Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'll See You Yesterday.

(The title's grammatical error is on purpose. Has a little personal meaning in it)






















And by typing, and reading it this way STILL won't disrupt the cogwheels of time :(

It's all flashing by too fast. My stubble seems to darken faster now. My 2008 resolution didn't even have a tick. My hair is now tickling my collarbone. My luck is flaking out like dandruff, along with my charm. The ABS still won't carve out from the flABS. The "first's" are yet to arrive on this platform. And George Bush finally got the boot (that, and literally, got the boot, and he ducks). Haha, well no complaints on that. BUT STILL,


Please I beg you. Please slow down like you have an old lady looking for her glasses in front of you.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Hope You Like Ketchup On Your Fries.

As of the 20th of December 2008
(and the post below this one is on the 19th)

And I thought, I'm free from every puny clutches of high school and unsettling memories that comes with it, until this day, where I had to wake up at 7.40 AM in the friggin morning. And the freezing cold shower that followed was pure torture. The only thing that's different this time from the usual school get-up is, I don't have to neatly comb my hair behind my ears. Phew

Why did I wake up this early you may ask ? ...

YE TAKDE ORANG TANYA (!) . Even if you're not asking, I'm still telling. It's for my 6 hours worth of Ceramah-Bengkel-Praktikal-Apekemendaentah. YES I KNOW I'M 18, AND IT'S A MAJOR DISGRACE TO MY KIND THAT I CANNOT DRIVE YET. But you'll see who's laughing when I'm riding away with my yellow-butt volkswagen ;) . Or maybe, you'll still be laughing when you hear how the engine sounds like a drum machine goes horribly wrong.

Deprived of my sweet sweet sleeep, I endured myself through. For the first 3 hours of it, there was this speech on the obvious, what you should and should not do when you're on the road. The test I set myself on, how long can I hold up my eyelids up, I failed it BADLY. I pretty much slept throughout the whole speech. It's not my fault his talk has a snooze-factor that beats that of a sloth. He friggin mouthed out, every single word, for every sentence, with such proper Malay accent and pronunciation. And the way he tried to make it funny, is like he was reading script boards.

The much needed lunch-break gave me some juice to make it through the second round of the seminar. Being out in the open sun helped a bit in lessening my sleepiness (yes,the first speech took that much toll on me). He made maneuvering that little Kancil seemed so effortless. I'll try not to think that it's gonna be a breeze, because If I do, the laughs that's gonna follow, will be twice as hard.

Oh and there's this chinese-looking malay, or a malay-looking chinese girl that stood near me. And she's pretty cute :#) . (Let's call her Moi) Hehe. And when the group was divided, she chose the group that I picked, and still, she stood close to me again :P . And we did exchanged quick, awkward stares. Alright, loathed fuzzy spikes crawling up my spine again, I think it was just a sad case of "shok sendiri" . But I did still put up a tight, attentive face, and tried my best not to lift my arms. The hot sun + strong wind = Sweaty armpits + embarassing toxic wafts. So to make minimum arm motions was the best thing to do.

And the part where we were briefed about the insides of a car. The dude was pretty funny :D . With his unmistakable Utara accent, that only enhanced his spontaneous antiques. And I heard the girl laughed, although very discreet, but it did make my cheeks to involuntarily twitch.

Soon after everything's done, then I had to wait for a Kancil with Ellapan Driving Center (my driving center) written on it's front doors for the ride back home. While waiting, I stood restlessly as I stole glances to see Moi. My mind was playing various scenarios where involved me walking up to her with clever ice-breaking lines, that soon lead to getting her number. But being a guy who's having a growing hate for his ridiculous shyness, of course the plays inside my head were not carried out. And the voices inside my head, all simultaneously shouted STUPID (!) . But what I do know, is that, she lives in Subang. Thanks to the Utara-bred instructor when he asked her, including the other students where are they staying. Well, well, fate has his funny ways in binding it's roads, and I hope ours will intertwine once again, and I hope by that time, I've sufficient confidence to say "Hey" :)

Later that evening, I decided to untangle the day's hectic knots by skateboarding, along with Ilyas. It's good to see that my friends are all picking skateboarding back up. I'm reliving good memories man. Damn :) .

I don't know what got into me that day. It felt unfamiliar. That surge to try something new was unmistakable. I was, stepping out of my comfort zone, of just kickflipping on a flat cement. Never have I did before in the previous years, but today I just went for it, and I went to bed feeling accomplished :D

The crap I'm yapping about :

After numerous bails, FINALLYYY GOODDAMMIIT :D . Oh, and do ignore my flailing arms of victory.

