Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Smoky Summit

As of the 30th of July 2008

An ambiance beyond any words could portray.
Imagine this, being so high up in the sky, staring at the stars scattered across the purple sky, overlooking the colourful city lights, seeing the world smaller than it seems, evoking that tiny sense of superiority, while the gentle night wind stroking against your skin. As you watch your problems crumble down, flake out, and diminish away.

As if that doesn't rhyme with perfection just yet, let's add two bongs of sweet, savoury SHISHA'S and you'll automatically forget that you're on earth for a while.

Good things don't come easy. We all had to climb up an almost endless flight of spiral stairs, with no frikkin railing (!)to reach Tot's giant mansion's balcony. It suck Harris's balls harder as he had to carry two shisha bongs. The sight, the vertigo, made my already weak legs, collapse, and wiggle themselves away from the edge of the balcony, leading my back to a wall, to a surface. The thought of "surface" is so so reassuring at the time. Even the gourd-darnnit balcony doesn't have railings O_O . One false trip, and a loud, disturbing "CRACK !" and a little "SPLAT !" will be the last thing you'll ever hear.

But soon, after the charcoals had turned fiery orange, and bubbles started to rumble inside the bong, and smoke began to spread out, the fatigue, the vertigo, and the dillemas , instantly diminished along with the flavorful clouds. A laughable attempt of sounding wise and old when I said " This is one of the finer things in life" . My forehead is super-hard-whack-worthy I know, but it's true. I'll say the same thing too even if Im 88 years old with a white beard stretched to my wrinkly belly.

Everything stood to a stand still, every minute passed was compulsory to be savoured. Chit and chatters, a little blurred by the soft screech of the wind, did nothing but elevated the whole sensation. This is the good ol' life. Kinda ironic isn't it, an EMO (HAH !) dude cherishing life ;)

Tot throwing a glowing radioactive chunk of a mysterious crystal, to the ground. In about 4 years, it'll decay and release a deadly purple gas that will turn everyone to zombies that their diet consists of only brains, occasionally eyeballs as dessert. And Capcom will release their final installment of their Resident Evil franchise, that's gonna get awesome reviews on it's realism.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Grass Is Sharper On The Other Side.


You know when you're over a phase, and you're crossing to the other one, but most of the time you don't realize the skipping process ? . Like, when you see your baby pictures and look at your thickening stubble, and your mum would say " They grow up sooo fast :')" . Like, you won't notice day by day, how much of a millimeter your moustache is growing and the next thing, you're smelling shaving foam in the morning ? . Oh yes. But this time, THIS TIME, I am completely aware of this process :D .


So the diagram

Sperm and Ovum -> Baby -> Kid + Primary school -> Teen + High School + Hormones kicking in -> Adult ( 18's adult right ? ) + Collegeeee ! :D

Sorry for the extreme exaggeration, I exaggerate when I get excited. And heccckkk, can't you tell ? :DD


On the journey, I was restless as a fish in the Sahara. The constant jam of the Usj roads, helped a bit in delaying the anxiety. OMG OMG, Im starting college already ? This soon ? . Why do I feel like I registered yesterday ? . OMG I'm so gonna be an outcast. OMG I'm so gonna have stink-eyes, following everywhere I move. Breatheeee, breathe.

As I arrive, the anxiety toned down to a safe state, when I saw a crowd, way smaller than what I imagined. But of course, not lowered down completely, for stink eyes still did trail me. Checked and signed the official-looking list, got myself a free goody bag and me and Faye were ordered to head to the Orientation room. Or as I like to call it, PADANG PERHIMPUNAN :D

Before the speech and all started, we had to be shown a presentation of merged videos on the SEGi's annual dinner and the leadership camp. And that, left me a good first impression on the hepps factor of the college I'm gonna spend my 2 and a half years with :)

The speeches, were of course, boring. I swear it sounds exactly the same as the static-like bla-bla-bla's of my old principal. What made it less boring was that there was no such sentence as "Siapa rambut panjang, pengawas sila tarik ke tepi" .

