Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coal Rhymes With Cold

As of Friday the 30th (out of verbal pronunciation , it sounds like Friday the 13th o_o) , my cousin , or more like my little brother from another mother came to my crib for a sleepover. In contrast of his now thick moustache , his kiddish behavior is still intact. And it's better that it stays that way , for I am still childish and he's the only one at the current moment , who I can express that side on. But please , do not imagine Ultraman toy figures nor camo underpants. Kiddish , as in super-lame jokes and acts on random things , almost spoken on a different language , which only we both , and occasionally my sister can laugh about.

For the first night of the sleepover , I felt pretty guilty for ditching him for a BBQ party over at Pithang's. But since the plan was told wayy earlier before his arrival, I had to , and I haven't had a good BBQ in a longg , longgg while. Sorry Bahnan.

Rudee and Aiq picked me up , and then we picked Kelso along the way. Kelso came out a little late because he had to get his leg massaged . Thought it was as an excuse to do his hair or wtv at first, but it was proved right when we peeked into his house (from the car of course , we're not thaaat desperate to seek truth) . He limped a little to the car ,then we zoomed off .

The BBQ had already started when we arrived . JS arrived the same moment we did too . Practically , everyone was there already. Met people I havent met for quite a whilee , varying from a few weeks , months and even a year (or slightly lesser) :O

From this point on , Im not sure if I can write it in sequence no more , so I think I'll just point out the highlights , and not necessarily in the proper order. Nyeh sorry , my memory's too much of a mess.

The lamb and chikkiiinn was goooooooood ! (y) and what made them sweeterr was the ever so delishhhhhhh mushroom sauce ! . No , seriously , the mushroom sauce was the Jericho alright ( Iron Man ) . Too bad there was too little of it tho :( .

For the very rare of times , I got to feel real responsible when I was in charge (eventho noone told me to) of fanning and flipping the steaks and chikkins . Although , as professional as I looked behind the smokes , I don't think I can ever tell a steak is well-done , rare , medium-rare or wtv tho. But noone complained ! , so I guess I've passed the test (thaaat , noone really set me out on) .

And for an even rarer of times , I made a joke that someone laughed along with , and not the way around :D . Even better , I got to drive Rudee into hysterics. Ahhhh , the "Cirit Or Die" and the "Peti Alkali Pandai The Clue.." impressions never fails 8) . For the earlier attempts at least.

And we took pictures too ! . Haha :) :

Oh and , Chipsmore Butter Crunch tasted so goooooood when it's baked over the fire. The melted chips and the more distinct smell of butter was a terrific treat to the tongue indeed.

So, we ate , we drank (no alcohol please , we are all keen STRAIGHTEDGE-ers ! , Mwaha) , we sang along with the strums of the guitar and we made merry. Good , innocent times like this , if practiced all around , will surely get the Mastika writers out of their brain juices on how to prove how screwed up we adolescents are.

End Of Subtopic : THE BARBEQUE


The best thing about having a
sleepover with him is that , there'll be always something new that little cousin of mine gonna cook up , given a considerable amount of time. Be it tricks , jokes from all around or handphone games (he picks the best ones) . And since the time gap given was months , he came in with all of what was mentioned above.

The joke brought was from his pops ( I call him Pak Zali ). His dad , if I may say , makes the best unintended jokes ever , like this one time where Hanan's mom complained about getting a new fan. "Eh ayah , kita rasa kita kena beli kipaih (kipas) baru nohh" bellowed Hanan's mom ( I call her Mami Sharifah ) from upstairs. With all his speed , he went up and with such confidence and sincere intentions , he asked " HAAA ! MANA LIPAIH ?! ( lipas ). Cute don't you think so ? :D . Okay , that was one of the finest classics , but the joke told on the sleepover was quite funny too ! . And it goes like this, there was this one time where Pak Zali had to carry a real heavy load . He carried it inside the house , and without second thought he let it go on clean tiles that had just been swept , or mopped by Mami Sharifah. And without much consideration on how much effort was put on carrying the load too, she howled " Ehh ! Tu baru bersihh la ayahh ! . Angkat tempat lainn ! " . Or something like that. Then , out of exhaustion he muttered " Alah kita ni pun , angkat barang mcm barang ni nak meletop !" . Ha-ha-haa. If you're not laughing , than re-read Paragraph 1 , line 8-7 :)