Oh and something extra :

My ugleh, sketcheh double kickflip

Thankyou Ilyas for recording the videos :)

All and all, today was a good day. Landing something new, will always poop out "good day" at the end of it, no matter how crappy you think the start of the day is. It'd be better if I got enough ballz to ask for Moi's number tho. Oh well, well. My college's in Subang, so who knows, who knows :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reincarnate This Shiaatt.

Like how I vowed, I am going to write on this no matter how strong the ropes are pulling my fingers back to it's stationary post.

And on this very day, that reeked simplicity in every second of it, was somewhat a bit too sturdy to be knocked off from my memory. The beginning the day itself, that involved me waking up as early as 8.40 am (and that's no easy feat) , was nicely welcomed by my deeply-missed passion, oh sweet skateboarding. I woke up, finding taking a shower's useless on the fact that I'm gonna be showered with sweat anyhow, took my shoes and my plank of wood to see Imran and Meor waiting outside of my door, with the same anticipation beating through our feet. Oh did I tell you, Imran just got back from L.A ? Welcome back home, man :) . Not enough that I was excited like heck, but what greeted me on Imran's back seat scraped all of them golden crusts on my eyelids like magic. I SAW A BLACK, FLAT VANS CAP, WITH SKULLS EMBEDDED ALL OVER IT :D . "Amacam ? Kau suka tak bro ?" said Imran, with a little tone of accomplishment, for he has prank-ed me that he did could not find me a flat cap, instead he brought me Nerdz. HELLJYEAH (!) , the cap's awesome man (Y) , fits BOB just comfortably well :)

The cap :

That soon met a little personal touch. AND NOO, I'm not nuts enough to directly paint on that Los Angeles flap , I painted the teeth on a sticker, and pasted it on later.

Then, we moved out to Mont Kiara, the fresh morning wind blasting against my face through the opened car window, accelerated my spirit by the minute. As we're there, we saw NO ONE :D , THUS zero-risk in triggering anyone's noob radar :D . Shiiiat, being reunited with my yellow wooden baby, after so long, felt so good. Well, not at it's max, as the trucks were so wobbly, I can't even go down a ramp with me shaking like a boneless octopus at the end of my momentum, wait they don't have bones in the first place don't they ? ugh WTV. And in the end, I didn't utilize the park as much as I wanted to. But long-forgotten tricks, most of em, were landed, although sloppily, but that could do :) . And I'm still bummed out that Matt could ollie on the funbox, as I failed to do so. And Meor's 50-50 down the box was gnarly, his skills evolves scarily rapid, one day his Ollie is as awkward as shaking hands with the President, the next, he'll be ollie-ing 10-stairs, with a steep slope catching his landing, no frikkin less !

After a long morning, with a sweaty shirt that has enough moisture to shower your mom's little petunia garden, and jeans with enough cement dirt, to give you that Indon-construction-worker-look, me with the rest of the guys decided to fill our breakfast-deprived tummies at Fend's after a little visit to Adam's purely envied mansion.

I know this post's nothing much, but it is dedicated for that sheer simplicity of that flaming rush you get after getting something, you've been missing like only-God-knows-how-much, after the longest of time. Although, my skateboard has been there all this while. But, what I meant was the togetherness of this shit, and that healthy competition I've been craving like a hungry lion on the phase the gazelles are migrating.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Cheese Between The Buns And The Patties.

When silence roams your little room, and all you can hear is the drones of the air-cond along with cold air stroking your skin,suddenly (!), the switch will be flicked ON. The switch of wanting-to-write- something-but-without-any-rational-motive-or-relatable-topic, that is.

It's starting to annoy the crap out of me, on things, can't happen altogether. It's either you have the mood to write, but with no specific topic to write on (like now), or you have so much to spill, but you just don't have inspiration surging in the veins. And also, you have the topic, and you're all inspired to send the fingers to work, BUT WTFFFF(!), you just don't feel like writing on the topic you're intending to serve it a post, but instead you go off course and write random posts with content that is close to none (like now :D). Or worse, when your brain only radiates out "....." . But there is a time, when you FEEL like writing, and you HAVE the topic, and you are in the mood to write ON the topic you want to. But that comes as random as mood-swings.

I have two posts pending, that I've vowed to post them. One happened yesterday, and the other happened the day before yesterday. But that's just it, my brain is not processing the necessary requirements for me to write on them. So wait it up :)

Oh it's not so quiet anymore, the steady drones of the air-cond is now overlapped by the intense snoring of Edraj :D . Our fast-paced pillowing session must've taken quite a toll on him. And I can feel the switch (refer to paragraph 1), slowly leaning towards OFF now. So I guess I'm gonna hit the hay, and listen to A Fine Frenzy and take off to my short escape out of reality :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Wrinkly Wonder

To see that innocent, feeble smile along with a shaky thumbs-up, is mega-worth sacrificing a comfortable, seat back home :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

That Little Space Between Nothing, And Nothing.

www.engrish.com. The best thing ever since Ogrish

Only God knows how over-flooded my drafts are, with posts that have two paths paved for them, to end up in the piles of craploads of nothingness, or to be an eyesore to you avid readers :) . This is supposed to be in that bunch too, but im forcing my way through the frikkin writer's block. Urgh, it feels almost as that little struggle to wake up from bed. But it doesn't come close, at all. Nothing comes close to that mega burden of stretching your way to consciousness, and to flip over that cold blanket feels like wrestling with a mother python.