Then there were the orientation, and the ice-breaking games. Oh, how I loathe the effects of ice breaking sessions on my stomach. The first game, we had to make two circles. One inner, and one is outer. The inner had to face the outer. Pretty much, it's the human wheel of fortune ! . So you have to talk the person you're facing, and the first one I had to talk with, was Faye. Pfft easy :P . Then the inner circle will spin, and stop, making the inner circle to meet another person from the outer circle. The second one was Sharol, a malay looking chinese who's a student council, who twitches cutely :) . Then, the third is Hakeem, a dude from Kemuning I think.

The circle finally stopped spinning. And the tomboy-ish senior from the student council stepped out to call out people to recall back who had they met during the roulette. Crap, I hate this part. And why, because I was called out -_- . And due to the fact, that I already know three of the people there, and two new people I've met, I set a new record of claiming out 5 person :D

Then, the second game. Shoot, when will it end -_- . For the second game, we were divided to groups. And this time, you've to remember the names of the person along with the gesture made by them.

If my memory still serves me right, it was

Fafa with the big smile :D

Wanda with the hair ruffle.

Mus with the shaking rock-on(!) hand signal.

Philip with the Pop Tha' Colla'

Zharin with the hair stroke.

Sin Ki with the kawaiiii pose :P

Mei Li with a double peace, where the finger tips twitches down and up. ( The "konon-nyaa" sign )

Aman with the thumbs pointing at him, all AFUNDI like.

And Faye with the ultraman, or some japanese in complex-looking-tight-suits hero pose

And me with the arm flexed, strong man pose :D.

And after that's done, names are called again to repeat the names and the poses. AND WOOOPITYY POO ! , i was chosen again :D , -_-

I got a rating of 5/10 , not too shabby ;p

HOW DARE they skipped lunch and carry out the faculty briefing first o____o . My stomach rumbles sounds louder than the dude's speech. As we were handed out the schedule, my eyes grew as big as eggs O_O when I saw

28th July - 2pm-4pm (Colours And Form)

The class is starting today as welllll ? O_O . Holy Crap, I didn't even bring my pencilbox and my thinking cap. Well-Oh-Well at least there's lunch to fill up my brain fuel.

Thank God for the fabulous, rm5 coupon ! . I had to only pay 60 cents for a plate of fried rice with fried chicken, a sausage, and a meatball and a mango flavored, aloe vera bits loaded, Justea :)

And the class ! , to save the bit of the lecturer having to ask each of everyone's name, we had to stand up and tell a little info abt ourselves, like name, nickname, the school, the course, and etc. After some had already done with their intro, OF COURSE, I had to be picked, YET AGAIN(!), to tell the names back to the lecturer. I think it was because of the bright orange t-shirt I was wearing -_- . I'll never wear that t-shirt again, until I know it's safe. The intro went on and on and on, I got bored, I doodled on the free notebook they gave, along with the purpose of marking my property :D :

The class ended 30 minutes early. Mercyy had shown light. Loitered around Summit before Pa and Ma picked me and Faye up. Mann, my brain hadn't got that much strain (out of excessive self pump-ups) since SPM . And for that, I crashed like a sloth on shrooms. All and all, it's still a bother knowing that you're kinda back to school, but since there's no obstructions on the hair, and the little preview of a swell college life waiting ahead, I am STOKED ! :DD

Monday, July 28, 2008

Swirls Of The Sweet And Spooky.

This post is a combo of my Saturday and Sunday


Saturday was my sister's early birthday celebration ( her real one is on the 27th btw). And we had a PARTYYYY :D . I don't know, it had balloons, and when you see balloons, you'll think of parties. The scattered colourful balloons were in great contrast of how the party were. There was no music, no games and no pin-the-tail-on-the donkey. Just a plain get-together and a merry making, food eating thing. But the chit and chatters that bounces off from relatives to relatives that filled the whole house gave the whole feeel, the whole party-ish vibe throughout the whole thing. And most of the time, I like it that way :). It feels somewhat comfortable.

The main highlight of the party was of course, my sister, Yadda Yadda(Brother sister ego thing), so..

Happy Birthday Nur Adilah (Takyah nak mengada Adylala, Adeylah ke apa) Binti Romli -_- . (Hahah jk, replace "-_-" with ":))" or ":DD" )

The other highlights :

Oh and here's Rosli. He was mentioned in the last few paragraphs of the post "Remnants of Almondy Daim Cake"

Sorry if the video's a bit long. This bugger just won't concentrate. But the wait is definitely worth the reaction.

