Friday, February 6, 2009

The Procrastinator's Mentor And His Doctor's Tractor

Holy heavens, I need an update. And I have loads, with posts that are late by days, to weeks, to even a frikkin month ( Would've said months, but it's only February ) . And no, my computer did not blow up, or I've been having writer blocks for I did still write inside my phone's notes department. The one to blame is..

..And it's fellow friends.

There, don't be fooled by it's cute, wobbly pixels, for it is my main murderer of time, the provoker of the procrastinator,the wrecker of my resolutions, the putter of "less" behind "life" , and other numerous crimes that can't be brought to court. Don't let me be Sonic Blowin' on yeh ! (Damnnnnnnnnnn loooookk wht it diddd)