And I'm not making sense I know. I'm just relieving this tangled up thoughts, thoughts revolving what, that itself is vague. Imagine a full bladder, and this, this..well, go figure. I don't wanna ruin your appetite for reading this.

As if there is actually beneficial to be reaped off from here in the first place. Haha.

Not like a script, what's written here just flows down from the tips of my fingers, like a waterfall. Just to fulfill this urge of just just, writing. A therapeutic exercise, yes it is. And if you actually reached the end of this, following your judgment on what has been crapped out, it is either a perfect waste of a few minutes, or if it's not as crappy as I think is, than, hm, thankyou for reading :)

This is to prove nothing. And, I don't think I'm done. I can still feel that uneasiness for not completing a task, like this is even a real task to begin with. But IF I continue, I might just be removed from people's links for excessive crap bombings. So, good day :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flash Me A Smile, Luna

(No I did not take the picture. Note the swell watermark "Samuelraj photography" in the bottom left of the picture)

Did I tell you I was a witness on the day the heavens smiled down on us ? :)

Thank god for that sudden urge to look up, for being a huge fan of the sky, it felt natural. I was caught off guard, but the sight that met my eyes is now permanently stitched inside my brain. I saw the purple night sky, giving us the brightest smile ever. Venus and Jupiter as the bright, sparkling eyes and the cute little crescent forming the golden lips, smiling.

If it is still in the sky as we speak now (IF you're reading this at night) , I'm gonna gather round a campfire, melt some marshmallows on a stick, and gaze to that brilliant face high above, to sleep. Feeling somewhat secured, while thinking an imaginary pair of eyes is watching my safety.

So what if I'm cruising off track and letting my mind wanders loose ? :D . I ain't gonna see it for the next 48 years. Wait, 48 years ? . That ain't too long (compared to other astronomical events, which the time gap can reach up to, hundreds, thousands of years) . Alright, anyone joining me for that campfire, half a century from now ? :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Sick And Slick Seeks Six Thick Sticks.

The sunrise that marked the end of the ghost hunting night woke me up along with continuous sighs of relief. Alhamdulillah, , nothing weird happened. Or so I thought.

And on Monday (10.11.2008),I went to class like the usual. Late, like the usual. Half-awake, as usual, that quickly disappeared the moment I saw Eddy's epic Jumanji face, as usual. It was Studio Lighting class that day, and the room was full. So, some of us had to wait outside first until the turn comes. The usual (but not entirely similar) flow of a typical day of college, suddenly became not so usual, with just a quick, abrupt miss call. I checked the number. And this came out..


Six Six Six Six Six Six.

O_________O !!

HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JIVEEEES (!) . How in the logical telecommunication reason, could this number dial me ? . It's not even in 10 digits, and it doesn't have the (+03,+60) number codes in front of it ! . An attempt to call it back only replied with "This number is incomplete". As if 666 being the number of the S..SS.Satan isn't bone-chilling enough. WHATTAAAAAAAAAFHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHQQ !! . To prove I ain't talking bullshiyat. Here yeh go :


And that's not all. Later that week, I had a sleepover at Faye's house. And later that evening of the day I slept over at Faye's house, Faye and Eddy went to Mid Valley while I went home. Then, Faye called me, thinking that he would tell me that I forgot my stuff or wtv, that happens all the time, as in me forgetting my stuffs. But no, he told me this. The meter of the cab was busted, so when the driver tried to reset it. Out of an infinite number combination, guess what number popped out ? . No prize for guessing, but yeah, it's the cursed ;


Coincidence ? , read on.

A college mate, named Burger, after hearing the story. Only then he recalled, that he almost got hit by three cars. With each car having the number 666 as it's number plate. Oh god :( . Then one of the nights, we went to Rhasta. And after we're done, we head out to Eddy's car. There was this RED car parked infront of his car, again, with the number 666 as it's numberplate. And RED is indeed, associated with the duh, duh, duh-vell, devil :S

I bet you can't even pronounce coicnidence, concidience, COINCIDENCE (!) now, punk.

