Saturday, July 12, 2008

Begedel's The Malaysian Meatball

As of 12th of July 2008

It's starting to become a bothering fact, that everything MUST happen on Saturdays -_- . And on the last one, there were the Independent Soiree, Cheer 08, Sri Kl's carnival and a gig that my friend's band was performing. Ugghhh, what brain clutter.

And in the end, I had to go to my cousin's house for dinner. Yes I would explode to irrational mutters , but I've to be fair. I've been out almost everyday (I think it was everyday) for the past week. So yeah, family comes first ? /:) . Right-O, the perfect excuse to just kill the monster burden of where to go's and what to do's.

And on the way there, we ordered 70 frikkin sticks of Satay :D . Ooo I love satays. And drinks, and this cherry chews(for myself), omg the cherry chews was addiction.

After Maghrib, the rest of the relatives came. And the feast was finally served :D . Officially I mean, it was served earlier, but it was not properly done. Still, I had nibbles of the excellent begedels here and there ;p

The menu was Meehoon soup, and of course the 70 sticks of SATAYYY :D . The moment I can't tuck my belly back in place, I've sworn myself that I won't have big dinners from that night on. Sworn the same oath a gajillion times before this, never once did it work. Nadda -_-

The little toddlers Aiman, Alfian and Numair, never failed to lighten up the moment. The video down here shows little Alfian and one of his many manyy, mischievous antiques :) :

Let's just hope he won't be bulimic o_o

*Random fact :
Alfian's brother, Aiman, once cried because he pushed a wall, and it won't budge.

Then, we went inside to play the computer. And we did the Impossible Quiz 2 ! .
If some of you guys actually tried the first one, I think I already put a link in one of my posts. Then you guys would know how much of a brain torture the little nutter is. So, here's the second one :

Happy brain-tearing guys :)

Hannan asked me to doodle on his pencil box, So I did :) :

Bulldoggy (front)

Buldoggy's Arse

Handsome ain't it ?

The colour's a bit too sloppy. The material's just too slippery to colour the pastels on :/ . The shirt marker just won't work on it (and it's out of ink anyways), so I had to use a black permanent marker.

Salam-ed everyone. Secret handshake-ed Hannan, then we head back home :)