Monday, June 23, 2008

Remnants Of Almondy Daim Cake

As of Friday, June 20th

*with the drum intro of Alexisonfire - This could be anywhere in the world playing in the background*

Haha inside joke :)

His party was held at The Curve's Royale Bintang. And the theme was supposedly to be black. And I think I was the only one with the most black on, plain black tees, black jeans and black slip-ons. Only for the belt, it was white. To say that I got punk'd once again *will elaborate on the next paragraph* , I can't quite say so because he did wore a black shirt. But then again, if he did meant to do so, whattheheyy, it's as harmless as pie :)

A side note : Aiq and Ashton Kutcher shares the same, evii-hll mind. Wire him up to a lie detector, I don't think he'll trigger even a beep . Weirdly, even after all the punks and pranks, Im not nearly as pissed as I normally would with anyone else, infact I'm not pissed at all :) . Haha spooky.

Okay back to the story. and back in room 409. The party was onnnnn 8) . It was one of the rare parties that made me feel all teenager-yy you know, with the ambience of the suite and all, no awkward vibes throughout, and stripper poles. HAHA okayy, kidding. The party's so innocent, not even a drop of alcohol or a flake of weed was involved. Only carbonated fizzies and KFC's chikkiins :) . Yet, the party felt so hepps, as they would call it. Haha

The suite consists of two bedrooms, separated by a sliding door. So pretty much, the suite was cleft in two sides. One side is the normal side for eating, talking and watching tv. And the other side, is whereee the reaaaall partyyyy wass 8DD . No, no this is no sweet sixteen or whatever with giant dancefloors and dirty dancing as the typical conscious mind would picture. Haha. We only hardcore-danced to breakdowns and shuffled (saja-saja) to some, err sounds ? :P . The lights off, and the colourful lights flickered by the mouse (yes, just the computer mouse) really disco-fied the whole feel of the party :) .


The party stretched all the way to midnight and to the Cineleisure's karaoke/pool place. I still haven't take note of the place's name eventho it had already mentioned twice here, so far. We, did, the, unthinkable. We, karaoke-d :O . All complete with slow-motioned, handsome jejaka's fashioned with a wet hair parted in the middle, so precisely, decorating the background of the screen. Abe was with the most spirit. Haha.

Also played pool with the birthday boy. It was a very closeee, close game. But again , I lost -_- I was only left with one ball when he claimed victorious. . Technically however, I should've won because he shot the black ball in without finishing his balls first, but that rule is usually ignored.

Went back to our sweet suite once again to see euro. The overly-dragging 0-0 scoreboard really weighed my eyelids down, downn, downn, UNTIL(!) Turkey scored the first goal ! , then in a real short time gap, Croatia made it even ! . That's just the maximum that my eyes could take before it went to snooze mode. Missed the penalties, and I slept with my contacts on, bummer :/

The sun's uppp and it's time for BREAKFASSTTTT :DDD . OMG, the pancakes were flippiinnnn-fantastic. Hadn't had pancakes for ages, and what a way to excite the tastebuds back again with those, fluffyy, hot, lempengs (; . The pancakes were so soft, it actually absorbed the sweetness of the maple syrup to it's very core. And the hot, and steamy whiff of the pancakes, the moment I took the lid off, literally refreshed my senses, eliminating my sleepiness altogether. Umhh, umphhhhh, umphh :9 .

Matt chaw-ed right after breakfast. Later that afternoon, we all, err Aiq, JS and Pithang at least, decided to take a dip in the swimming pool, while me and Kobe sunbathed on dry land. For a moment there, I didn't feel we're near what was so familiar (ou and the curve)at all, I felt dislocated, in a good way :)

After that, we went back up and Nabil, Pithang and Aiq went for their bubblebath, YEAP(!), you heard me right, three guys, dipping in the same, bubble-loaded bathtub, IN THE NUDEEEEE O_O . Hahahahah okayyy, comb the hair of the back of your necks back down, they weren't nekkid-lahh. I was sleepy on the occurrence of that golden moment, so it didn't hit me how gay it was back then. But now, Im getting goosebumps as I type and recall. Brrrhhhhhh :S .

Noww, scroll down if you have the guts.

Brace yourself,

This may semi-permanently scar the minds of the weak-hearted.

You ready ?




Z..Zz..ZERO !

Alright, now SHRIEEEEEEK !

Now, knock yourself silly to amnesia.

We checked out and we went to Ikea to grab a bite (oh no, not mee, was on the verge of an exploding tummy with pancakes and some other goodies). Went back home with the free shuttle and catch up on lost sleep, before being rudely awaken by my little sister, "bangg,bangg bangun, siap, party rosliii !", while my door's knocked like a menace. Yeap, another birthday party's up,
it was my auntie's maid's son birthday. If even by a little, you're wondering why a party was thrown for him, I've to say that he's already part of the family. If that's not concrete enough, try rm800++ for his present instead :)