I know it's stupid to put my beliefs in such numerical nonsense. But, it's too freaky to be a coincidence. And we're not talking about any other number, we're talking about the demonic 6 6 6 . I'm kinda glad that I didn't pick up tho. There was this story called "Nombor MERAH" , or "The RED Number" . (Remember the red car ?) . It even came out in the paper. The story goes as follow, a group of Indonesian black magic followers, wanted to test how far they're magic could stretch. The number would come out unnaturally long, +62852731520946 (Dial at your own risk), and it would appear in RED . Those that answered, said that they had bubbles foaming out of their mouth, and the next second, "Poof (!)" , they're dead. And some of the cases actually happened in MALAYSIA ! . And I actually googled "666666, mobile phone number" and there's a similar case in Singapore. Daymn, that ain't too far. The dude said that he was playing tarot cards, just as soon as he finished playing, the number 666666 called him. Uh-huh.

Call me paranoid, but lately, I've been seeing number plates , such as 3669, or 3996,
9663 , etc . 6 being 6, while 9 is the topsy turvy version of it and 3, being a multiple for both of the numbers. I think I'm just thinking too much. Allahuakbar. I shall not lose faith for the sake of mere digits :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There's An Old Lady In White Behind You, Say Hi.

As Of The 6th Of November 2009

I've been wanting to write on this since forever. The story is as stale as a rotting fish, with little rotten fungus growing out from it's eyes. Im sure a number of people already know about the story, but yeah, I just need to get this out just so I can still revise it when Im 40.

It all started with a regular, innocent night out. We were just having our nice, hot plates of Pakapao, or Pakapau, or however in the heavens you spell it. ( Pakapao is a dish consisting of rice, bits of spicy meat, fried egg, ulam and a small bowl of soup) . Then, there came Fahim, with an invitation that sent shivers down my throat, along with mushy, chewed up Pakapao. "Jom pergi ghost hunting jom ?" . I could've said no, and make chicken sounds, but then, I predicted that it will be replied with a tight "Kau balik jalan ah mcm tu, kitorang semua gerak" . So, I just shrugged my shoulders and make hesitant nods.

A small portion of us played DotA first, and guess what, GUESS WHAT (!):DD , for the very first ( or twice, thrice but no more than 6 times ) time, I OwNEDzzZ (!!) . Used Gondar with 7 or 8 kills. With only one epic death that went like this :
"SORCERON has been killed by Neutral Creeps" . -_- .

Had a small meet up, before we're off to send the hair on the back of our necks on an acid trip. The first destination was the Seputeh cemetery. As we're approaching nearer, I can feel my guts getting wrinklier. As I step out from the car, all security blankets teared, I was like " Oh shiaaat, this is it". Fahim said the graveyard has the victims of the 13th of May massacre buried in it. So,since slain souls are not souls in peace, so therefore, they're a little teeny weeny more, err active ? . Oh crap. Crap crap. We explored the place,with an eerie background of tombstones of various shapes hiding amongst the tall grass, blown lightly by the cold night air, tall, dead trees that looked like sturdy guardians, guarding the dead, and bright, colourful city lights shining happily at the furthest plain of the background. That simply brutal murdered the whole eerie mood didn't it, but somehow it made me feel safe. It made me feel like I'm not in the middle of nowhere, oh sweet civilization :D . Me and Azman looked like Siamese twins, with fear for the other-world-ly as the limb that connected us two . We were then separated as I shed more and more chicken feathers of myself. I didn't "encounter" anything, but I guess Shak and Faye have a little something to share. Faye's story was that, he went to take some pictures of the tombstones, then he felt a breathing, stroked his neck. He thought, it was Fahim as he falsely thought that Fahim was trailing behind him. He turned around and said "Apahal kau jauh pulak ni Fahim ?" . Then, an uneasy silence followed. They all exchanged wide-eyed stares, showing that that they know "what" has just happened, but they kept quiet. A wise move. As for Syak, I caught him making the o_o look that quickly turned to "No I did not just see that" kindoff expression. I asked him, "Kau okay ke Syak ?" . A few resistant head movements, he then said "Aku nampak cahaya putih lalu belakang Fahim tadi" . Okay, saying that wasn't the wisest move. Frequent interruptions of cement trucks passing by, made us move to our next spot.

