Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Yellow Submarine

Last saturday was my cousin's birthday party. Haven't met her, and the other side of the family for a real long while, so yeahh , it was about timee :) . Usually, I'll just whip her up a card, but my mum came up with an ingenious idea : "Shraf, why don't you make a t-shirt for Leia ?" . With the presence of the t-shirt crayons and markers, and with "I want to create my own clothing line" being answered to every "What do you want to do when you grow up ?" questions, I know I gotta mark the starting line sooner or later no ?, and I think I did just that a few days ago :) .

Since I got all my stuffs ready by 3 o'clock, and the party's starting in about 2 hours time, I think I did it a tad bit too hastily. As a result, the t-shirt's a little sloppy, with smudges here and there. But then again, to ace on that first try, on anything basically, is like 1 micron next to impossible. Haha

It's not fair when you're too absorbed on doing something, time will like purposely be on fast forward. So after what I felt like it was only 20 minutes, when in fact it was 2 hours ++ long, this is pretty much what I came up with :

I shall name my first ever creation :
"Fuzzy The Furball's On A Frenzy"

Okay lame, but whatevs :D

The ones going were only me and my mum , my sister was down with flu and my dad's gotta watch over her. And at about 5 somethinnn, we moved out.

Like every party I've ever been to, be it thrown by family members, or friends,or someone random, I'll always get this little weird vibe just before I go pass through the entrance, the "everyone's gonna look at you and make faces" kinda vibe y'knoww, which will leave you feeling super anxious, super nervous and super awkward. But this is soon cleared off like how you shrug off dust from your shoulders, when you go in and shake hands with everyone and sit down with the group you can click with. (or if you can't, that vibe is still going to stick for a little while longer)

The birthday girl

So okaay, after I handed out the present to the birthday girl, I joined Akmal, Mox, Amir, Zikri, Gesty and Adora at one of the tables. And the greetings I got were "Hey Hotstuff" ( a mockery on how much I look like a girl) , and "Eh kau Ashraf ke ? , Aku ingat awek mana lah tadi , baru nak ngorat" . PFFFTTFTFTFTTTT -____-" .

Oh and the party's theme was yellow. And I don't have a single yellow thing on me. From the t-shirt,the belt, the pants, and even my undergarments. Ha-ha , I love breaking rules ! (Or maybe,it was just because I wasn't informed about the theme earlier) .

Then, sooner or later, Syafique and Dixon joined us. We talked, we talked and we talked until the birthday cake came out. So, like the usual, we sang for the birthday girl and share the joy all around.

After the candles were blown out, me and most of the guys decided to head in and play pool. It went well at first, until the little rascals mistakenly took the big boys game of pool as an innocent game of marbles. So, we decided to put it on pause, and chilled around until the little rascals,chill themselves around the pool table.

But just as the little kids started to settle down, why in the world I have to start the riot all over again by just, showing one magic trick. Practically, moments after that was spent by the little kids (Meghan, Sarah and Abang), chasing me all around the living room, slapping me, punching me, choking me and pillow-smacking me hard while they're screaming the chant "Magic tipu ! Magic tipu !" repeatedly. Put them on hold for a while, when I handed Meghan and Sara a tissue and asked them to work out on a magic from there. Ha-ha SUCKERRRRRS. But that only worked for a while til' the whole riot repeats again -_- . This time, I had to lock myself in the bathroom, still, the kids won't leave me alone, knocking the door and keep flicking the lights, on and off -_- .

Then, we continued back our game of pool, as the kids have all tire themselves out of being annoying. The game were pretty much neck and neck, but my team lost so me and Zikri had to crawl down the pool table as payments to the price of defeat.

After that was the presents-opening ceremony. She got loadsa cool t-shirts. I like the yellow one, with spongebob face on it. Can't never to find myself one tho, ran into similar ones before this, but why oh why it was blue -_- . I can't seem to write the part where she opened my present without having my nostrils inflate and deflate furiously, but let's just say, I think I already have a small circle of future-customers :P

About a few minutes later, my dad arrived and it was time to say goodbyeeee. Haha and it's time to say goodbye here as well , so GOODBYE ! :D .

Oh yeahh, I almost forgot, what's a blog on parties, without a section on the fooood :D . Hahaha so the menu was fried rice with prawns, and some chicken rendang ? I think it was rendang. And the char kuey teow was niceee, it got that right amount of moisture :) . But what got me hooked was the tiny hamburgers, mann it was darn addictive. I think the total tiny burgers that I've consumed can sum up to maybe 5-6 actual sized burgers. Clever manipulations, I h-ha-te you somewhat, im 1kg heavier now -_- .

The Evil Little Burgers.

( Oh and the flowers on top of the cake are real flowers. Real Crysanthemums, glazed in sugar. Tasted quite okay really :) )

More party pictures :