Monday, July 28, 2008

Swirls Of The Sweet And Spooky.

This post is a combo of my Saturday and Sunday


Saturday was my sister's early birthday celebration ( her real one is on the 27th btw). And we had a PARTYYYY :D . I don't know, it had balloons, and when you see balloons, you'll think of parties. The scattered colourful balloons were in great contrast of how the party were. There was no music, no games and no pin-the-tail-on-the donkey. Just a plain get-together and a merry making, food eating thing. But the chit and chatters that bounces off from relatives to relatives that filled the whole house gave the whole feeel, the whole party-ish vibe throughout the whole thing. And most of the time, I like it that way :). It feels somewhat comfortable.

The main highlight of the party was of course, my sister, Yadda Yadda(Brother sister ego thing), so..

Happy Birthday Nur Adilah (Takyah nak mengada Adylala, Adeylah ke apa) Binti Romli -_- . (Hahah jk, replace "-_-" with ":))" or ":DD" )

The other highlights :

Oh and here's Rosli. He was mentioned in the last few paragraphs of the post "Remnants of Almondy Daim Cake"

Sorry if the video's a bit long. This bugger just won't concentrate. But the wait is definitely worth the reaction.

The thing left him in shivers, almost traumatized. Along with a trembly tone of "Jahat gila abang Ashraf". Even offered the ps2 controller, he refused with a shaky head gesture. Man, there's something wrong alright. Oh myy, felt super superrr guilty for laughing at him :S

Oh and for my present, I made yet another t-shirt :)

Sprinkles The Zombie Cupcake

She wore this to Sunway Pyramid. Felt a tad proud :8)


Today I went to Wondermilk, for the first time. I really like the name. Wonder, milk. It sounds like if you drink it, you'll get temporary super powers.

Matt, Pithang and Aiq gathered at my house before heading to Wondermilk. Kinda felt like a rombongan . And dear mercy, Matt's car wouldn't start. Countless attempts of turning and turning the key, but to no avail. Only quick engine rumbles and beeps was heard.

We all cramped in Pithang's black kancil, and we moved out.

Hana , Hanu and surprisingly, Nabil were already there. As we all sat down, Hanu flipped away her Sejarah textbook, and we made merry over earl gray tea and cupcakes. Haha okay, I just wanted to say that just for the complexity of imagining it out. Only me and Aiq had cupcakes, "Cookies And Cream Dream" cupcakes. Myyy, the icing is so soo sooo scrumptious. Would've been mentally tastier if it was bigger, and cheaper :P

Hanu gave me a serban and a girly bracelet as souvenirs from Mekah . AWHH THANKYOUUU HANUU ! :DD
Now I can either make my dad proud, or be a Raingers.

Then, me and Matt accompanied the girls and their window-shopping at Cats Whiskers. And we were the only two guys in the shop -_- . Segan-nya. Hahaha.

And for the real shopping, we all headed to the Giant Mall after that. And hear in Giant, this is the place where you'll feel awkward for dressing to the nines, and you'll feel just right when your in pants, slippers and XL's corny designed T-shirt.

After Hana bought all of her UM's necessities, then Hanu decided to take on Hollywood. Well, not yet. But this video show's a definite potential that she'll be there someday :D

I don't think this audition is uploaded here yet, but when it does. Go vote for her :D
And I think my sis is entering as well, vote for her too !

Ha-ha-haa, the weekends sure helped a LOT in calming down my anxiousness for the orientation tomorrow :)