Fayegraphy :P

Below are the url's for the footage of the trip :




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDjadiScMeg (my interview is in part 4 :D)


And our next spot was Kemensah Heights. The story behind this spot was that, once, there was this insane doctor. To a point where he was too absorbed in his work, he actually sliced up his girlfriend/or wife, I'm not so sure, to 18 parts just for the sake of his experiment or whatever nutjob. Then, he killed his son by throwing him off from a small hill which the house was built at. The doctor, then ultimately ended it all by committing suicide. The maid, then soon after, got back from her vacation and was welcomed by the gruesome sight, triggering her trauma, making her tie a dumbbell round her neck. Then she threw it downhill, causing her neck to snap.
Thus, the story of Dr. Frenzy. Out of all the places I've been, this has to be the most balls-shrinking spot ever. The entrance itself was gloomy enough, with dead tree branches, and tall grasses covering most of it. As soon I was inside, I felt this surge of uneasiness immediately as I caught the sight of the place. Yes, it's old, and it's trashed up, like any other horror-movies would cook up. I can't explain this, but there's just something about the place that gave me the creepiest of creeps. In order to get to the house, you have to go down a flight of messed up stairs. Syak, Faye, Azman, Najee, Os and Fahim's friend went down into the pitch-black abyss. I can't go down because I'm not wearing shoes, and the place is too dark to even see the pile of debris and scattered glass. Or in chicken language, LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HEREEE ! . Which I did, as soon as I heard the sound of someone throwing a rock , hitting the roof. NOONE WAS THERE. NOONE COULD BE TALL ENOUGH, OR HIGH ENOUGH TO DO THAT. Fahim felt restless, as he recalled an experience from that dreaded house. But he refused to tell it on the spot, we understood why. Later, the six, alive heroes went up and told us that they tried to go down further but they just couldn't, like they're blocked by some kind of invisible barrier or something. And they saw a Pentagram, you know, those star-with-circle drawing which black metal followers would draw. Sick. We went into the car, as Fahim, finally unrolled the encounter he had at the place. One time, he went with his friends, with one of them having a bad, unfiltered mouth. Causing him to say "Kenapa kepala aku rasa berat ni ?" when they all finished exploring. Leave it be to your beliefs, but Fahim said he saw a Langsuyr parked on top of the foul-mouthed dude's head. Epikk Sikk.

To cool our shivering nerves down, we head off to this open eating place. I ordered a deer+otak-otak burger from a stall nearby. Screw the no midnight meals diet rule, you don't see a deer, or an otak-otak beef patty everyday. AND ! , the sheesha there has to be the best I've ever tasted yet. The smoke, followed the taste of the chosen flavour really carefully.

You'd think, a merry round of shisha pass-arounds, would mark the end of the expedition. Oh no, we've one more spot to seek some spiffy spook. The next spot was the infamous Highland Towers. You heard me right, it's where one of the apartment blocks tragically crumbled down, leaving innocent lives to be pummeled under the rubble. As told by Nelza, the story was, when the search for the bodies was carried, only two bodies were found, whereas the others weren't. Bound with no more options left, cement was poured on top of all the mess, indicating a burial. Yes, we all practically stood on a ground, with bodies underneath us. What kicked my courageous side of me up, was that, the way Nelza told the story, it was as if, we're gonna search a plain of rubble, debris on a plain cement since, the apartment has fell down. As long as it's not enclosed, it's not gonna be so bad. Claustrophobic, not really. But an enclosed "infested" area, compared to an open one, the open one is much gentler on the hair on the back of my neck. . Then as I arrived at the spot, mother mercy, there were still two apartment blocks standing strong (well, not really). How the boys slowly raised their necks up, with eyes prying on the most top floor, there could only be one way to interpret that. "Okay dudes, we're going up" .

..Uh'Oh. Oh dear Lord, what did I just let myself into.

A quick read of the Ayat Qursi, I headed up with the rest of the guys. I remembered someone saying , "Kita tengok tingkat 1 je la dulu harini, hari lain kita naik lagi" . Man, ain't that a good idea :D . But noooooooooo, curiosity laid us a bait on a string and it pulled it all the way to the top floor. Yes readers, we went all the way up. Halfway through, suddenly out of the blues, we heard someone's reading ayat Qursi. HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYY, it turned out to be Os's phone. That scared the living ba-jingles out of me. But why he turned it on, remained scarier. He told us later, that he saw a black figure, swiftly dashes infront of him. Uh-hm, yeah. The floor stretched up to the 12th. The view from the top is nice, only the view below isn't, moreover with no balcony railings or whatsoever. And the floor was slippery, one false slip, you'll automatically be a resident of the Highland Towers. If you get what I mean. On the way down, as we're about to leave the block, we hear something fell from the 1st floor (we were on the ground floor already). I'll leave the rest for your imagination.

Both were taken on the topmost floor.

Nelza and Katin, thought it was safe to stay downstairs, near the cars. But they didn't exactly missed out on the "excitement" (?) . Yeah, cause Nelza said that he saw Faye heading to the car, when infact he's up in the apartment. Doppelganger ? . WTFFFFFHKLJDSKL, go figure. And as for Katin, she said that she felt her tongue was cut short, making her to not be able to speak so well.

Hmmm. As for myself, I'd tell you on the next post.

What a night, what a night.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Holy Crappity Crap.