The thing left him in shivers, almost traumatized. Along with a trembly tone of "Jahat gila abang Ashraf". Even offered the ps2 controller, he refused with a shaky head gesture. Man, there's something wrong alright. Oh myy, felt super superrr guilty for laughing at him :S

Oh and for my present, I made yet another t-shirt :)

Sprinkles The Zombie Cupcake

She wore this to Sunway Pyramid. Felt a tad proud :8)


Today I went to Wondermilk, for the first time. I really like the name. Wonder, milk. It sounds like if you drink it, you'll get temporary super powers.

Matt, Pithang and Aiq gathered at my house before heading to Wondermilk. Kinda felt like a rombongan . And dear mercy, Matt's car wouldn't start. Countless attempts of turning and turning the key, but to no avail. Only quick engine rumbles and beeps was heard.

We all cramped in Pithang's black kancil, and we moved out.

Hana , Hanu and surprisingly, Nabil were already there. As we all sat down, Hanu flipped away her Sejarah textbook, and we made merry over earl gray tea and cupcakes. Haha okay, I just wanted to say that just for the complexity of imagining it out. Only me and Aiq had cupcakes, "Cookies And Cream Dream" cupcakes. Myyy, the icing is so soo sooo scrumptious. Would've been mentally tastier if it was bigger, and cheaper :P

Hanu gave me a serban and a girly bracelet as souvenirs from Mekah . AWHH THANKYOUUU HANUU ! :DD
Now I can either make my dad proud, or be a Raingers.

Then, me and Matt accompanied the girls and their window-shopping at Cats Whiskers. And we were the only two guys in the shop -_- . Segan-nya. Hahaha.

And for the real shopping, we all headed to the Giant Mall after that. And hear in Giant, this is the place where you'll feel awkward for dressing to the nines, and you'll feel just right when your in pants, slippers and XL's corny designed T-shirt.

After Hana bought all of her UM's necessities, then Hanu decided to take on Hollywood. Well, not yet. But this video show's a definite potential that she'll be there someday :D

I don't think this audition is uploaded here yet, but when it does. Go vote for her :D
And I think my sis is entering as well, vote for her too !

Ha-ha-haa, the weekends sure helped a LOT in calming down my anxiousness for the orientation tomorrow :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Hero Handsome-er Than Shah Rukh Khan.

As of 19th Of July 2008


This is the man I'm talking here,
His beard often leaves little kids in fear,
But trust me, he has a lot to offer,
Like generosity way bigger than a Whopper.

He likes to create his little squiggles,
Masterpieces he called his "Doodles"
Equipped with his favorite colour pencils,
He's bound to leave all of us dazzled.

His passion for minor details and simplicity,
Goes in harmony with his tremendous creativity,
Of limitless shades of green he'll seek beauty,
In rotting leaves and swaying trees.

Not much of a fan of the latest gizmos,
He doesn't even have a handphone just so you know,
But to look burdened, never once did he show,
Not much as a surprise as he likes to live it low.

His top priority is to answer His every call,
To get His blessing, he'll do it all,
I'm thankful for not being blocked by the wall,
The wall of the lost, the deluded ,of the ones that'll fall.

He loves fruits like none other,
He'll eat it it all or put in down the blender,
To create juices that does the taste buds wonder,
Not to mention, a miracle for the congested bladder.

Surprisingly he can even cook,
A magical touch was all it took,
To create nasi goreng,cucur udang and even cekodok,
That tastes supremeeeee, oh Pa you rock.

As once said, perfection is unachievable
Let alone a son with his spirit so feeble,
But I swear I'm building it up a little by little,
Sorry for the shortcomings, I did only what I was able.

One day If I'm a filthy billionaire,
I'll get your Hummer and I'll take you anywhere,
I'll build your dream getaway that you don't have to share,
But for now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and please take care :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soother Of The Sick

As of 16th Of July 2008


As if it's not ironic enough for a box of ciggies to be named after something that's supposed to do good for the body. This one, this one just blows -_-

For a non-smoker, I don't know how to tell if a cig tastes good, or bad. All I know is that they all smell rather unpleasing. But this one, this one was (or as I thought) different. The box wrote "fruity flavored" and there's a small shisha icon imprinted on the box. As my friend took one out, a faint whiff of a familiar scent really tempted me hard. I, smelt, shiiiishaaaaaa :O . I thought "One puff won't hurt" , with all hopes focused on inhaling sweet, flavorful smoke.

