Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Massacre Must Mean Menace

This guy doesn't get it since whenever he tried.

So, I am back and writing and not giving a shit on not getting invited to parties anymore.

This blog has been dead for the longest time, and you don't even have the tendency to check it from time to time because you're already consumed by greed and greens to even come up with a better point than zero.

And here you are complaining, (Why are you exploiting your sense of grammar to make a legit point)

Music has been around since forever, and it has been trying to tell ONE thing ; it CONNECTS people.

And here you are again, thinking that you know best while you copy-paste lyrics to make your band that should be rooted on a greater basis.

Real artists and musicians should make their records out of inspiration, out of everything else.

At this point in time, your argument is invalid.

Arnold Shwartzmanniiger REALLY thought he WAS, the TERMINATOR.

And now, he's just - Arnold.


I know that, this is a LOT to consume at ONE go, but it has been told by many times ; SIMPLE English makes the best storybooks.

THICK books, are based on THINNER books made easier for little kids to read.

Here you are again, trying to argue my (not that I'm opposing yours, because really ; ALL FEEDBACKS ARE WELCOMED) logic.


Don't you know, we all co-exist on Planet Earth, and Planet Earth alone.

Yes, call me crazy for believing in Mad Hatters riding bunnies with bows and ties and drinking tea and sucking on chocolate sticks.

But, a MOVIE, has got to come from SOMEONE, who OBVIOUSLY went through a LOT to make a legit POINT.

What's the point of arguing when you can't even stare eye to eye, and still tryn'a struggle words out of your breath to AGAIN, argue behind a monitor?


I am not mad, or pissed.

I went through enough, and a LOT, to know the KIND of people that WALKS, Planet Earth.

Here you are again, thinking that ; WITHOUT money, all civilization would crumble to dust.

But dude, we are what we are SINCE, birth. I change my mind from time to time, to pick friends, GOOD friends, that's WILLING, to hear rants and shit (but NOT, going against the EXACT opposite of whatever I'm trying to deliver)

All questions, have been answered from time to time. Trying to prove who gets to sit, and not sharing money, and asking me to do shit for your own liking ; is not exactly right.

Cigarettes DON'T kill you. WE, don't DIE. If, for the LONGEST time, you TRIED (and will forever more TRY) to bring me down.

You will.

Here, have a glass of gossip and more gossip.

And more money to spend on more handbags and more handbags that carries more money and all your beauty products.

I am not a girl. I, don't like to argue with one. Because with silence, the truth would, inevitably delivers itself.

I don't even like debating, but don't point a finger when I sneeze and snicker when you think you've made a valid point.

Because REAL human beings, (but this d00d is just some normal d00d, go get a j0b d00d)


I don't even need to work, I already KNOW what I want to do in life instead of whining about this and that and this and that and would STILL argue a point with me.

I have been called names that are displeasing, but I'm alright with that.

I've been slapped (for reasons I don't even care ANYMORE to fathom) one two many times.

If that's for showing how MANLY you are, sure go ahead.

At this point in time, no conviction would ever go through you and your numbskull.

You have went here and there, to show me this and that, to PRESENT a greater logic that is (was, whatever) original (or normal, or whatever).

Don't you see? I am not capable of hate, I am only capable of putting down judgment on people thinking they know shit when clearly, they just shit to clear out their intestines.


It's not that you're dead, or are you alive. I have just mindfucked you to an optimum level that you don't even know what to say anymore.

So yep, spitt'n buck't. Hunt'n ducks sounds more fun than listening to illogical, la la la la la la la literature.

I am just skin and bones, I am capable of things but irrational hate is not it.

I have been tested for the thousand'th times, and I have given ENOUGH chances to repent.

But it was you, since DAY 1, that TRIED to pull me under.



You are in shame, but you are too proud to even admit so. You are in guilt, but you are too courageous to think that ghosts don't exist.

They do.

They, do.

All the victims, you have killed and raped and shit, they DON'T die (for the LAST time)

The human body is capable of SO many things. Those fingers, they could cook and all that shit, and you'd only use that to wipe your snot and pick your nose and chew a booger and repeat.

Sure, call me an Atheist for not BELIEVING in GOD and NOT supporting RIGHTS.




And why am I not surprised that you are still eating your boogers and is smelling your pointer finger that was just out of your ass-crack.

Somehow or rather, you kinda LIKE the smell.

And now you are,




It's not that I was jealous with anyone, I simply compared. I don't look like this because I CHOSE to, it's a FACE I have been masked upon a sturdy skull and a working set of anatomic structure.

Argue with my logic, you're just hesitating.

We ALL got this far, UPON centuries UPON centuries ; HISTORY, was there to keep us in place. (IS STILL ONGOING, AND WILL EVER BE).

It's not that you don't believe in Hell, you went to and fro just to KILL a FRIEND.


I'm sorry guys, you guys are not dead (obviously).

But, this is me signing off with the biggest stamp of shame stamped on your heads.

And I am not surprised, that you will still argue with me, and us.

Sure, go on with your lives thinking movies and games didn't actually come from a legit source.

The war was never about who's right or who's wrong ; It's about what's in your head.

You are what you are, and you're too weak to even command an army as of now.



Signing off,