Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Hero Handsome-er Than Shah Rukh Khan.

As of 19th Of July 2008


This is the man I'm talking here,
His beard often leaves little kids in fear,
But trust me, he has a lot to offer,
Like generosity way bigger than a Whopper.

He likes to create his little squiggles,
Masterpieces he called his "Doodles"
Equipped with his favorite colour pencils,
He's bound to leave all of us dazzled.

His passion for minor details and simplicity,
Goes in harmony with his tremendous creativity,
Of limitless shades of green he'll seek beauty,
In rotting leaves and swaying trees.

Not much of a fan of the latest gizmos,
He doesn't even have a handphone just so you know,
But to look burdened, never once did he show,
Not much as a surprise as he likes to live it low.

His top priority is to answer His every call,
To get His blessing, he'll do it all,
I'm thankful for not being blocked by the wall,
The wall of the lost, the deluded ,of the ones that'll fall.

He loves fruits like none other,
He'll eat it it all or put in down the blender,
To create juices that does the taste buds wonder,
Not to mention, a miracle for the congested bladder.

Surprisingly he can even cook,
A magical touch was all it took,
To create nasi goreng,cucur udang and even cekodok,
That tastes supremeeeee, oh Pa you rock.

As once said, perfection is unachievable
Let alone a son with his spirit so feeble,
But I swear I'm building it up a little by little,
Sorry for the shortcomings, I did only what I was able.

One day If I'm a filthy billionaire,
I'll get your Hummer and I'll take you anywhere,
I'll build your dream getaway that you don't have to share,
But for now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and please take care :)