Ha-ha-haaa, and this time, curiosity did kill the cat.

*BUHUKKKK(!)* . I hauled a loud, ugly cough,

I didn't even complete one motion of sucking, the natural flow of the inhaling process was cut abruptly, as shit-tasting clouds choke me all the way to my throat. I choked and gasped and had all my saliva tasting like crap. The taste and heat that lingers around my mouth was killing me. Faye and Myvi forced their way through the ciggs that's worth RM 8.20 for 20's . Their laughs sounded more like cries of regret.
My savior of the day, was swwwweeeet, mercifuuul, MENTOS SOURMIX :))

The torment did not end there, alongside with the motive of not wanting 8 bucks to go to waste. A dare was held.

Whoever manly enough to finish four shitty-spa-ciggies in one go, will be rewarded with Pall Mall ciggies.

This adds another disturbing meaning to "Race For Cancer".

Najee and Zai took the challenge like real men, and only one proved to be one :



And clearlyyyyy, the winner is..

*A long, unnecessary pause*


Anything that goes on backstage is always ugly. And in contrast of how happy Zai looked in the video, he limped his way to the cashier (to pay for the Nan) like he was high on crack.

For now and hopefully to end,I'll stick to good ol' "Bubblegum" the arabian way 8)

Friday, July 18, 2008

You "Dork" (!)

"Pagi yang gelap, kini sudah terang.." (8)

Heck, we sure are different,
Although we bear the same name,
Like, you're a stick and I'm a log.
Like, you're cool but I am LAME :)

You and your Topman shirts,
Of gray coloured, and purple,
For everytime, and everyday,
You guys are sure inseparable :D

You could look like a girl,
Luckily you went for the darned NS,
If not, you'd be adorable,
But that'll get ugly for you and your ass ;)

It'll remain as a myth, a mystery,
Why you're named after a car you never drove,
But what is weirder is that,
You got the looks but is still DESPERATE for love.

(HAHAHAHAHAH, ni sengaja nak bagi kembang kaw kaw)

You suck so bad that you suck eggs, (literally)
You dork, you wimp, NO, you shut up !
No matter how tough you'll get with the shakes,
You still didn't finish watching 2 Girls 1 Cup.

Thanks for being one of the mildest,
For late night pillows and such,
For being so naive, for being so gullible,
For every pranks that made you go "YOUU BIATCH!!!!!"

Yes time's fleeting, and fast,
Everyone's leaving and you're the last,
Whatever's in the past is in the past,
But what's infront was my ass ( Masa kau bawak wira tadi)

Take care man, I really am gonna, m..m..mmm..urgh(!), miss you -_-

All the best for your journey ahead (and spanking Air Asia's stewardess while you're at it)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Begedel's The Malaysian Meatball

As of 12th of July 2008

It's starting to become a bothering fact, that everything MUST happen on Saturdays -_- . And on the last one, there were the Independent Soiree, Cheer 08, Sri Kl's carnival and a gig that my friend's band was performing. Ugghhh, what brain clutter.

And in the end, I had to go to my cousin's house for dinner. Yes I would explode to irrational mutters , but I've to be fair. I've been out almost everyday (I think it was everyday) for the past week. So yeah, family comes first ? /:) . Right-O, the perfect excuse to just kill the monster burden of where to go's and what to do's.

And on the way there, we ordered 70 frikkin sticks of Satay :D . Ooo I love satays. And drinks, and this cherry chews(for myself), omg the cherry chews was addiction.

After Maghrib, the rest of the relatives came. And the feast was finally served :D . Officially I mean, it was served earlier, but it was not properly done. Still, I had nibbles of the excellent begedels here and there ;p

The menu was Meehoon soup, and of course the 70 sticks of SATAYYY :D . The moment I can't tuck my belly back in place, I've sworn myself that I won't have big dinners from that night on. Sworn the same oath a gajillion times before this, never once did it work. Nadda -_-

The little toddlers Aiman, Alfian and Numair, never failed to lighten up the moment. The video down here shows little Alfian and one of his many manyy, mischievous antiques :) :

Let's just hope he won't be bulimic o_o

*Random fact :
Alfian's brother, Aiman, once cried because he pushed a wall, and it won't budge.

