Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Subliminal Criminal And His Purple Funnel.

It's not funny anymore when noone's laughing along.

What's funny now is how you've mistakenly took being cool , with being cold. Ice cold.

Come on man, temporary thrills are well, temporary. Don't runaway wey.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Judgment Went On Silent And Violent.

Parkway Drive was friggin awesome. Could've been awesome-er if I actually got the time to know all, or most of their songs in the gap of time, between the gig, and the time I pressed download on the list of their albums. But it was awesome nonetheless :D

A little bummed out that the gig was held upstairs, where the claustrophobic cubicle that has a ventilation system of a sauna lies. While the humongous, hall downstairs that reeked the scent of beer was filled with jolly chinese men and women. Well, can't imagine them using the room upstairs anyhow, in measure of the amount of the senior citizen present, it won't be so healthy. It was a disorienting vibe, seeing the twisted opposite of outer appearances, between people with black tshirt's, piercings (even one on the cheeks), and not so ordinary hairdos, walking among formally dressed chinese people. And no, I am not hinting any racism, in any way or form, please, for we are all Malaysians :D . Err okay, moving on.

Me, Matt, Nabil, Pithang, and Ijat Kebil came around 5. Met with Chris (an old time buddy that I met a longgg time ago at Taman Paramount, still remembered the way he compared his name to Keris the motorcycle) . The opening bands were worth the mention too, they really warmed us all up good. Like how Pithang accidentally kicked me in the head when he just had to (hardcore) dance, that added to the whole energy-juice pumping works too.

Took a picture with the, um, the merch guy ? , I don't know. But he has cool tattoos.

They took a longggggggggggggg time setting up. As usual, being the impatient tots we all are, the crowd just had to crack up lame jokes to ease the tension. Like, one I remembered, "Your hair is so yellow", shouted with a very peculiar accent and motive. The hair wasn't even yellow, it was blonde, but that little misinterpretation of fact was what made it funny :D . After a slow-paced acoustic intro. Then, they're they are. Park-friggin-way Drive :D . Suddenly the crowd fills in like never before. Felt like a sardine, in a sardine can, drifting afloat on a swaying tidal wave, with a scent as unsettling as sardines themselves. But that's okay, adrenaline was there to help.

I remembered they opened the show with Boneyards. And from there on, I lost all care in the world on stomach cramps and how did I look on the moshfloor (if that's even a word). I haven't been to gigs for a while, before this one, so If you miss em, involuntarily, you'll flail everything harder. The limbs, the hair, everything.

After a while, the room got so hot and steamy ( And I mean literally, not Nelly's Hot In Herrrr kind-of music clip kinda hot and steamy). I was sweating all over, so bad, that my lips started to taste like melted butter. Even the lead of Parkway Drive was all like "This is the hottest show we've been in !" . Oh hell yeah ! . Although he sounds like he's pumping out the crowd, I think there's a little hint in it that he wants to go back to his tour bus and savour in sweet oxygen. Haha secretly, I guess we all do. I looked up and inhaled as crazy as a fish on dry land, but still, the lungs still felt like they're trapped in a malfunctioning massage chair. But what the heck, we were all on our emergency supply of rare adrenaline.

Super horrid quality. Expecting Youtube flamers to launch their catapults soon.

Then, the encore, they finally played the one song that I've been waiting for, Romance Is Dead. I was torn in between, joining in the mosh pit, or recording the action. So I decided to settle a little bit of both. And with the little fact of you can't have the best of either one if you decide to choose both, came forth the video consisting of a sweaty thumb, and constant wobbles out of still wanting to bang my head off. Did I mention the way they dive into the breakdown ? , FRIGGIN EPICCC ! . SO, CRY ME A FUCKIN' RIVER, BITCH ! . (by the way, the one that voice out that part in the video wasn't me, I think it was Joker, an MCPA regular)

After all awesomeness is done, and clothes with not one dry spot to spare, then we all head off to Kam Hyong to re-supply our dehydrated and starving selves.

Oh crap, the post is getting too long but I still have some more to spill. I think I'll just squish it all in here in one paragraph. Then, we went to Pithang for some Youtubin, then to Apek's where Nabil And Apek were practicing their DJ-ing skills for Nabil's college upcoming event. Their shit was tighttt. Drew on Apek's old, school uniform undershirt and Vans too. Matt and me didn't sleep because we had our contacts on, so we talked on random stuffs, mostly on chicks. For breakfast, I had Roti Horlicks and major laughs and snickers on Bob in bedhead mode. Went home and slept like noone's bussiness :) . Here are some pictures (and a video) :

The scribbled Vans, a bit unclear sorry.

Baby Pithang

Dj JS in action

Apek's proudly (I hope) wearing his new tee.
And Pithang, well, " Lu memang stylo beb !"

A little slice of DJ Js's mad skillz, and some knick knacks along the way :)


Friday, February 6, 2009

The Procrastinator's Mentor And His Doctor's Tractor

Holy heavens, I need an update. And I have loads, with posts that are late by days, to weeks, to even a frikkin month ( Would've said months, but it's only February ) . And no, my computer did not blow up, or I've been having writer blocks for I did still write inside my phone's notes department. The one to blame is..

..And it's fellow friends.

There, don't be fooled by it's cute, wobbly pixels, for it is my main murderer of time, the provoker of the procrastinator,the wrecker of my resolutions, the putter of "less" behind "life" , and other numerous crimes that can't be brought to court. Don't let me be Sonic Blowin' on yeh ! (Damnnnnnnnnnn loooookk wht it diddd)