Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shouting Secrets Out Loud.

As of the 22nd of August 2007

I can't even begin on how to explain the awesome-ness of today :) . Today is one of the days, that by the end of it, you can sleep to actually complete the day. That's the word, complete, yeah, the whole day felt complete :D . You know some days where you complain why does it feel so short, why does it feel like any other day, the same ol' routine, the same ol' chores. But not today, today felt significant :D . Yes that's the word too, SIGNIFICANT :D

First off, the outing to celebrate Hana and my so called freedom from our exam/exams (*because I had only had one paper, and she had 5 days of exam :P ). Me, Hana, Hani , Imran and Nabil first gathered at The Curve before anything . The second motive of the outing was to celebrate my birthday, which was 1 week earlier -_- . HAHAHA JK JK ! , what I meant was, THANKYOUUUU GUYSS ! :DD . Hehehe.

Actually I've a video of Hana and Hanu wishing me and Bob Happy Birthday, but I can't even watch the video twice in one go without having major cheek cramps and an insane blood rush to the face, so Im saving you guys the "torture" too :)

I've been warned earlier that I was going to replace Iffat on Friday as the vocals of his band, Medusa. I thought this was going to be another prank, but sadly (and fortunately, as I learned later) , it, was, frikkin, NOT O_O . So yeaaaaap, later that night, I've to stand on stage with shivering legs, and muttering lips. Nervousness itched in every single corner of my limbs. This, surprisingly, lasted only for a while. Until I got a steady hold of the mic, everything else that rolled downhill from there just felt natural. Although I just screamed along with the tempo with crap loads of nothings onto the mic, no lyrics or whatsoever, all and all, it felt AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE :D . Seeing the crowd ( although not big enough to form a moshpit) hardcore dancing and headbanging below you, just feels, super-uber-ultra-mega-giga-awesome 8) .

Me and Matt

Oli sikiiit, hehe :P


HARDCOREE. FOR LIFE ! ( suara sengau )

The awesome, awesome crowd.



Ceria je Pithang

Fixx x.o ( Haa, tu la nak main icon-icon lagi )

Me And Iffat


We played like our dads owns the little joint, and Iffat thought he came late enough to see us finished playing, when in fact we were just supposed to go up. So I thought, I don't have to do anything since Iffat was already there, but I came this far to turn back now, so with all my guts and balls clenched, I went up. Then Iffat joined, then Nabil from the sides, playing the Bongos :D . Mannnnn, the night was legendary :)

And you thought, with this much action, I'm all done for the night ;) . Well, almost, almost hehe. Then, we all went to Murni. Matt and the rest of the bandmates went to Kam Hyong to have their dinner, but I stayed to just, y'know, cool down with the Banana Special :) . I should've had Asam Jawa to cure my croaky voice, but what the heck (!), This Is Murni weh :D . Then as the night enfolds further and further, the drama grows. I dare not elaborate, but this added a much needed closure to an already unforgettable night :)