Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All Warm And Fuzzy

Okay, I lied.

This is the actual first-ever t-shirt I've created :

But I was ashamed to admit so becausee :

1) It was done in a sloppy 10 minutes. Just to test out my new shirt marker.
2) Even my own parents laughed at it.
3) It is disturbing, no doubt. The chest hair, the buldge
4) No one would wear it, even it was sold for a mere 5 bucks.
5) No one would wear it still, even if they're paid to do it.
6) You wouldn't wear it too would you ? Would you ? . Yeahh, I guessed just as much. :P

So the second one is Fuzzy The Furball's On A Frenzy (or the first one on the official count)

Picture is already uploaded on The Yellow Submarine post :)

And the most recent,the second one (officially) is for my little nephew, Numair :

That little nephew of mine likes to say "OH DEAR !" a lot, go figure :)