Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh Bob,

I don't think I can go around the idea of updating my blog every single friggin day , well i can , but to do it in a long term run is a little haaard. So, for today , or any other, I'm gonna write on one thing before the next. In separate posts. Maybe on different dates. Screw the date it was written on. I reckon this should be written in the interlude , but since this post is only a few scrolls away from the previous one , I don't think anyone would miss it . I hope.

So ! , for the first few days of the week, I don't think it's very eventful, except for random outings and shiznits. I think. But what was major was on WEDNESDAY ! . It is SOO major that it deserves it's own post . Teehee, you may scroll down now.

Well, on Tuesday night, well technically Wednesday morning, my phone was bombarded with messages like "cap, semua dah tanya bila the grand event ?" , or something similar. Anticipation fills the sky on the other side , while on mine , it's raining of light dread. Crap, I can feel Chandramorgan's (the all-time school's favourite nemesis) and his trusty kitchen scissors wriggling through my hair veins again. But then again, it wasn't as bad because I know I won't be cutting my hair, on the next day for the least, I was just going to straighten my hair. But , the effect may not match what I desire, so still, irregular heartbeats strucked once in a while.

The plan was to do the sacrifice in the morning, but another plan was boiling under the surface and that was the new computer was coming :D . LIKE YEAY ! I've been waiting for it , for like , months ! . The guys, Faye , Aznam , Fad And Najee, came around 2 somethin to anticipate in the upcoming ritual(s), the computer, and the hair, of course. They were hungry as I can tell when Najee stormed the kitchen asking "Cap, boleh tak aku nak masak ?" . Knowing his mee and ayam dish under my belly belt, and the fact he's taking culinary , I know the kitchen is in safe hands. BUT ! , the spoiler was that my fridge had been neglected of the normal needs. Like eggs and bread. Don't blame me ! . Blame my maid who ran away to Indon !, which was in the first place, with the main intention of seeing his sick brother. The next moment , she was married to a friggin lawyer o_o . Okay , back to business. Najee and Fad actually went out to fetch the eggs. I don't know who needs to thank you guys the most , me , my dad or mum. He whipped up an omelette, which I thought at first was meant for the maggi I handed him earlier. But,well well, was it good ! :9 . Then Mr. Arvind arrived ( my add maths/maths tuition teacher who happens to do computers. What coincidence ), with my baby ! :DD . As he was setting up the computer, little whispers of " Cahhhhp, Caaahp ( acap, acap ), nak naaikk atas bolehh ? " can be heard from the stairs . To no surprise , it was Aznam and Faye :p . While, Najee's making maggi goreng downstairs, i think. So okay-lah , as Arvind does his magic , the guys were dishing each other out on soul calibur III . After a brief test-out, silent hiphiphurrayh's and chains of thankyou's later , we head out !

The journey felt expectedly long, like when I was on my way to the "dungeon" after Mr. Chandra chant out " masuk bilik disiplin". The cold shivers was pretty similar too , but of course, not as bad because no scissors were involved on that day . Then , we arrived at "De Hair Room" . This was my first choice because , one of the stylist won the title "2004's stylist of the year" by Schwar..Schwarzokop..Schwarzokopf, urghhh whatever, but it sounds real sophisticated. So yeah. I was convinced. The drill went on like the usual, wash-blow-dry until , he took out the cream. When I see unfamiliar chemicals , I see Avogrado's nuts , which scares me. But never mind , the stylist, Ray , although was not the bearer of the best hairstylist award, but he did my hair good the last time I visited him. So it's all good I think. So, he applied the cream to my hair like how people would slobber butter on toast. Inconsistently, did I mutter to him " Is it time for me to set the parting yet ?" . Like always , I can feel the vibe of annoyance was emitted. While waiting for the cream to seep in , I read a copy of HOT . The part where Emma Watson's party sucked out of the lack of famous celebrities, was a bummer. Like, come onn Holywood's stuck-ups ! , she's not really going to serve chocolate frogs nor every-flavoured-beans ! . Darnn , if I were a big-shot , I'd buy her a custom car named , Nimbus 2000. Okay , lamee. But she's cute nonetheless.

Hours passed. Oh hell yeah it did ! , I came in around 5 and the whole relaxing process lasted until 9 somethinn' . Even the doors were closing when he blew the last remnants of Avogrado's out of my now less unruly hair. As the cloth unwraps my neck, and my chest, I feel (slightly) new ! . Although , I am not so used seeing my BOB* this flat, but i think it looked okay :) . That's what I think , and what I think usually revolves around only what I think. So, as I was about to prove when I stepped it into Choppe ( a CC ) . "EH , tkda bezaaaa punn !" , "Macam takde pape punn ?" , and same remarks flooded in as soon as I did my hair flip -__- . HA-HA-haaa. Well , at least Fad said it was neater, and smelled nice. EW, scratch that , it sounds gay. Then , we all head out to Williams's. Upon arrival , a flashback of sights of nasi goreng ketam, chicken cheese , and over sized smoothies suddenly played , making my mouth water and my stomach rumble. But then again , it was unfamiliar to other dudes, so we moved on to Murni , which is like a bigger brother of William's . The saliva was still drooling , because what was waiting was as good or maybe better than what was just reminisced. Malik joined us , and added " Why is your hair's still the same ?" . Pfft-ness indeed. Ha-ha-haa. Had roti ayam ( which tasted exactly like roti hawaii , only lacking pineapples and sausages , but cheaper :D ) , and roti daging and OMG (!) , the banana speciallll <- I can live on this baby , no sweat.


*BOB = BTW BTW BTW ! , laugh all you may but BOB's the name of my hair 8) . ( more on BOB on upcoming interludes)