Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Flash Me A Smile, Luna

(No I did not take the picture. Note the swell watermark "Samuelraj photography" in the bottom left of the picture)

Did I tell you I was a witness on the day the heavens smiled down on us ? :)

Thank god for that sudden urge to look up, for being a huge fan of the sky, it felt natural. I was caught off guard, but the sight that met my eyes is now permanently stitched inside my brain. I saw the purple night sky, giving us the brightest smile ever. Venus and Jupiter as the bright, sparkling eyes and the cute little crescent forming the golden lips, smiling.

If it is still in the sky as we speak now (IF you're reading this at night) , I'm gonna gather round a campfire, melt some marshmallows on a stick, and gaze to that brilliant face high above, to sleep. Feeling somewhat secured, while thinking an imaginary pair of eyes is watching my safety.

So what if I'm cruising off track and letting my mind wanders loose ? :D . I ain't gonna see it for the next 48 years. Wait, 48 years ? . That ain't too long (compared to other astronomical events, which the time gap can reach up to, hundreds, thousands of years) . Alright, anyone joining me for that campfire, half a century from now ? :)