Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Dandy Aftermath Of An Explosion

As of the 1st of July 2008

It was one of the ba-skate-ball days again :) .

And this is the third time around. I forgot to write on the second one so I'll just highlight the bail of that day. Fer sure it was Nabil's ramming his back, full-speed onto one of the big funbox's sharp edges. And he said it almost pierced his eyes O_O, so thank god for his speedy reflex action. But the humongous purple bump was still nasty.

Moving on to the third round. Sadly, I felt it was getting less and less happs due to the fact everyone's leaving, like Zul and Adrie :/ . Kobe, in the other hand, was at his kampung, bummer.

Before I move out, I messed up bigtime. You guys know how frikkin unorganized I can get at times right ? And I'm reallyy really trying to do something about it. Im really really sorryy. Im just super glad that we're sailing smoothly now :) . Thought this feud will last for weeks, months, and even, as felt in the pit of the guts, forever :/ . Mental bear hugs to you guys for it didn't :) .

Err, Alright. Enough with the creepy weepy-ness, on to the action !

Nabil picked us up in this order, Me-Zakiy-Was supposed to be Pithang but he gotta poop so it was Matt-then finally Pithang. We arrived and we had to wait for Aiq for he's the ball holder.

So we played and played, and plaaayeddddd. The star player of the day, was surprisingly, MATT O_O . Lucky shotttsss. Pfftt :p

I didn't know there are disposable basketballs. Because the ball we played definitely was one. The ball met it's limit when it got swollen. And it looks like a puss filled pimple. Ewwkghh

As long as the ball could bounce, we thought, it is still playable.
Not for longg.
Someone kicked it so hard that it frikkin exploded. We searched for the remnants of the basketball and we found two fashionable hats :


Haihhh :)

Since there's no more ball to play, so naturally the only thing we have is the skateboard. And with that, Zakiy offered a sacrifice. He purposely laid down, and asked me to ollie to over him
I was imagining all sorts of mayhem, intestinal bleedings and a skull fracture.
But, since he insisted so much :

PHEEEEeeeeeewwhhhhhhhhhhhh :S

Then, we headed to As-syifa. After years, finally I met Fyzol, Matt's cousin who just came back from the States. What a way to remake my first impression, I was sweaty, my hair's a disaster and I stank so bad. -_-

When I ordered for a Mee Sedap (because Faye ordered it earlier in the evening) , the Mamak looked clueless, so I had to go to the "chef" itself and asked him myself. And when the order's up, the Mamak that served the Mee Sedap was unusually excited. He was giving us a thumbs up and a trademark head bobble, while saying "Mee Sedap !" in a typical Mamak accent,

I came up with something random. I circled my palm around my phone's camera, and I turned on the flash. SNAP (!). And tadaaaa :D

Looks cool if you ask me :D . (perasan-nya)
They were like enfolding the light, like it is some scratch & win coupons.

Alright, that's all for now I think. Buh-bye :D