Man, I haven't update my blog for like, forever, and it's getting as dusty as that little house Snow White found in the middle of the forest before the seven midgets and her animal
friends clean it up. Anyone miss me ? :DD . *crickets* , anyone ? *the crickets go silent*. Err, okaay.

The main reason why I haven't touched my blog for the longest time is to be blamed on the absence of my computer. And I don't feel that "flow" of writing whenever I'm at a cc with booming
techno , and jiwang karat songs in the background. Heck, I'm writing this at my college's
computer lab. Oh and another thing, I can't write with that feeling of thinking all eyeballs are on my screen. Yes, this is just squeezing santan (perah santan, perasan) , and I know I'm thinking too much, but I can't kick off this feeling like how I can't kick a straight ball.

So till then, this is just to relieve the urge of just merely "updating" . The real updates are due on the arrival of my new, repaired computer :) . The pictures for a few of my hanged posts are inside the pc anyhow, so yeah, hold on :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

That Week Of Wreck Pt. 4

Photography Assignment Pt. 5

For this one, I need to frame up three of my favourite pictures that I've taken throughout all of my photography assignments with mounting boards.

And I, being the "everything will work out just fine last minute" guy, misjudged on how easy did it sound. It is not that simple, as I painfully learned later.

The flow of this hectic day was like this

Me going to class to find out that today's the ultimate deadline -> Me and Faye went to Summit to send the pictures for printing -> Faye took some pictures for his assignment 4 -> We both went back for a while, so we can do our assignments -> We went back to Summit to take the pictures that we sent for printing and bought mounting boards along the way -> Went to college to mount the pictures up.

Okay I'm gonna interpret the "went to college to mount the pictures up"

As I arrived at the class, I saw a small fraction of the students, rushing to mount up their pictures. Mounting boards bits layed all over the floor. Messiness adds up more to the whole tension. The only thing that if left messy, but does not clutter my mind, is none other than BOB :D .

I sat around and searched if anyone has a spare metal ruler and a cutter, but too bad I've to wait for my turn to use it. So I waited, and waited, and waited. All requests for rulers and cutters after that, only replied with silent nods, or worse, no respond at all. This supposed to drive any other normal beings to shout "WOI AKU NAK PAKAI PULAK !" , but noo, I remained stupidly calm and easy. I know I'm not, the tension's building up so fast, it's not even funny. My outer physical reactions don't usually match the going-ons in my brain, and I still wonder why.A real tight slap will help I think.

The day ended up with the lecturer going back leaving all the hardships from the students, to sum up to none in return. And I only managed to frame up one picture. And it's crooked. Predictable, very. However he did extended the deadline to Monday morning BEFORE 11am. This was no joke, a friend of mine told me that whoever sent their pictures beyond 11am, the lecturer will cut all the totaled-up marks (nope, not for the assignment 5 only, as in the real TOTALED-UP MARKS) by an insane 50% rate. And I passed up mine on 12 something. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the humanity. Dear God, let the lecturer be JK JK LOL , for 50% is too much. It's too too much. All of my hard work, shared with my little sister's pink cybershot, to be paid with this outrage ? I hope frikkin not :(

Oh and btw, the three pictures I chose to frame up :) :

And for the rest of the pictures that almost made the cut (or not), you can check out my flickr at

www.flickr.com/ashtaroth168 :)

That Week Of Wreck Pt. 3

Photography Assignment 4

I think I already explained on how this assignment works on part 1. Err, so yeah, 10 pictures that tells a story or somesort.

And mine is ! :D =

( The original Power Point presentation had speech bubbles in it, you can ask me for it if you want, but for the series of pictures below, Imma put captions for em :) )

From left : Crackhead, Eggna, O. Mullet
( I never really named the eggheads in my presentation, since it doesn't have speechbubbles, giving them names will make you understand the story much easier :) )

Crackhead : Whistles*

Crackhead : !!

Crackhead : Woahhh she's hotttt (saying it inside his head)
*checks out Eggna

*as Crackhead hits the wall harddd.

*quickly withdraws himself behind the wall, hiding his cracked (haha GET IT ?, CRACKED ? :D , ok nvm) pride.

Crackhead : "Bapak malu siaaal"

*Crack head sees O. Mullet flirting with Eggna

Crackhead : OMG, WTF !? *jealousy fills the air

Fueled with furious anger and jealousy, he charged with a frying pan and ..


*slams poor unsuspecting O. Mullet to a saddening splat.

O. Mullet : Errr

Eggna : .... o_o


*Eggna losing all her femininity and splats back the naive Crackhead for he has destroyed her brother. (O.Mullet is not murdered, just imagine that there's an egg hospital nearby)

Cracked open Crackhead : B*TCH

*As Eggna walks away.