Then, we went inside to play the computer. And we did the Impossible Quiz 2 ! .
If some of you guys actually tried the first one, I think I already put a link in one of my posts. Then you guys would know how much of a brain torture the little nutter is. So, here's the second one :

Happy brain-tearing guys :)

Hannan asked me to doodle on his pencil box, So I did :) :

Bulldoggy (front)

Buldoggy's Arse

Handsome ain't it ?

The colour's a bit too sloppy. The material's just too slippery to colour the pastels on :/ . The shirt marker just won't work on it (and it's out of ink anyways), so I had to use a black permanent marker.

Salam-ed everyone. Secret handshake-ed Hannan, then we head back home :)

Teeny Weeny

A minor update

Just uploaded the party pictures on the post "Remnants of Almondy Daim Cake" :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tighten The Noose Please

As of 9th of July 2008

After a handful 9 months of letting nature take it's course, my hair (or BOB as Im gonna refer as throughout the whole post later) finally met it's ultimate nemesis,

This is partly,following what I'm told countless times, and partly, my own-self will. Shocking, I know. But a certain incident of constantly biting my hair that has a little hint of curry which was accidentally dipped in earlier lead me to a sign.
BOB has got to go !
the front part of it the very least.

And of course, the chills and shakes were pretty similar of those once laced with the chants of "masuk bilik disiplin, rambut panjang" . But this time, as reluctant as I want to say this, I heard BOB whispered to me slowly,
"I can't wait" .
Oh the irony.

Armed with pictures of Oli Sykes and his perfect bangs, I head out to the De Hair Room. Called earlier if I could get a refund, or at least discounts to relax my hair again because the straightening effect was starting to wear off. And it's only been a few weeks since I did it. I managed to get it for a hundred bucks (out of rm130).

I was seated, and I had to wait for about an hour . And, the wait, the every passing second, was agonizing.This is somewhat like getting all buckled up in a rollercoaster, and you're frikkin waiting for the gates to open and the gears to roll. And you could already see the insane loops and turns ahead. Excited, but you're shit scared.

"Okay basuh dulu". Finally, it's my turn. After my hair's all washed up.


I showed him this picture of Oli (showed more actually, but this one was what I stressed mostly on) :

The way he denied it a little by little, the way he explained about people having different hair textures, the way he said they have stylists to keep styling their hair everyday, the way he said to have the hair that straight is only to rebond it (which I don't wanna, I want my hair to flow not to fall PLOP (!) in the straightest way possible), broke the very wall of confidence I built on him. But I came this far to turn back. And if I do, I have my friends wielded with chainsaws to personally man-slaughter me and BOB later. So, I braved myself as I watch disturbing motions of snipping a pair of scissors, before..

PAP ! *imaginary blood pours out*

Little limbs of BOB slowly hovers down in front of my eyes. Everything around me swayed to a slow-motion state. Lucky me, the executioner was a gentle one. He beheaded bob, slowly, and slowly. Asking me if the length's okay in intervals of every snipping .

What made it so painful was not for the fact that I'm cutting my hair. And not for the very pain of reading the word "cut" . But, for the cruel fact of extreme opposites in the time gap, between growing BOB that long and just cutting it all off. Compare 9 months and a nano-second, and you'll cringe yourself.

As I slowly saw BOB taking it's shape. My smile started to itch wider. BOB looked, pretty, okay ? :') . Scratch that, it looks (mind if I say this ?) beautifull :') . Okayyy, scratch beautiful even harder, I feel tingles all over saying that. Let's just say I liked my semi-new BOB :)

I am supposed to continue the ceremony further, by relaxing it. But time's short and there were still tiny remnants of hair relaxant in BOB. And, to relax it again after only a short while will further damage the already scarred BOB. With it's split ends and split ends upon already branched ends. So, I decided to do a treatment !. My first ever.

For those who were dying to know how would I look with short hair,
This is a little preview

Okay, you may laugh on this
I laughed myself.

Brain's boiling

After I finished exploring Planet Mars (being in the "thing" felt like Im in a space capsule). BOB was once washed again (by this cutee amoi ;p) and was blown dry to BOB's glory. How smooth, how shiny and how straight BOB turned out literally left me smacked in awe. That little urge of jumping rapidly, and smack the nearest person next to you and scream "OMG YOU LOOOOOOK AWESOMEEE BOBB !" was playing in prime time inside of my head. This is not ringing my own bell, this is still hovering inside my own world filled with rainbow riding unicorns. As sayings of "Nampak sama je ?" , Baik takyah potong ! and "EEE ! macam rambut awek !" followed throughout the remaining day.

