Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can Mali Can, Can Cali Ban, Oy Oy !

As of the 2nd Of August 2008

CALIBAN was frikkin hereeeeeeeee !! :DD . Although, can't admit that I'm the biggest fan, or at least, say that I'm a bigger fan than the dude who just downloaded their songs from their latest album through a filesharing software, and burn it all down in a rm1 CD. But, to actually, virtually see a band which you had been seeing in Youtube a few days before they're arrival, just so that you can at least sing-along with and recognize their breakdown, for a mere 35 bucks, is just awesome :D . With opening bands, such as Cassandra, Restraint, Oh Chentaku, , My Proof ( from Japan ) and others, made the ticket be thought as something to be a little too good for it's price :D

I went with Matt and Pithang, was super sure that more of the gang would follow though. The second we're there, the first thing that caught our eyes were the ridiculous amount of giggers scattered round the MCPA, and the nearby Mamak. Matt, being an avid gigger, admitted that the amount of people on the day, was the most he'd ever seen. Couldn't agree more.

What was super ironic, and a little disrespectful was that, the 2nd floor was where the screams and growls were howled, and the ground floor held a friggin funeral -_- . This adds a scary twist to the genre death metal :/ . Okay, I better shut up now. Adding sarcasm to anything religion related, is not funny.

So the gig went and on, and people kept pouring in until, oxygen was actually, too little to be supplied to all the lungs present. It was superrrr packed, superr stuffyyy, supperrrr hott, and yes, super sweatyy (with little wafts of super-stinky). The moshpit, although was supposed to drain energy out of people, but instead, it was the main power mill to keep me in the crowd.

The bands, in order if I remembered that well, was first, Kids on the move. They left a good first impression, although no screams or squeals, but yeah, they did good :) . Then, there was Revenge, yes, I don't blame you if you imagine they walk up the stage, wearing all black, with long, unruly hair, and moustaches and beards to leave little kids wet their knickers. But instead, a pure Rock Kapak, all nicely equipped with tight, patched jeans, even tighter shirts, and colourful bandannas. The lead resemble Jack Black so much, it's not even funny. But Jack Black's funny, so it's worth a few giggles. Then, urgh, okay my neutrons failed me here, but I remembered there were Cassandra, Oh Chentaku ( this was, I think, was their second last performance, they're last was held at The Laundry Bar later on ) and this awesome awesomee, Japanese band called Myproof. They were so clean and flawless. It's almost like they're lip-synching, but that's impossible. You can't lip-sync hardcore. Then there was Restraint, the last band before, the awaited CALIBAN ! .

And here's a clip of one of the moshing during Restraint :

If you notice at 0:12 , you can see a blue-capped dude , ramming full speed onto me, and unleashed a mighty headbutt to my fuhriggin stomach. I don't know if it's on purpose ( I always have been the victim of "tak puas hati pasal aku ni nampak mcm poser-ness, or is it just, a slice of the natural action in a normal moshpit, where hurting and to get hurt, is part of the deal. But, all in the name of good, harmless (HAH!), fun :)

Then, the moment we've all been waiting forrr, it's time forrr C-C-CALIBANNN ! :DD . Okay, I am not that excited, but, yeah, I'm seeing them eye-to-eye, not from a computer screen, you can say that I was quite thrilled 8) . They're attires looked closely similar to one of BMTH's tho, white shirts , with blood splatters :/ . But whattheheck, they maybe were friends and discussed on the outfit on a blackboard together, who knows. And, in case you feel a little missed out , here's a peek :) :

Caliban - I Rape Myself.

They threw the greatest wall of deaths, at least, for what I've been in. "LET'S GO TO WAAAR !" , a little line from Gwen Stacy's Gone Fishing song played in the head briefly before, CHAAAARGEE !! :DD . Awe-suhm-ness (Y)(Y)(Y) (Y) . They interacted with the crowd with such grace, and for the first time ever, a metal band asked all of us to sit down ? -_- . Yes, were ordered to sit down and be comfy. A little "HUH ? WHAT THA ?" , but I kinda needed that. Haha. Then, they asked nicely from all of us, to jump like a piranha's trapped in our boxers the exact moment they made the count. Weird, but I loike ! (y)

Not to sound gay, but I touched the vocal's hair :P . And for the record, I've drank the mineral water Nathan, Horse The Band's supreme vocals, poured on the crowd, (not so proudly of) got sprayed with Nathan's fuhrikkin sweat -_- , shook hands with most of HTB's band members, and each of one that I exchanged sweat with the palm of my hand, signed my CD and my pink and brown vans 8) .

Although they didn't stayed up and greet us fans, like Horse The Band but I don't think they're c0mBunKzZ~!! at all, they were super-great :) . I went home without a single dry spot on my t-shirt , my jeans, and what's underneath. Squirm if you may, but the night was phenomenal, and I got my exercise after, err I-lost-count weeks/month of neglecting my love handles.