Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reincarnate This Shiaatt.

Like how I vowed, I am going to write on this no matter how strong the ropes are pulling my fingers back to it's stationary post.

And on this very day, that reeked simplicity in every second of it, was somewhat a bit too sturdy to be knocked off from my memory. The beginning the day itself, that involved me waking up as early as 8.40 am (and that's no easy feat) , was nicely welcomed by my deeply-missed passion, oh sweet skateboarding. I woke up, finding taking a shower's useless on the fact that I'm gonna be showered with sweat anyhow, took my shoes and my plank of wood to see Imran and Meor waiting outside of my door, with the same anticipation beating through our feet. Oh did I tell you, Imran just got back from L.A ? Welcome back home, man :) . Not enough that I was excited like heck, but what greeted me on Imran's back seat scraped all of them golden crusts on my eyelids like magic. I SAW A BLACK, FLAT VANS CAP, WITH SKULLS EMBEDDED ALL OVER IT :D . "Amacam ? Kau suka tak bro ?" said Imran, with a little tone of accomplishment, for he has prank-ed me that he did could not find me a flat cap, instead he brought me Nerdz. HELLJYEAH (!) , the cap's awesome man (Y) , fits BOB just comfortably well :)

The cap :

That soon met a little personal touch. AND NOO, I'm not nuts enough to directly paint on that Los Angeles flap , I painted the teeth on a sticker, and pasted it on later.

Then, we moved out to Mont Kiara, the fresh morning wind blasting against my face through the opened car window, accelerated my spirit by the minute. As we're there, we saw NO ONE :D , THUS zero-risk in triggering anyone's noob radar :D . Shiiiat, being reunited with my yellow wooden baby, after so long, felt so good. Well, not at it's max, as the trucks were so wobbly, I can't even go down a ramp with me shaking like a boneless octopus at the end of my momentum, wait they don't have bones in the first place don't they ? ugh WTV. And in the end, I didn't utilize the park as much as I wanted to. But long-forgotten tricks, most of em, were landed, although sloppily, but that could do :) . And I'm still bummed out that Matt could ollie on the funbox, as I failed to do so. And Meor's 50-50 down the box was gnarly, his skills evolves scarily rapid, one day his Ollie is as awkward as shaking hands with the President, the next, he'll be ollie-ing 10-stairs, with a steep slope catching his landing, no frikkin less !

After a long morning, with a sweaty shirt that has enough moisture to shower your mom's little petunia garden, and jeans with enough cement dirt, to give you that Indon-construction-worker-look, me with the rest of the guys decided to fill our breakfast-deprived tummies at Fend's after a little visit to Adam's purely envied mansion.

I know this post's nothing much, but it is dedicated for that sheer simplicity of that flaming rush you get after getting something, you've been missing like only-God-knows-how-much, after the longest of time. Although, my skateboard has been there all this while. But, what I meant was the togetherness of this shit, and that healthy competition I've been craving like a hungry lion on the phase the gazelles are migrating.