute don't you think so ? :D . Okay , that was one of the finest classics , but the joke told on the sleepover was quite funny too ! . And it goes like this, there was this one time where Pak Zali had to carry a real heavy load . He carried it inside the house , and without second thought he let it go on clean tiles that had just been swept , or mopped by Mami Sharifah. And without much consideration on how much effort was put on carrying the load too, she howled " Ehh ! Tu baru bersihh la ayahh ! . Angkat tempat lainn ! " . Or something like that. Then , out of exhaustion he muttered " Alah kita ni pun , angkat barang mcm barang ni nak meletop !" . Ha-ha-haa. If you're not laughing , than re-read Paragraph 1 , line 8-7 :)

The handphone games he brought that day , was by far the most creative one I've seen on a hand-held device ! . Maybe not the one which packed the most fun , but still . The game was called "Surf The Tube" and the killer part is that you have to blow onto the microphone to create a tidal wave. That's right , you're the wind 8) , and you'll be the surfer too right after you blow your breath out. But the game we played most was "Chess Master" . Omg not to say I lost , not one game was finished due to frequent interruptions and distractions , but I must say he's a threat to keep an eye on :O

The tricks that were under his sleeves were the most awesome part of the sleepover. There this one trick where he literally snapped the same finger more than once. More than twice and three times If you ask him to keep doing it, on the same finger. This is not finger cracking people , as you can't keep cracking the same finger over and over again without deleting the "CRACK!" after the first try. But this , the "CRACK!" was at a constant rate of loudness. And the finger snapping looks more hurtful than a normal finger crack , so it can't be it.

The second trick was the girl cut in half trick , but using only pieces of paper and a pair of scissors . So , the magic was like this , you will be displayed a tube of paper , then the girl will be inserted into the paper tube, then the tube will be cut off. As the paper was halved , the girl came out unscathed. Niceee (y)

The third one , and had to my favourite one was the disappearing name trick. So , the trick was like this . He showed me a piece of paper with my name on it, after a nod of confirmation from me , he folded the paper neatly into his palms , with a few cliche'd magic taps, he folded back out the paper , but this time the "Ashraf" was missing totally ! O_O . Spooky ? Just might be.

If I meet him again , I'll record it and i'll post it here fer sure :) . Wait up.

The sleepover went swell as opposed , If Im playing the computer , he'll be playing the ps2 with my sis , and vice versa. But this harmonious , repeating chain was cut abruptly the moment my sis said " Bang , stuck lagi ke ni ?" , while pointing her eye out to the screen where the loading screen took forever to load. "Oh crap , not again" , and from that moment on . Every CD we put inside the ps2 was unable to be read. Crappy craps craps. My theory is proved once again , where good things cannot all happen at once, one happiness might just be kicked out when one happiness enters (as written in my old myspace about me, the one with the threads A , B and C shiznits). So , we cramped ourselves round the computer for the most , remaining part of the sleepover. He recommended me this site and we found this awesomeeee quiz. Try it out for yourself , but be warned. It can just cross your line of sanity 8) :

And on Sunday , we had to send him back home , sigh :/ . Over there, I met a lot of my relatives that I've not seen for 2 years maybe. And againnn , a lot can happen in that huge gap of time , and hair grows so as expected " eh potong la rambutttt" comments was given all over . Hee :P . Then , I ate goood foooood (Mami Sharifah's a great cook , an even better baker) . After all the talks and merry making , we head out to The Store to send that little black bulk (the ps2) for a repair. Bought a 2gb memory for 80 bucks weh :D . That's cheap right ? or I've just been conned for the 231782361th times this year ? :/ . Haha whatevs. Named my new memory card Eugene as Edwardo was inflicted badly by this suspected culprit, a mysterious file named QPDN1 which contains 90 branching files that can't seem to be deleted :/ . And the music player stated that "No music files found" where in fact , I have hundreds of em . Shiaat. As soon as my new baby Eugene sat his butt in my phone's cradle, it all went away without a trace , i hope :) . I tried the camera and guess whatt , I can take like 27k plus of pictures o_o . Whoahh , and if i set it to the lower settings , it can reach up to 600k plus of pictures :P . Like omg riiight. Hehe

Went back to Hanan's for Asar and Maghrib. Then we head back to good ol' KJ :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh Bob,

I don't think I can go around the idea of updating my blog every single friggin day , well i can , but to do it in a long term run is a little haaard. So, for today , or any other, I'm gonna write on one thing before the next. In separate posts. Maybe on different dates. Screw the date it was written on. I reckon this should be written in the interlude , but since this post is only a few scrolls away from the previous one , I don't think anyone would miss it . I hope.

