Friday, July 18, 2008

You "Dork" (!)

"Pagi yang gelap, kini sudah terang.." (8)

Heck, we sure are different,
Although we bear the same name,
Like, you're a stick and I'm a log.
Like, you're cool but I am LAME :)

You and your Topman shirts,
Of gray coloured, and purple,
For everytime, and everyday,
You guys are sure inseparable :D

You could look like a girl,
Luckily you went for the darned NS,
If not, you'd be adorable,
But that'll get ugly for you and your ass ;)

It'll remain as a myth, a mystery,
Why you're named after a car you never drove,
But what is weirder is that,
You got the looks but is still DESPERATE for love.

(HAHAHAHAHAH, ni sengaja nak bagi kembang kaw kaw)

You suck so bad that you suck eggs, (literally)
You dork, you wimp, NO, you shut up !
No matter how tough you'll get with the shakes,
You still didn't finish watching 2 Girls 1 Cup.

Thanks for being one of the mildest,
For late night pillows and such,
For being so naive, for being so gullible,
For every pranks that made you go "YOUU BIATCH!!!!!"

Yes time's fleeting, and fast,
Everyone's leaving and you're the last,
Whatever's in the past is in the past,
But what's infront was my ass ( Masa kau bawak wira tadi)

Take care man, I really am gonna, m..m..mmm..urgh(!), miss you -_-

All the best for your journey ahead (and spanking Air Asia's stewardess while you're at it)