Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Gentle Wind Is Harsh On Us Dandelions.

To Part, Stinks As Fart.

For long, our paths have intertwined,
And now, slowly everything is spiraling away,
Surely it is for the greater good,
Would've been greater if everyone got to stay.

Years turned to months to days,
Minutes to seconds, we're all counting dismays,
It's scary how everything just flashes by,
The next thing you know you're waving goodbye,

If at all I can have it my way,
I'll tie ropes round the fleeting feet,
So that everyone won't run away.
But I know that is just plain greed.

No matter how far, no matter how distant,
I'll still wish you guys are all here this instant,
But there's always the phone to shout me the rants,
And text messages to tell me how all things went,

The seasons change and the snowflakes melt,
And so do we and that's a fact.
Not in our hands if it's for the good or bad,
But I want that little "you" before you left to be intact.

Sooner or later I know we'll meet again,
When finally time and fate are hand in hand.
Till then, I wish you the biggest luck.
Till then, please take care my friend :)