Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, Literally.

IT'S FRIKKIN 160808 :DDDD !!

Although for whatever reason, time seemed to blink like the Flash on a treadmill, and all of a sudden, I can sport a moustache and a beard without contradicting my age. Okay, maybe I am still not fond of the rugged look just yet, but point proven. I'M FINALLY LEGAL, I AM FINALLY EIGHTEEEN :D .

One thing blows tho, when Man said this " So cap, kalau kau bunuh orang, kau kena gantung dah" -_- . AND MY OH MY, do I feel like a mass murder coming on this glorious day, and why ? . Read onnnnn !

Half of the day was pretty much spent with me sleeping :P . I knoww, I knowwwwwww, I could've chosen other things to make me unconscious ( HAHA jk, alcohol sucks ) , but I chose the most natural way instead :) . Soon, the little flake of snow, started to snowball, when Aiq and Rudi invited me out for lunch at Fend's Ikan Bakar. My myy, the Sirap Bandung was so soo creammehhhhhh. Then, we're off for a little Quake 4 face-off 8) . And I won my first game everrr ! , must've been the birthday-boy luck :D .

After the brawl, I was sent home for a while to pick up a t-shirt that I don't mind sacrificing. *GULP* . Then, we all gathered at Murni for a little, nice get-together :) .

There were more people present than I imagined, thanks for coming guys !! :DDD . For the general picture of what I'd hoped my 18th bash would be, this hits bulls eye no doubt. Special thanks to Iffat, Aisya and Alysha for the scrumptious slices of Chocolate Banana cake and the other one which Im unsure of the name from Secret Recipe, but it's creamy and nutty, as my birthday cakes (y) thankyouuuuuu :) . And now, let the pictures do the blabbering for a while :) :


Grow your frikkin hair la Harriss, before something "TAK LOGIK" happens again -_-

Birthday cake 1 :)

Birthday cake 2 :)

Sedap doe raba kepala botak, rasa macam carpet.

Aiq, Siapa Sangka

The moment, where everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, even the random customers of Murni, started to shout and sing a Happy Birthday song to me, I swear I could've died by blood squirting out of my nearly exploding blood-red cheeks. But, but, I couldn't feel less eighteen if it weren't for that, so a GIGANTIC THANKYOU for all of you :)) (y)

How I wish this nice, comfortable dinner to linger on, and onn til' suddenly their bloated stomachs will, somehow, biologically trigger them to have temporary amnesia on my upcoming doomsday.

I guess not -_- , :(

We were all gathered at SS7's open space where Tot once executed the 180 degrees drift. And, the birthday boy, arriving fashionably late, doesn't ease the tension even by one bit. The dark atmosphere, only lighted up with flashes of the cars headlights, heightens up the mood and the suspense.

Harris's botak-head, is starting to really, REALLY worries me, first it was the random 1 on 1 in some TTDI's tennis court ( INI TAK LOGIKK ! ) , and now, he asked me to punch his face as hard as I can. It seems that it is his bald head is in command of his recent berserks. GROW BACK YOUR FRIKKIN' FRO LA WEYY ! , AKU TAKUT NI ! -_- .

I missed on the first shot, how embarrassing -_- . But even If I did land a few blows, he messaged me later saying "Aku tak rasa doe" , so it's pointless anyhow -_- . PEACE ! , I'm a lover not a fighter :DD ( Or as translated, "Whimp" ). Let's do this as rarely as possible okay dude ? :)

At the end of the purposeless fight, Harris tripped me down and shouted a war call " TELORRRRRRR ! " TELORRRRR !"

OH BOYYYYY !, this is frikkin' it -_-

As I lay helplessly on the tar road, I feel an endless torrents of egg whites and yolks, splashing all over me, no scratch that, all over poor little BOB -__- . I don't even know what have BOB done to all of you till he wasn't shown even a speck of mercy :P

I felt eggs, eggs, and more eggs, UNTIL ! , I was heavily sprinkled with this, this dirt-tasting powder. As more and more this substance pile up, and more and more of the taste and scent became prominent, I frikkin learned that it was, frikkin..COFFEEEEEEEE ! O___O . UGHHHHEWWWWWWTFFF!@#$

The smell lingered later on was unbearable, and I looked like a frikkin mud monster. BOB, well, obviously he'd seen much much better, brighter days, even that one time where BOB had a bald patch. Okay, maybe not as bad as the bald patch, but this one came to a very, very close second.


The moment I said "Siapa nak hantar aku balik ni ?" . Everyone dashed into their respective cars and dashed like they've committed a murder (well, almost) . URGHHHHHHHH, Dah pandai baling, pandai hantar balik ahh ! -_- . Luckily, Fahim, being a super-super awesome friend, offered me the much needed ride home. He even showered me with water bottles so that I won't stain his car. Special note to Najee too, for coming back to check that I wasn't really left alone to rot with foul eggs and coffee :) . I OWE YOU TWO BIGTIMEEEEE ! , pink panther maw ? :)

All and all, although love and affection wasn't shown in the most proper way. But it was shown nonetheless. So again, for the millionth time, THANKYOUUU (!!) for really making my 18th birthday, to really feel like my 18th birthday :) . And also, thanks for making me smell like a breakfast gone horribly wrong -_-