Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Cheese Between The Buns And The Patties.

When silence roams your little room, and all you can hear is the drones of the air-cond along with cold air stroking your skin,suddenly (!), the switch will be flicked ON. The switch of wanting-to-write- something-but-without-any-rational-motive-or-relatable-topic, that is.

It's starting to annoy the crap out of me, on things, can't happen altogether. It's either you have the mood to write, but with no specific topic to write on (like now), or you have so much to spill, but you just don't have inspiration surging in the veins. And also, you have the topic, and you're all inspired to send the fingers to work, BUT WTFFFF(!), you just don't feel like writing on the topic you're intending to serve it a post, but instead you go off course and write random posts with content that is close to none (like now :D). Or worse, when your brain only radiates out "....." . But there is a time, when you FEEL like writing, and you HAVE the topic, and you are in the mood to write ON the topic you want to. But that comes as random as mood-swings.

I have two posts pending, that I've vowed to post them. One happened yesterday, and the other happened the day before yesterday. But that's just it, my brain is not processing the necessary requirements for me to write on them. So wait it up :)

Oh it's not so quiet anymore, the steady drones of the air-cond is now overlapped by the intense snoring of Edraj :D . Our fast-paced pillowing session must've taken quite a toll on him. And I can feel the switch (refer to paragraph 1), slowly leaning towards OFF now. So I guess I'm gonna hit the hay, and listen to A Fine Frenzy and take off to my short escape out of reality :)