That Week Of Wreck Pt. 2

Colour and Form's Third And Final Assignment

This has to be the hardest assignment for the whole semester. You have to create an illustration that includes 25 different colours, excluding black and white (because they're not colours actually) and blue, red and yellow (the basic colours) . I mean, you can use black, white, red, blue and yellow, but it'll not be counted to mark up to that 25 colours requirement. My general idea was an octopus selling ice creams to a neighbourhood of monsters. Icecreams are colourful, and monsters too, so 25 colours are achievable :D . What made it a bit tedious was that my Buncho poster colours had only 18 colours inside, minus the 5 colours, it's only 13 then, So I had to mix my own colours (Became an interesting process along the way) . Procrastination was being tame when I wanted to do this, I started around 3-4 days earlier. But then, I did like microscopic bits and bits per day, so yeahh, it's sorta like kinda the same, because it was at the last day I rushed to do all the details.

The process :

Without the outlines


I did the outlines after Sahur on the day of the deadline itself. That was how bad my case is. But the lecturer said it would be better without the outlines, NGGHHHHHPFFTROFLWOFL -_-


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That Week Of Wreck Pt. 1

Last week has been the most torturous week of the year (so far) since, err since the last week before SPM. And after so long not handling any form of stress (other than stresses of thinking where to go, should I or should I not cut my hair, etc), you'll realize it'll just come and bash your nose twice as hard. Like getting a splash of icy cold water on a cold morning. And the absence of little things you have when you're young, like you tend to have those tiny hopes of a miracle to happen at the last minute, like, when you wake up the next morning, or the next time you go to class, you're gonna get smarter all of a sudden, or you can cram everything inside on the next lesson/review. No, matured conscience, that's not gonna happen, never did, never will.

Imagine this, , 3 incomplete assignments, 2 deadlines, and one processed workbook (or merely a sketchbook, if simplified) all need to be satisfied during that one last week before the semester ends. Woohooie, typing and recalling them back all instantly brought back familiar tiredness.

Procrastination is the one to blame and be thrown spiky rocks at. Yes I've been told days (rounds up to roughly a week), and yet this happened. Lesson learned loadsa times, but I guess old habits die hard. Or maybe it did die for the first few weeks of college where I did pass up assignments on time, so I guess habits are zombies which will die and rise from the dead and repeat the cycle from time to time.

The three assignments are :

Photography Assignment 4

Photography Assignment 5

Colour and Form Assignment 3

(And one processed workbook)

Let me integrate through one and each of em :

Photography Assigment 4

I came to class on Thursday only to find out that ALL of the assignments that hasn't been passed up yet, to be passed up on the day ITSELF. And assignment 4 ain't no easy task, you have to have 10 series of photos, that tells a story in a way. Yes I already have the idea in my head on what to do, but to go back, to do the thing, and come back to pass it up, all within that limited amount of hours (lecturer's going back at 4) is, is unheard of. Restlessness wriggled through the guts like ants on a rainy day. OMG, whaaat, am, I gonna dooo. Oh yeah, and assignment 5 isn't stressed on much here, because you only have to frame up your favourite photos, out of all the photos you've taken for the previous assignments. What's hard about it is the mounting which I'm gonna talk about later.

So, to not kill anymore precious time, me and Faye dashed to Summit next door to print up the pictures, and good jolly ! , it's still closed. Darnnn-nnit. So Faye decided to do his assignment 4 first, with me as his subject. The story, summarized, was about me deciding not to fast on one fine day, and in return, I got ran over by a truck. Nice. For a little preview of the story, you can check out Faye's flickr at :


And for the rest of the assignments, I'm going to put it all in different posts. Cause you know, writing it all in one shot will make it exhaustively long, and it'll put weights round your eyelids faster than you can say "weights round my eyelids"

So yeah :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stuck Rhymes With "Oh F*ck"

As of the 6th Of September 2008

Like the previous days, I was still in the repeating cycle that started since the first of Ramadhan. Buka puasa, a quick nap triggered by the super-full tummy, stretched to all it's a galore, a shower, then the Terawih prayers. How should I know, this cycle was about to be broken badly with just a single stroke of a roller comb.

I put on my baju melayu, then I looked into the mirror just for a quick check-up. And at the very edge of my sight, I saw the dreaded pink roller comb. Automatically, I picked it up and started to comb my semi-wet hair. As written in the Interlude, I like to experiment. I thought that my dangling side-bangs would be nicer if it is curled in, and in a conscious relfex, I curled my hair in. And, and..OH MY FRIKKIN MERCY (!!) . Who would've known, the simplest flow of gesture, would lead to the biggest regret of the year. I tried to pull it out, to see if the curling-it-in worked. I pulled, then the motion felt abrupt. I pulled again, but still, to no avail. I was reluctant to admit this, but oh frikkin yeah..


