Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tighten The Noose Please

As of 9th of July 2008

After a handful 9 months of letting nature take it's course, my hair (or BOB as Im gonna refer as throughout the whole post later) finally met it's ultimate nemesis,

This is partly,following what I'm told countless times, and partly, my own-self will. Shocking, I know. But a certain incident of constantly biting my hair that has a little hint of curry which was accidentally dipped in earlier lead me to a sign.
BOB has got to go !
the front part of it the very least.

And of course, the chills and shakes were pretty similar of those once laced with the chants of "masuk bilik disiplin, rambut panjang" . But this time, as reluctant as I want to say this, I heard BOB whispered to me slowly,
"I can't wait" .
Oh the irony.

Armed with pictures of Oli Sykes and his perfect bangs, I head out to the De Hair Room. Called earlier if I could get a refund, or at least discounts to relax my hair again because the straightening effect was starting to wear off. And it's only been a few weeks since I did it. I managed to get it for a hundred bucks (out of rm130).

I was seated, and I had to wait for about an hour . And, the wait, the every passing second, was agonizing.This is somewhat like getting all buckled up in a rollercoaster, and you're frikkin waiting for the gates to open and the gears to roll. And you could already see the insane loops and turns ahead. Excited, but you're shit scared.

"Okay basuh dulu". Finally, it's my turn. After my hair's all washed up.


I showed him this picture of Oli (showed more actually, but this one was what I stressed mostly on) :

The way he denied it a little by little, the way he explained about people having different hair textures, the way he said they have stylists to keep styling their hair everyday, the way he said to have the hair that straight is only to rebond it (which I don't wanna, I want my hair to flow not to fall PLOP (!) in the straightest way possible), broke the very wall of confidence I built on him. But I came this far to turn back. And if I do, I have my friends wielded with chainsaws to personally man-slaughter me and BOB later. So, I braved myself as I watch disturbing motions of snipping a pair of scissors, before..

PAP ! *imaginary blood pours out*

Little limbs of BOB slowly hovers down in front of my eyes. Everything around me swayed to a slow-motion state. Lucky me, the executioner was a gentle one. He beheaded bob, slowly, and slowly. Asking me if the length's okay in intervals of every snipping .

What made it so painful was not for the fact that I'm cutting my hair. And not for the very pain of reading the word "cut" . But, for the cruel fact of extreme opposites in the time gap, between growing BOB that long and just cutting it all off. Compare 9 months and a nano-second, and you'll cringe yourself.

As I slowly saw BOB taking it's shape. My smile started to itch wider. BOB looked, pretty, okay ? :') . Scratch that, it looks (mind if I say this ?) beautifull :') . Okayyy, scratch beautiful even harder, I feel tingles all over saying that. Let's just say I liked my semi-new BOB :)

I am supposed to continue the ceremony further, by relaxing it. But time's short and there were still tiny remnants of hair relaxant in BOB. And, to relax it again after only a short while will further damage the already scarred BOB. With it's split ends and split ends upon already branched ends. So, I decided to do a treatment !. My first ever.

For those who were dying to know how would I look with short hair,
This is a little preview

Okay, you may laugh on this
I laughed myself.

Brain's boiling

After I finished exploring Planet Mars (being in the "thing" felt like Im in a space capsule). BOB was once washed again (by this cutee amoi ;p) and was blown dry to BOB's glory. How smooth, how shiny and how straight BOB turned out literally left me smacked in awe. That little urge of jumping rapidly, and smack the nearest person next to you and scream "OMG YOU LOOOOOOK AWESOMEEE BOBB !" was playing in prime time inside of my head. This is not ringing my own bell, this is still hovering inside my own world filled with rainbow riding unicorns. As sayings of "Nampak sama je ?" , Baik takyah potong ! and "EEE ! macam rambut awek !" followed throughout the remaining day.

But luckily, there were sincere (I hope) compliments :) . Ahhhh, haven't been getting that a lot . My seemingly invisible ears were twitching and glad :)

As awaited, the AFTER pictures :) :

HOLD THAT "It looks pretty much the same to me" IMMEDIATELY ! . It is not, I tell you. It is not :) . BOB's fringe was once up to my chin. And now, you can see my eyesssss :D

Sorry if the whole post this time is all storybook-y like . Just felt like story telling this time around, and today really meant GIGANTIC to me, and loyal sayers of "Potong la rambut caaaap !" :)