So ! , for the first few days of the week, I don't think it's very eventful, except for random outings and shiznits. I think. But what was major was on WEDNESDAY ! . It is SOO major that it deserves it's own post . Teehee, you may scroll down now.

Well, on Tuesday night, well technically Wednesday morning, my phone was bombarded with messages like "cap, semua dah tanya bila the grand event ?" , or something similar. Anticipation fills the sky on the other side , while on mine , it's raining of light dread. Crap, I can feel Chandramorgan's (the all-time school's favourite nemesis) and his trusty kitchen scissors wriggling through my hair veins again. But then again, it wasn't as bad because I know I won't be cutting my hair, on the next day for the least, I was just going to straighten my hair. But , the effect may not match what I desire, so still, irregular heartbeats strucked once in a while.

The plan was to do the sacrifice in the morning, but another plan was boiling under the surface and that was the new computer was coming :D . LIKE YEAY ! I've been waiting for it , for like , months ! . The guys, Faye , Aznam , Fad And Najee, came around 2 somethin to anticipate in the upcoming ritual(s), the computer, and the hair, of course. They were hungry as I can tell when Najee stormed the kitchen asking "Cap, boleh tak aku nak masak ?" . Knowing his mee and ayam dish under my belly belt, and the fact he's taking culinary , I know the kitchen is in safe hands. BUT ! , the spoiler was that my fridge had been neglected of the normal needs. Like eggs and bread. Don't blame me ! . Blame my maid who ran away to Indon !, which was in the first place, with the main intention of seeing his sick brother. The next moment , she was married to a friggin lawyer o_o . Okay , back to business. Najee and Fad actually went out to fetch the eggs. I don't know who needs to thank you guys the most , me , my dad or mum. He whipped up an omelette, which I thought at first was meant for the maggi I handed him earlier. But,well well, was it good ! :9 . Then Mr. Arvind arrived ( my add maths/maths tuition teacher who happens to do computers. What coincidence ), with my baby ! :DD . As he was setting up the computer, little whispers of " Cahhhhp, Caaahp ( acap, acap ), nak naaikk atas bolehh ? " can be heard from the stairs . To no surprise , it was Aznam and Faye :p . While, Najee's making maggi goreng downstairs, i think. So okay-lah , as Arvind does his magic , the guys were dishing each other out on soul calibur III . After a brief test-out, silent hiphiphurrayh's and chains of thankyou's later , we head out !

The journey felt expectedly long, like when I was on my way to the "dungeon" after Mr. Chandra chant out " masuk bilik disiplin". The cold shivers was pretty similar too , but of course, not as bad because no scissors were involved on that day . Then , we arrived at "De Hair Room" . This was my first choice because , one of the stylist won the title "2004's stylist of the year" by Schwar..Schwarzokop..Schwarzokopf, urghhh whatever, but it sounds real sophisticated. So yeah. I was convinced. The drill went on like the usual, wash-blow-dry until , he took out the cream. When I see unfamiliar chemicals , I see Avogrado's nuts , which scares me. But never mind , the stylist, Ray , although was not the bearer of the best hairstylist award, but he did my hair good the last time I visited him. So it's all good I think. So, he applied the cream to my hair like how people would slobber butter on toast. Inconsistently, did I mutter to him " Is it time for me to set the parting yet ?" . Like always , I can feel the vibe of annoyance was emitted. While waiting for the cream to seep in , I read a copy of HOT . The part where Emma Watson's party sucked out of the lack of famous celebrities, was a bummer. Like, come onn Holywood's stuck-ups ! , she's not really going to serve chocolate frogs nor every-flavoured-beans ! . Darnn , if I were a big-shot , I'd buy her a custom car named , Nimbus 2000. Okay , lamee. But she's cute nonetheless.

