Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stuck Rhymes With "Oh F*ck"

As of the 6th Of September 2008

Like the previous days, I was still in the repeating cycle that started since the first of Ramadhan. Buka puasa, a quick nap triggered by the super-full tummy, stretched to all it's a galore, a shower, then the Terawih prayers. How should I know, this cycle was about to be broken badly with just a single stroke of a roller comb.

I put on my baju melayu, then I looked into the mirror just for a quick check-up. And at the very edge of my sight, I saw the dreaded pink roller comb. Automatically, I picked it up and started to comb my semi-wet hair. As written in the Interlude, I like to experiment. I thought that my dangling side-bangs would be nicer if it is curled in, and in a conscious relfex, I curled my hair in. And, and..OH MY FRIKKIN MERCY (!!) . Who would've known, the simplest flow of gesture, would lead to the biggest regret of the year. I tried to pull it out, to see if the curling-it-in worked. I pulled, then the motion felt abrupt. I pulled again, but still, to no avail. I was reluctant to admit this, but oh frikkin yeah..


Every single step I took to meet my mum to untangle this mess, were as heavy as elephants. Because I know, the moment my mum, (and boy, my sister's upstairs too ? ) , caught the sad, sad sight. They burst into laughter. The kind of laughter that has a hint of honest sympathy, I know they want to stop laughing and express concern. But they just can't help it. You wouldn't too if you catch a glimpse of the pictures below :


Pooorrr Bob :(

The process of untangling took at least an hour. And in the middle of the thing, My mum actually said " I think you have to cut it off la Ashraf" . My heart felt like bursting to bloody chunks as soon as that phrase was muttered out. This is not the " Bilik Disiplin" , I can't hear that anywhere else :( . No, it's too early to give up, and there are no loud, excrutiating "SNAP (!)" sounds yet, so there was still hope. Due to fact of the unavailability of any baby oil, my mum had to use frikkin MINYAK GAMAT too loosen the tangles O_O . And I just shampoo-ed my hair, now it smelt like gross sea cucumbers. Well, oh well, better than Bob having an embarrassing uneven skin patch. The pain was okay, but the mental torture was sickening. The smell too.

After what seemed like countless minutes (hours will be just plain exaggerating), the last strand that was stuck, was released, my smile grew beyond it's limit :DDDD . Then, the imaginary jump-of-joys quickly overshadowed by the harsh reality of how many strands of Bob that was snapped and plucked by the cruel comb. Not only I lost a fragment of Bob, but I also missed the Terawih -_- . Just because of the darned, pink, roller.

Other highlight of the day :) :

I passed up my second assignment for my Colour And Form class :)

The smile was before the comb got stuck incident.

Altho Bob felt somehow lighter, and the heart still remained uneasy. But yeah, glad that the comb is finally out :D . The mofo-ing stupid comb.


Dian Mashita said...

AHAHA such thing can happen ahh

Ashtaroth said...

haha the things that you think that won't happen to any normal human beings, will happen to me dian :P . haha