Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soother Of The Sick

As of 16th Of July 2008


As if it's not ironic enough for a box of ciggies to be named after something that's supposed to do good for the body. This one, this one just blows -_-

For a non-smoker, I don't know how to tell if a cig tastes good, or bad. All I know is that they all smell rather unpleasing. But this one, this one was (or as I thought) different. The box wrote "fruity flavored" and there's a small shisha icon imprinted on the box. As my friend took one out, a faint whiff of a familiar scent really tempted me hard. I, smelt, shiiiishaaaaaa :O . I thought "One puff won't hurt" , with all hopes focused on inhaling sweet, flavorful smoke.

Ha-ha-haaa, and this time, curiosity did kill the cat.

*BUHUKKKK(!)* . I hauled a loud, ugly cough,

I didn't even complete one motion of sucking, the natural flow of the inhaling process was cut abruptly, as shit-tasting clouds choke me all the way to my throat. I choked and gasped and had all my saliva tasting like crap. The taste and heat that lingers around my mouth was killing me. Faye and Myvi forced their way through the ciggs that's worth RM 8.20 for 20's . Their laughs sounded more like cries of regret.
My savior of the day, was swwwweeeet, mercifuuul, MENTOS SOURMIX :))

The torment did not end there, alongside with the motive of not wanting 8 bucks to go to waste. A dare was held.

Whoever manly enough to finish four shitty-spa-ciggies in one go, will be rewarded with Pall Mall ciggies.

This adds another disturbing meaning to "Race For Cancer".

Najee and Zai took the challenge like real men, and only one proved to be one :



And clearlyyyyy, the winner is..

*A long, unnecessary pause*


Anything that goes on backstage is always ugly. And in contrast of how happy Zai looked in the video, he limped his way to the cashier (to pay for the Nan) like he was high on crack.

For now and hopefully to end,I'll stick to good ol' "Bubblegum" the arabian way 8)