But luckily, there were sincere (I hope) compliments :) . Ahhhh, haven't been getting that a lot . My seemingly invisible ears were twitching and glad :)

As awaited, the AFTER pictures :) :

HOLD THAT "It looks pretty much the same to me" IMMEDIATELY ! . It is not, I tell you. It is not :) . BOB's fringe was once up to my chin. And now, you can see my eyesssss :D

Sorry if the whole post this time is all storybook-y like . Just felt like story telling this time around, and today really meant GIGANTIC to me, and loyal sayers of "Potong la rambut caaaap !" :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hugh Jass

As of the 7th of July 2008

Nabis JS came to my house today to have his Krew cap done. In a way, I've to thank him for widening my scope of ideas, I don't think I'll ever come up of doodling on the flap part of a cap before. And of course for giving me the honor of conteng-ing a cap worth 130 bucks. 8)

There was no payment but I didn't mind at all, because it's just basically doing what I've been doing my whole life, and that is crapping craps on anything drawable, but this time it's for a greater justice. And he said that he'll treat me something good to eat somedayy. Sweee-ee-et :) .

With an arsenal of markers and pastels, I started to work. Discussed with him on the idea I spontaneously had in mind, the colour combinations and all just so I could maximize my customer's satisfaction (y) .

Little Sticks Of Magic :)

After, err half an hour I think ? It's done, the design at least :)

Went up and ironed the design. I don't know how this is necessary, but it was shown in the instructions for both the pastels and the shirt markers. So what the heck :)

After the oiliness of the crayons was felt no more, I think it is finally completeee :D


Should've done it the other way up, but he likes it, so I'm glad :8)

To start a clothing line, I should consider all aspects in order to construct one. And one of em is the model shoots ;) . And Nabil my friend here, voluntarily stepped himself up for being the first one ever ;)


Hahaha I think I can get the hang of this whole thing already :) . Now all I need is a bundle of $$$$$$$ to start the business.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Nude Number Nineteen

Today marked the birthday of NIK HARRIS !


And today also marked the day I actually egged someone for the very first time, so you should be proud in that sense foo' ;)

We all, as in Me, Acap Myvi, Tot, Ilyas, Fahim, Hazique, Sofia, and of course the birthday boy gathered at Al-Syafie first, before the ceremony's carried out

Just as we're about to reach the egg throwing spot, we all saw huge silhouettes of what we thought were cows. Oh no, noo they weren't , they were frikkin DOGS o_o . Not enough that im seeing my phobia(s) in the midst of the night, I saw them amplified to behemoth figures. Brrhhhhhhhhh :S . The scene was so Resident Evil-ish.

He was expecting a cake, and he's getting some. One of the necessary ingredients to make one at least ;)

He opened his Topman to show he was ready , he stood still in a brief silence,

Eggs flew like hale of bullets. Stinky Bullets. I missed two of my throws, one of the eggs cracked in my hands even before it was thrown, and one bounced off Harris's back. Grrhhh -_-

Harris runs fast. Scratch that (!) . He runs SUPEEERRR fast o_o

Just when he thought there were no more eggs, he came back. Yes, we were already out of eggs, but he was nowhere near safety, YET ;) . Ilyas and Tot charged at full speed and threw frikkin fish curry at him ! .
Poor dude ;p

After Harris finally recovered from the temporary blindness, he caught up with Tot and kicked his arse, but he missed :P . Then, we all moved out. To not stink Myvi's car, Harris was seated on the boot.

Harris didn't waste one second to clean himself, he stripped down to his underwear even before he got to the door. Got himself a towel, and took a shower outside with his garden hose.

Tot : Kau sepak aku, sumpah aku tarik towel kau !

Some brutal Deathmetal/Grindcore band.

So, okay I already had one gay picture up my blog. (The one with Js And Pithang dipping in the bubblebath)

By uploading another scandalous picture, fer sure a lot of people will start to wonder what's my real sexuality.


