Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Hope You Like Ketchup On Your Fries.

As of the 20th of December 2008
(and the post below this one is on the 19th)

And I thought, I'm free from every puny clutches of high school and unsettling memories that comes with it, until this day, where I had to wake up at 7.40 AM in the friggin morning. And the freezing cold shower that followed was pure torture. The only thing that's different this time from the usual school get-up is, I don't have to neatly comb my hair behind my ears. Phew

Why did I wake up this early you may ask ? ...

YE TAKDE ORANG TANYA (!) . Even if you're not asking, I'm still telling. It's for my 6 hours worth of Ceramah-Bengkel-Praktikal-Apekemendaentah. YES I KNOW I'M 18, AND IT'S A MAJOR DISGRACE TO MY KIND THAT I CANNOT DRIVE YET. But you'll see who's laughing when I'm riding away with my yellow-butt volkswagen ;) . Or maybe, you'll still be laughing when you hear how the engine sounds like a drum machine goes horribly wrong.

Deprived of my sweet sweet sleeep, I endured myself through. For the first 3 hours of it, there was this speech on the obvious, what you should and should not do when you're on the road. The test I set myself on, how long can I hold up my eyelids up, I failed it BADLY. I pretty much slept throughout the whole speech. It's not my fault his talk has a snooze-factor that beats that of a sloth. He friggin mouthed out, every single word, for every sentence, with such proper Malay accent and pronunciation. And the way he tried to make it funny, is like he was reading script boards.

The much needed lunch-break gave me some juice to make it through the second round of the seminar. Being out in the open sun helped a bit in lessening my sleepiness (yes,the first speech took that much toll on me). He made maneuvering that little Kancil seemed so effortless. I'll try not to think that it's gonna be a breeze, because If I do, the laughs that's gonna follow, will be twice as hard.

Oh and there's this chinese-looking malay, or a malay-looking chinese girl that stood near me. And she's pretty cute :#) . (Let's call her Moi) Hehe. And when the group was divided, she chose the group that I picked, and still, she stood close to me again :P . And we did exchanged quick, awkward stares. Alright, loathed fuzzy spikes crawling up my spine again, I think it was just a sad case of "shok sendiri" . But I did still put up a tight, attentive face, and tried my best not to lift my arms. The hot sun + strong wind = Sweaty armpits + embarassing toxic wafts. So to make minimum arm motions was the best thing to do.

And the part where we were briefed about the insides of a car. The dude was pretty funny :D . With his unmistakable Utara accent, that only enhanced his spontaneous antiques. And I heard the girl laughed, although very discreet, but it did make my cheeks to involuntarily twitch.

Soon after everything's done, then I had to wait for a Kancil with Ellapan Driving Center (my driving center) written on it's front doors for the ride back home. While waiting, I stood restlessly as I stole glances to see Moi. My mind was playing various scenarios where involved me walking up to her with clever ice-breaking lines, that soon lead to getting her number. But being a guy who's having a growing hate for his ridiculous shyness, of course the plays inside my head were not carried out. And the voices inside my head, all simultaneously shouted STUPID (!) . But what I do know, is that, she lives in Subang. Thanks to the Utara-bred instructor when he asked her, including the other students where are they staying. Well, well, fate has his funny ways in binding it's roads, and I hope ours will intertwine once again, and I hope by that time, I've sufficient confidence to say "Hey" :)

Later that evening, I decided to untangle the day's hectic knots by skateboarding, along with Ilyas. It's good to see that my friends are all picking skateboarding back up. I'm reliving good memories man. Damn :) .

I don't know what got into me that day. It felt unfamiliar. That surge to try something new was unmistakable. I was, stepping out of my comfort zone, of just kickflipping on a flat cement. Never have I did before in the previous years, but today I just went for it, and I went to bed feeling accomplished :D

The crap I'm yapping about :

After numerous bails, FINALLYYY GOODDAMMIIT :D . Oh, and do ignore my flailing arms of victory.

Oh and something extra :

My ugleh, sketcheh double kickflip

Thankyou Ilyas for recording the videos :)

All and all, today was a good day. Landing something new, will always poop out "good day" at the end of it, no matter how crappy you think the start of the day is. It'd be better if I got enough ballz to ask for Moi's number tho. Oh well, well. My college's in Subang, so who knows, who knows :)