Saturday, December 4, 2010

Slice The Lice Nicely,

This is before your birthday gift of height(!)

This is too important to ;
1) Let the days pile on top of each other to get me into the mood of writing.
2) To waddle long round' the waters to wait for the writer's block to lessen down.
3) To have the mental block be banished, BUT to be presented with a situation of not having any outlet to pour this into.

A lesson I should have learned by now, is that ;

Thus, Imma write this now, and post it as soon as I'm done. With procrastination in my core. This ought to be a hard task, yes, but I will try.

Wait, let me munch on some Metaphore Bars to get me started...

...K, done.


The spell of solitude which have plagued my 20 years of existence, have now finally been lifted. Who would've guessed, a lil' 5 footer (and 1 inch!) possessed such a strength.

Again I say,

Thank you,