Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Grass Is Sharper On The Other Side.


You know when you're over a phase, and you're crossing to the other one, but most of the time you don't realize the skipping process ? . Like, when you see your baby pictures and look at your thickening stubble, and your mum would say " They grow up sooo fast :')" . Like, you won't notice day by day, how much of a millimeter your moustache is growing and the next thing, you're smelling shaving foam in the morning ? . Oh yes. But this time, THIS TIME, I am completely aware of this process :D .


So the diagram

Sperm and Ovum -> Baby -> Kid + Primary school -> Teen + High School + Hormones kicking in -> Adult ( 18's adult right ? ) + Collegeeee ! :D

Sorry for the extreme exaggeration, I exaggerate when I get excited. And heccckkk, can't you tell ? :DD


On the journey, I was restless as a fish in the Sahara. The constant jam of the Usj roads, helped a bit in delaying the anxiety. OMG OMG, Im starting college already ? This soon ? . Why do I feel like I registered yesterday ? . OMG I'm so gonna be an outcast. OMG I'm so gonna have stink-eyes, following everywhere I move. Breatheeee, breathe.

As I arrive, the anxiety toned down to a safe state, when I saw a crowd, way smaller than what I imagined. But of course, not lowered down completely, for stink eyes still did trail me. Checked and signed the official-looking list, got myself a free goody bag and me and Faye were ordered to head to the Orientation room. Or as I like to call it, PADANG PERHIMPUNAN :D

Before the speech and all started, we had to be shown a presentation of merged videos on the SEGi's annual dinner and the leadership camp. And that, left me a good first impression on the hepps factor of the college I'm gonna spend my 2 and a half years with :)

The speeches, were of course, boring. I swear it sounds exactly the same as the static-like bla-bla-bla's of my old principal. What made it less boring was that there was no such sentence as "Siapa rambut panjang, pengawas sila tarik ke tepi" .

Then there were the orientation, and the ice-breaking games. Oh, how I loathe the effects of ice breaking sessions on my stomach. The first game, we had to make two circles. One inner, and one is outer. The inner had to face the outer. Pretty much, it's the human wheel of fortune ! . So you have to talk the person you're facing, and the first one I had to talk with, was Faye. Pfft easy :P . Then the inner circle will spin, and stop, making the inner circle to meet another person from the outer circle. The second one was Sharol, a malay looking chinese who's a student council, who twitches cutely :) . Then, the third is Hakeem, a dude from Kemuning I think.

The circle finally stopped spinning. And the tomboy-ish senior from the student council stepped out to call out people to recall back who had they met during the roulette. Crap, I hate this part. And why, because I was called out -_- . And due to the fact, that I already know three of the people there, and two new people I've met, I set a new record of claiming out 5 person :D

Then, the second game. Shoot, when will it end -_- . For the second game, we were divided to groups. And this time, you've to remember the names of the person along with the gesture made by them.

If my memory still serves me right, it was

Fafa with the big smile :D

Wanda with the hair ruffle.

Mus with the shaking rock-on(!) hand signal.

Philip with the Pop Tha' Colla'

Zharin with the hair stroke.

Sin Ki with the kawaiiii pose :P

Mei Li with a double peace, where the finger tips twitches down and up. ( The "konon-nyaa" sign )

Aman with the thumbs pointing at him, all AFUNDI like.

And Faye with the ultraman, or some japanese in complex-looking-tight-suits hero pose

And me with the arm flexed, strong man pose :D.

And after that's done, names are called again to repeat the names and the poses. AND WOOOPITYY POO ! , i was chosen again :D , -_-

I got a rating of 5/10 , not too shabby ;p

HOW DARE they skipped lunch and carry out the faculty briefing first o____o . My stomach rumbles sounds louder than the dude's speech. As we were handed out the schedule, my eyes grew as big as eggs O_O when I saw

28th July - 2pm-4pm (Colours And Form)

The class is starting today as welllll ? O_O . Holy Crap, I didn't even bring my pencilbox and my thinking cap. Well-Oh-Well at least there's lunch to fill up my brain fuel.

Thank God for the fabulous, rm5 coupon ! . I had to only pay 60 cents for a plate of fried rice with fried chicken, a sausage, and a meatball and a mango flavored, aloe vera bits loaded, Justea :)

And the class ! , to save the bit of the lecturer having to ask each of everyone's name, we had to stand up and tell a little info abt ourselves, like name, nickname, the school, the course, and etc. After some had already done with their intro, OF COURSE, I had to be picked, YET AGAIN(!), to tell the names back to the lecturer. I think it was because of the bright orange t-shirt I was wearing -_- . I'll never wear that t-shirt again, until I know it's safe. The intro went on and on and on, I got bored, I doodled on the free notebook they gave, along with the purpose of marking my property :D :

The class ended 30 minutes early. Mercyy had shown light. Loitered around Summit before Pa and Ma picked me and Faye up. Mann, my brain hadn't got that much strain (out of excessive self pump-ups) since SPM . And for that, I crashed like a sloth on shrooms. All and all, it's still a bother knowing that you're kinda back to school, but since there's no obstructions on the hair, and the little preview of a swell college life waiting ahead, I am STOKED ! :DD