Hours passed. Oh hell yeah it did ! , I came in around 5 and the whole relaxing process lasted until 9 somethinn' . Even the doors were closing when he blew the last remnants of Avogrado's out of my now less unruly hair. As the cloth unwraps my neck, and my chest, I feel (slightly) new ! . Although , I am not so used seeing my BOB* this flat, but i think it looked okay :) . That's what I think , and what I think usually revolves around only what I think. So, as I was about to prove when I stepped it into Choppe ( a CC ) . "EH , tkda bezaaaa punn !" , "Macam takde pape punn ?" , and same remarks flooded in as soon as I did my hair flip -__- . HA-HA-haaa. Well , at least Fad said it was neater, and smelled nice. EW, scratch that , it sounds gay. Then , we all head out to Williams's. Upon arrival , a flashback of sights of nasi goreng ketam, chicken cheese , and over sized smoothies suddenly played , making my mouth water and my stomach rumble. But then again , it was unfamiliar to other dudes, so we moved on to Murni , which is like a bigger brother of William's . The saliva was still drooling , because what was waiting was as good or maybe better than what was just reminisced. Malik joined us , and added " Why is your hair's still the same ?" . Pfft-ness indeed. Ha-ha-haa. Had roti ayam ( which tasted exactly like roti hawaii , only lacking pineapples and sausages , but cheaper :D ) , and roti daging and OMG (!) , the banana speciallll <- I can live on this baby , no sweat.


*BOB = BTW BTW BTW ! , laugh all you may but BOB's the name of my hair 8) . ( more on BOB on upcoming interludes)


As I suck at first impressions , it's fairly predictable that im gonna suck at laying my intro too . But OH WHAT THE HECK ! , *rolls a mile long red carpet* WELCOME TO MY BLOG :D , or how ~Mr. BaDb0yZz~ would say it :

W3Lc0m3 t0 mY p4g3zZzz..!!!!!..HUhuHUhuhU .

HAHAHA-ha-ha-haaa , okayy you there(!) , stop it with the O_O stare and the laugh out of pure pity .

Moving along ! . As you can see , I type whatever that crosses my mind on that per nanosecond . Sometimes , my fingers type faster than what my brain can generate the real way of putting that particular sentence. So if whatever I might write should offend any of you , I advance an apology.

I think my grammar's rotting too, out of over exposure of mambang-dota-lish. So if ever there's a combo of big words and wrong standard 3 grammatical errors , it'll be nice if im not banged for being a show-off or whatsoever . Im a false man of science , i like to experiment new things :D .

Andd, whatever's written here , stays here . Leave the grudges at the digital doorstep please. Because it's normal for people to be EMOOOO once in a while , moreover for a guy whose his name is ACAP EMO in most handphone contacts. But im a cheerful guy , really. Don't let the hairdo fool you. Okay , as i were saying , don't do grudges here cause emo people, write emo things, which are not filtered thoroughly by means of hints and pointers. And to sign up for another private blog just to let out steam is just a waste of time,energy and the electric bill.

What more should I add eyyyyyy ? . Okay , I like to exaggerate and take things into corners and bends. I think it's called a simile , or a metaphore . Oh crap , wtv wtv . Let's just say , i like to ignite your imaginaaaaatioooon :D *rainbow comes out of parting of palms-spongebob stylee* . See , im doing it already. Bear with me , as you will be seeeeeing a looooooooooot of similar styles sooner on :D

Oh and yes ! This is a major warning. I am very LAMEEEE :D . Im so lame that i have created a quote for myself :

" You Can't Spell LAME Without ME " :DD

( Fyi , that quote is out of my own random thought. You may have seen it somewhere before but i swear in the name of mr badboyz(??) , I did not steal it from anyone. I do not say that i invented it , but you can't say that im a copycat too. Haha okay , unnecessary defensive taunts on overload. Sorry)

I think that's all for now, for the intro at least. If I ever think of something else suitable to be added as an intro, I'll write on separate posts entitled Interlude II and counting. So, err read onnn ? :D .