Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Smoky Summit

As of the 30th of July 2008

An ambiance beyond any words could portray.
Imagine this, being so high up in the sky, staring at the stars scattered across the purple sky, overlooking the colourful city lights, seeing the world smaller than it seems, evoking that tiny sense of superiority, while the gentle night wind stroking against your skin. As you watch your problems crumble down, flake out, and diminish away.

As if that doesn't rhyme with perfection just yet, let's add two bongs of sweet, savoury SHISHA'S and you'll automatically forget that you're on earth for a while.

Good things don't come easy. We all had to climb up an almost endless flight of spiral stairs, with no frikkin railing (!)to reach Tot's giant mansion's balcony. It suck Harris's balls harder as he had to carry two shisha bongs. The sight, the vertigo, made my already weak legs, collapse, and wiggle themselves away from the edge of the balcony, leading my back to a wall, to a surface. The thought of "surface" is so so reassuring at the time. Even the gourd-darnnit balcony doesn't have railings O_O . One false trip, and a loud, disturbing "CRACK !" and a little "SPLAT !" will be the last thing you'll ever hear.

But soon, after the charcoals had turned fiery orange, and bubbles started to rumble inside the bong, and smoke began to spread out, the fatigue, the vertigo, and the dillemas , instantly diminished along with the flavorful clouds. A laughable attempt of sounding wise and old when I said " This is one of the finer things in life" . My forehead is super-hard-whack-worthy I know, but it's true. I'll say the same thing too even if Im 88 years old with a white beard stretched to my wrinkly belly.

Everything stood to a stand still, every minute passed was compulsory to be savoured. Chit and chatters, a little blurred by the soft screech of the wind, did nothing but elevated the whole sensation. This is the good ol' life. Kinda ironic isn't it, an EMO (HAH !) dude cherishing life ;)

Tot throwing a glowing radioactive chunk of a mysterious crystal, to the ground. In about 4 years, it'll decay and release a deadly purple gas that will turn everyone to zombies that their diet consists of only brains, occasionally eyeballs as dessert. And Capcom will release their final installment of their Resident Evil franchise, that's gonna get awesome reviews on it's realism.