The handphone games he brought that day , was by far the most creative one I've seen on a hand-held device ! . Maybe not the one which packed the most fun , but still . The game was called "Surf The Tube" and the killer part is that you have to blow onto the microphone to create a tidal wave. That's right , you're the wind 8) , and you'll be the surfer too right after you blow your breath out. But the game we played most was "Chess Master" . Omg not to say I lost , not one game was finished due to frequent interruptions and distractions , but I must say he's a threat to keep an eye on :O

The tricks that were under his sleeves were the most awesome part of the sleepover. There this one trick where he literally snapped the same finger more than once. More than twice and three times If you ask him to keep doing it, on the same finger. This is not finger cracking people , as you can't keep cracking the same finger over and over again without deleting the "CRACK!" after the first try. But this , the "CRACK!" was at a constant rate of loudness. And the finger snapping looks more hurtful than a normal finger crack , so it can't be it.

The second trick was the girl cut in half trick , but using only pieces of paper and a pair of scissors . So , the magic was like this , you will be displayed a tube of paper , then the girl will be inserted into the paper tube, then the tube will be cut off. As the paper was halved , the girl came out unscathed. Niceee (y)

The third one , and had to my favourite one was the disappearing name trick. So , the trick was like this . He showed me a piece of paper with my name on it, after a nod of confirmation from me , he folded the paper neatly into his palms , with a few cliche'd magic taps, he folded back out the paper , but this time the "Ashraf" was missing totally ! O_O . Spooky ? Just might be.

If I meet him again , I'll record it and i'll post it here fer sure :) . Wait up.

The sleepover went swell as opposed , If Im playing the computer , he'll be playing the ps2 with my sis , and vice versa. But this harmonious , repeating chain was cut abruptly the moment my sis said " Bang , stuck lagi ke ni ?" , while pointing her eye out to the screen where the loading screen took forever to load. "Oh crap , not again" , and from that moment on . Every CD we put inside the ps2 was unable to be read. Crappy craps craps. My theory is proved once again , where good things cannot all happen at once, one happiness might just be kicked out when one happiness enters (as written in my old myspace about me, the one with the threads A , B and C shiznits). So , we cramped ourselves round the computer for the most , remaining part of the sleepover. He recommended me this site and we found this awesomeeee quiz. Try it out for yourself , but be warned. It can just cross your line of sanity 8) :


And on Sunday , we had to send him back home , sigh :/ . Over there, I met a lot of my relatives that I've not seen for 2 years maybe. And againnn , a lot can happen in that huge gap of time , and hair grows so as expected " eh potong la rambutttt" comments was given all over . Hee :P . Then , I ate goood foooood (Mami Sharifah's a great cook , an even better baker) . After all the talks and merry making , we head out to The Store to send that little black bulk (the ps2) for a repair. Bought a 2gb memory for 80 bucks weh :D . That's cheap right ? or I've just been conned for the 231782361th times this year ? :/ . Haha whatevs. Named my new memory card Eugene as Edwardo was inflicted badly by this suspected culprit, a mysterious file named QPDN1 which contains 90 branching files that can't seem to be deleted :/ . And the music player stated that "No music files found" where in fact , I have hundreds of em . Shiaat. As soon as my new baby Eugene sat his butt in my phone's cradle, it all went away without a trace , i hope :) . I tried the camera and guess whatt , I can take like 27k plus of pictures o_o . Whoahh , and if i set it to the lower settings , it can reach up to 600k plus of pictures :P . Like omg riiight. Hehe

Went back to Hanan's for Asar and Maghrib. Then we head back to good ol' KJ :)