Sunday, September 28, 2008

That Week Of Wreck Pt. 2

Colour and Form's Third And Final Assignment

This has to be the hardest assignment for the whole semester. You have to create an illustration that includes 25 different colours, excluding black and white (because they're not colours actually) and blue, red and yellow (the basic colours) . I mean, you can use black, white, red, blue and yellow, but it'll not be counted to mark up to that 25 colours requirement. My general idea was an octopus selling ice creams to a neighbourhood of monsters. Icecreams are colourful, and monsters too, so 25 colours are achievable :D . What made it a bit tedious was that my Buncho poster colours had only 18 colours inside, minus the 5 colours, it's only 13 then, So I had to mix my own colours (Became an interesting process along the way) . Procrastination was being tame when I wanted to do this, I started around 3-4 days earlier. But then, I did like microscopic bits and bits per day, so yeahh, it's sorta like kinda the same, because it was at the last day I rushed to do all the details.

The process :

Without the outlines


I did the outlines after Sahur on the day of the deadline itself. That was how bad my case is. But the lecturer said it would be better without the outlines, NGGHHHHHPFFTROFLWOFL -_-