Saturday, December 13, 2008

That Little Space Between Nothing, And Nothing. The best thing ever since Ogrish

Only God knows how over-flooded my drafts are, with posts that have two paths paved for them, to end up in the piles of craploads of nothingness, or to be an eyesore to you avid readers :) . This is supposed to be in that bunch too, but im forcing my way through the frikkin writer's block. Urgh, it feels almost as that little struggle to wake up from bed. But it doesn't come close, at all. Nothing comes close to that mega burden of stretching your way to consciousness, and to flip over that cold blanket feels like wrestling with a mother python.

And I'm not making sense I know. I'm just relieving this tangled up thoughts, thoughts revolving what, that itself is vague. Imagine a full bladder, and this, this..well, go figure. I don't wanna ruin your appetite for reading this.

As if there is actually beneficial to be reaped off from here in the first place. Haha.

Not like a script, what's written here just flows down from the tips of my fingers, like a waterfall. Just to fulfill this urge of just just, writing. A therapeutic exercise, yes it is. And if you actually reached the end of this, following your judgment on what has been crapped out, it is either a perfect waste of a few minutes, or if it's not as crappy as I think is, than, hm, thankyou for reading :)

This is to prove nothing. And, I don't think I'm done. I can still feel that uneasiness for not completing a task, like this is even a real task to begin with. But IF I continue, I might just be removed from people's links for excessive crap bombings. So, good day :)