Every single step I took to meet my mum to untangle this mess, were as heavy as elephants. Because I know, the moment my mum, (and boy, my sister's upstairs too ? ) , caught the sad, sad sight. They burst into laughter. The kind of laughter that has a hint of honest sympathy, I know they want to stop laughing and express concern. But they just can't help it. You wouldn't too if you catch a glimpse of the pictures below :


Pooorrr Bob :(

The process of untangling took at least an hour. And in the middle of the thing, My mum actually said " I think you have to cut it off la Ashraf" . My heart felt like bursting to bloody chunks as soon as that phrase was muttered out. This is not the " Bilik Disiplin" , I can't hear that anywhere else :( . No, it's too early to give up, and there are no loud, excrutiating "SNAP (!)" sounds yet, so there was still hope. Due to fact of the unavailability of any baby oil, my mum had to use frikkin MINYAK GAMAT too loosen the tangles O_O . And I just shampoo-ed my hair, now it smelt like gross sea cucumbers. Well, oh well, better than Bob having an embarrassing uneven skin patch. The pain was okay, but the mental torture was sickening. The smell too.

After what seemed like countless minutes (hours will be just plain exaggerating), the last strand that was stuck, was released, my smile grew beyond it's limit :DDDD . Then, the imaginary jump-of-joys quickly overshadowed by the harsh reality of how many strands of Bob that was snapped and plucked by the cruel comb. Not only I lost a fragment of Bob, but I also missed the Terawih -_- . Just because of the darned, pink, roller.

Other highlight of the day :) :

I passed up my second assignment for my Colour And Form class :)

The smile was before the comb got stuck incident.

Altho Bob felt somehow lighter, and the heart still remained uneasy. But yeah, glad that the comb is finally out :D . The mofo-ing stupid comb.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shouting Secrets Out Loud.

As of the 22nd of August 2007

I can't even begin on how to explain the awesome-ness of today :) . Today is one of the days, that by the end of it, you can sleep to actually complete the day. That's the word, complete, yeah, the whole day felt complete :D . You know some days where you complain why does it feel so short, why does it feel like any other day, the same ol' routine, the same ol' chores. But not today, today felt significant :D . Yes that's the word too, SIGNIFICANT :D

First off, the outing to celebrate Hana and my so called freedom from our exam/exams (*because I had only had one paper, and she had 5 days of exam :P ). Me, Hana, Hani , Imran and Nabil first gathered at The Curve before anything . The second motive of the outing was to celebrate my birthday, which was 1 week earlier -_- . HAHAHA JK JK ! , what I meant was, THANKYOUUUU GUYSS ! :DD . Hehehe.

Actually I've a video of Hana and Hanu wishing me and Bob Happy Birthday, but I can't even watch the video twice in one go without having major cheek cramps and an insane blood rush to the face, so Im saving you guys the "torture" too :)

I've been warned earlier that I was going to replace Iffat on Friday as the vocals of his band, Medusa. I thought this was going to be another prank, but sadly (and fortunately, as I learned later) , it, was, frikkin, NOT O_O . So yeaaaaap, later that night, I've to stand on stage with shivering legs, and muttering lips. Nervousness itched in every single corner of my limbs. This, surprisingly, lasted only for a while. Until I got a steady hold of the mic, everything else that rolled downhill from there just felt natural. Although I just screamed along with the tempo with crap loads of nothings onto the mic, no lyrics or whatsoever, all and all, it felt AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE :D . Seeing the crowd ( although not big enough to form a moshpit) hardcore dancing and headbanging below you, just feels, super-uber-ultra-mega-giga-awesome 8) .

Me and Matt

Oli sikiiit, hehe :P


HARDCOREE. FOR LIFE ! ( suara sengau )

The awesome, awesome crowd.



Ceria je Pithang

Fixx x.o ( Haa, tu la nak main icon-icon lagi )

Me And Iffat


We played like our dads owns the little joint, and Iffat thought he came late enough to see us finished playing, when in fact we were just supposed to go up. So I thought, I don't have to do anything since Iffat was already there, but I came this far to turn back now, so with all my guts and balls clenched, I went up. Then Iffat joined, then Nabil from the sides, playing the Bongos :D . Mannnnn, the night was legendary :)

And you thought, with this much action, I'm all done for the night ;) . Well, almost, almost hehe. Then, we all went to Murni. Matt and the rest of the bandmates went to Kam Hyong to have their dinner, but I stayed to just, y'know, cool down with the Banana Special :) . I should've had Asam Jawa to cure my croaky voice, but what the heck (!), This Is Murni weh :D . Then as the night enfolds further and further, the drama grows. I dare not elaborate, but this added a much needed closure to an already unforgettable night :)