Monday, June 16, 2008


As I suck at first impressions , it's fairly predictable that im gonna suck at laying my intro too . But OH WHAT THE HECK ! , *rolls a mile long red carpet* WELCOME TO MY BLOG :D , or how ~Mr. BaDb0yZz~ would say it :

W3Lc0m3 t0 mY p4g3zZzz..!!!!!..HUhuHUhuhU .

HAHAHA-ha-ha-haaa , okayy you there(!) , stop it with the O_O stare and the laugh out of pure pity .

Moving along ! . As you can see , I type whatever that crosses my mind on that per nanosecond . Sometimes , my fingers type faster than what my brain can generate the real way of putting that particular sentence. So if whatever I might write should offend any of you , I advance an apology.

I think my grammar's rotting too, out of over exposure of mambang-dota-lish. So if ever there's a combo of big words and wrong standard 3 grammatical errors , it'll be nice if im not banged for being a show-off or whatsoever . Im a false man of science , i like to experiment new things :D .

Andd, whatever's written here , stays here . Leave the grudges at the digital doorstep please. Because it's normal for people to be EMOOOO once in a while , moreover for a guy whose his name is ACAP EMO in most handphone contacts. But im a cheerful guy , really. Don't let the hairdo fool you. Okay , as i were saying , don't do grudges here cause emo people, write emo things, which are not filtered thoroughly by means of hints and pointers. And to sign up for another private blog just to let out steam is just a waste of time,energy and the electric bill.

What more should I add eyyyyyy ? . Okay , I like to exaggerate and take things into corners and bends. I think it's called a simile , or a metaphore . Oh crap , wtv wtv . Let's just say , i like to ignite your imaginaaaaatioooon :D *rainbow comes out of parting of palms-spongebob stylee* . See , im doing it already. Bear with me , as you will be seeeeeing a looooooooooot of similar styles sooner on :D

Oh and yes ! This is a major warning. I am very LAMEEEE :D . Im so lame that i have created a quote for myself :

" You Can't Spell LAME Without ME " :DD

( Fyi , that quote is out of my own random thought. You may have seen it somewhere before but i swear in the name of mr badboyz(??) , I did not steal it from anyone. I do not say that i invented it , but you can't say that im a copycat too. Haha okay , unnecessary defensive taunts on overload. Sorry)

I think that's all for now, for the intro at least. If I ever think of something else suitable to be added as an intro, I'll write on separate posts entitled Interlude II and counting. So, err read onnn ? :D .