Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Oily Outrage

As I've been living under a rock from the headlines and the evening news for as far as I can recall , to just go rashly and bang on things I do not know to the very core yet , will just get a big L stamped on my forehead. But even so , what was leaked on Wednesday was far beyond absurd. Cents never sounded so sinister.

Friggin 78 cents

To talk on politics is like playing tag on a minefield , you'll never know if suddenly your arse is gonna get sued silly. But, is it even in the foulest pit of rationality to raise the price , this insanely high , this insanely abrupt ? . Imagine , the folks in the rural areas , imagine the raise of roti canai to a something ringgit , and imagine the young teens who are just about to take up their license :/ . I never actually filled up fuel my entire life , but the shockwave of this blast is surely felt.

The wednesday was going on like any normal weekdays in the earlier hours. Went to see Indy Jones with the dudes. Over-payed my debt to fad , buy buying him the large popcorn set, but that's okaay since I wanted some too . Hehe :p . Indy Jones was pretty awesome , but the stunts and all are ridiculous , in terms of timing and prediction. Especially , the part where Indy's wife was driving straight into the raging waters down below , landed on top of a tree , which lessens the moment of impact , and then as the car floats nicely on the water , the tree catapulted back itself and slams the upcoming , enemy vehicles. Insanee . Oh yeahhhh , the part where a gajillion of overly-sized ants started to spread and crawl around , really did shrink my nuts to a speck . I can practically feel them crawling all over my skin . Major EEEWWWGGGKHHGGHHHHH !!!!!! .

What was waiting after Najee inserted the parking ticket , was none for any of us to predict. As the light outside slowly erases the faint darkness of the parking lot , a sight of a major traffic jam , by far , the worst one yet this friggin year or maybe , the century, enfolded. The jam was so bad , we were practically moving a centimeter per minute. The jam stretched all the way to only God knows where . The little accidents along the way did no justice but only played as minor setbacks. Along the way , inconstantly , we rolled down the window , and shouted " Roll down the windows ! Save petrol" . Ha-ha-haa.

The sight of the first petrol station we encounter after we head out from OU , showed us a little preview of what's oncoming. The cars were like ants , crowding the petrol station which stored all the oily sugar. A disturbing thought re-entered my mind , and yeap , you guessed it , Indy's giant antssssssss, URGHHKHHGHGHHHH !! O_O

As we were moving along , we can see the cars from the housing areas marched out to get some petrol as we all are . The rush of the jam was almost like , Cloverfield. Only , we were not chased , but we're the one chasing the monster.

After about 3209480934809234 hours later , we finally arrived at the borders of Kelana Jaya , and OH BOY ! , out of my whole 17++ years of living in this neighbourhood , never have I seen such clutter in my place. But it was predictable , as we have a lot of petrol stations , and two of em , side by side.

I am so forecasting everyday riots and molotov cocktails from that day on. And guess what , I may just join one of em , and why ? , because the car that Im gonna inherit will require a lot of oil . Be patient , Oh my yellow-butt Volks.