Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Rooftop Remedy

To patch up the humongous hole that darned summer splash had poked , I decided to redeem myself at rock on rave which was held on top of cineleisure's rooftop (awesome choice for the venue)

Went back from Malik's house around 4 somethin somethin , did my Asar prayer and a lay-head-on-pillow-for-5-minutes-but-turned-out-to-be-20-minutes session, then called a cab to zoom off to that noisy place up high :D

Once I was there, I took out 50 bucks to pay for the ticket and scrunched up the receipt as soon it is handed out , was too scared to see the balance. Hee . Then, out of not wanting myself to look like a noob, I restrained myself from asking directions. So, I walked around, rode up escalators, walked around some more, and rode up more escalators, UNTIL (!) I found two dudes, dressed up all gig-ish. So just to be safe, I followed them. But of course, I pretended to look like I knew my way, just so the noob factor do not beep. Got a little busted when I missed them, turning and taking the last escalator up, as I confidently walked up straight, heading inside the foosball/karaoke place. I can't turn back now can I, as they're still giving me the stink-eye. So, I took out my phone and pretended that Im like, meeting a friend inside that karaoke place. Circled roundd, round and roundddd the place until I thought it was safe to come back out again, and then, finally I rode up the escalator.

Bought the ticket for 35 bucks, then I got my left wrist wrapped with this black-plastic-thingy, got my arm and my ticket chopped (Just to erase the uneasy gruesomeness of that sentence,it was chopped as in,chopped with ink). So okaayy, this was when the security measure went a little out of hand, if I was a girl, Im sure as heck that I would've bitch-slapped that flat-topped, handsome-moustached, big bouncer for spotcheck-ng/molesting me,ever so passionately. Yes, I know you're doing your job, and you're doing it good if I might add, but only if you did that when you're in bed -_- . Don't let me hot-wax your moustache clean off mister.

Got united with Matt, Js, Iffat, Zul, Adrie, Aiq and Pithang right after I went in . And the first band to greet me was They Will Kill Us All :D . They're goood (y). Banged my head lightly, to just you know, trickle out some adrenaline through them veins :D . Halfway trough TWKUA, I went down to meet a friend :)

After a nice,small chat with her near Baskin Robbins, I went back up to rock and rave. The next band was Bittersweet. They're not too shabby, not too shabby at all :) . But Im not quite a fan of super tight,super-bright jeans and oversized shades on guys though :P . But they're good nonetheless :)

Then, there were a few bands that I can't recall what the names were. And from that on, I forgot what band came out after what band, so I'll just highlight the best ones :D

RESTRAINT (!) went up just when the sky started to darken (really added to the mood y'knoww 8) ), and most of the crowd got up to their feet and stormed the front. As they got screaming,the moshpit started growing. The adrenaline was overflowinggg and I started swinging my limbs here and there inside the pit, untill..*BDUKH!*, (urghh-yeahhhh), my stomach was shouldered hard. Prghh, sumpah senak. So,I slowly walked back, and stayed with the less-active part of the crowd and just wait for the senak to cool down. But I kept banging my head in that while, just so that I don't look like some wimp. Haha and the circle pits were awesome (y). Iffat's a mean hardcore dancer btw haha.

Then,there was Cassandra (!), haha they rocked just as much too, and what made them rock more(only for that night, or else they're just as awesommee as Restraint) was that they actually commanded for the Wall Of Death. I think the adrenaline was pretty much squirting out of my pores at that time. A SHOUT , then we're all of to warr (Wall of Death's always reminds me of the *CHARGEE!* part in war movies). Ughh, awesomeness 11/10 .

Oh Chentaku were up next as the final band performing . And I guessed that Zul's a massive fan of them, to a part where he actually changed to an Oh Chentaku t-shirt just for the occasion :). It was the first time I saw them live, and I can proudly acclaim that I am now a fan too :D . On top of the fact that they're from KJ too ! . And btw, the violin touch to some of their songs were beautiful :).

Unofficially,to me,the rock and rave was a wrap just as OCK finished playing, because what was up next was the *ubs ubs ubs* (techno beatbox sound) rave partyy -_- . Stayed, and tolerated for a while, just to discuss where were we all going after this to grab some bite.

Went to Indomee SS2 , and ordered Kam Hyiong Sotong (a dish with rice and crispy squid in tastayhh sambal and fried egg). Nyumeeyhhh (y).

So as I was home, I can pretty much sleep well with that darned hole now nicely clogged up :)