But this picture's too hot to not be put on here ;)

And yes, this is more brain-scarring than the "Bubble Buddies" picture in "Remnants Of Almondy Daim Cake" post.

My face turned super red like a drunktard laughing, almost like a trauma.
And I almost pissed myself.
Tell me what the picture down below did to you :

So, again the countdown




0 !

O_O" (!)

Yes that's birthday boy, IN HIS BIRTHDAY SUITTT !!.
And no we're not groping his ballz. Our hands were at considerable distance away from his junk -_-

Now breathe.

This birthday bash will definitely score as one of the most memorable.
But it left me terrified to leave my own house on my birthday


Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Dandy Aftermath Of An Explosion

As of the 1st of July 2008

It was one of the ba-skate-ball days again :) .

And this is the third time around. I forgot to write on the second one so I'll just highlight the bail of that day. Fer sure it was Nabil's ramming his back, full-speed onto one of the big funbox's sharp edges. And he said it almost pierced his eyes O_O, so thank god for his speedy reflex action. But the humongous purple bump was still nasty.

Moving on to the third round. Sadly, I felt it was getting less and less happs due to the fact everyone's leaving, like Zul and Adrie :/ . Kobe, in the other hand, was at his kampung, bummer.

Before I move out, I messed up bigtime. You guys know how frikkin unorganized I can get at times right ? And I'm reallyy really trying to do something about it. Im really really sorryy. Im just super glad that we're sailing smoothly now :) . Thought this feud will last for weeks, months, and even, as felt in the pit of the guts, forever :/ . Mental bear hugs to you guys for it didn't :) .

Err, Alright. Enough with the creepy weepy-ness, on to the action !

Nabil picked us up in this order, Me-Zakiy-Was supposed to be Pithang but he gotta poop so it was Matt-then finally Pithang. We arrived and we had to wait for Aiq for he's the ball holder.

So we played and played, and plaaayeddddd. The star player of the day, was surprisingly, MATT O_O . Lucky shotttsss. Pfftt :p

I didn't know there are disposable basketballs. Because the ball we played definitely was one. The ball met it's limit when it got swollen. And it looks like a puss filled pimple. Ewwkghh

As long as the ball could bounce, we thought, it is still playable.
Not for longg.
Someone kicked it so hard that it frikkin exploded. We searched for the remnants of the basketball and we found two fashionable hats :


Haihhh :)

Since there's no more ball to play, so naturally the only thing we have is the skateboard. And with that, Zakiy offered a sacrifice. He purposely laid down, and asked me to ollie to over him
I was imagining all sorts of mayhem, intestinal bleedings and a skull fracture.
But, since he insisted so much :

PHEEEEeeeeeewwhhhhhhhhhhhh :S

Then, we headed to As-syifa. After years, finally I met Fyzol, Matt's cousin who just came back from the States. What a way to remake my first impression, I was sweaty, my hair's a disaster and I stank so bad. -_-

When I ordered for a Mee Sedap (because Faye ordered it earlier in the evening) , the Mamak looked clueless, so I had to go to the "chef" itself and asked him myself. And when the order's up, the Mamak that served the Mee Sedap was unusually excited. He was giving us a thumbs up and a trademark head bobble, while saying "Mee Sedap !" in a typical Mamak accent,

I came up with something random. I circled my palm around my phone's camera, and I turned on the flash. SNAP (!). And tadaaaa :D

Looks cool if you ask me :D . (perasan-nya)
They were like enfolding the light, like it is some scratch & win coupons.

Alright, that's all for now I think. Buh-bye :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All Warm And Fuzzy

Okay, I lied.

This is the actual first-ever t-shirt I've created :

But I was ashamed to admit so becausee :

1) It was done in a sloppy 10 minutes. Just to test out my new shirt marker.
2) Even my own parents laughed at it.
3) It is disturbing, no doubt. The chest hair, the buldge
4) No one would wear it, even it was sold for a mere 5 bucks.
5) No one would wear it still, even if they're paid to do it.
6) You wouldn't wear it too would you ? Would you ? . Yeahh, I guessed just as much. :P

So the second one is Fuzzy The Furball's On A Frenzy (or the first one on the official count)

Picture is already uploaded on The Yellow Submarine post :)

And the most recent,the second one (officially) is for my little nephew, Numair :

That little nephew of mine likes to say "OH DEAR !" a lot, go figure :)