Sunday, September 28, 2008

That Week Of Wreck Pt. 4

Photography Assignment Pt. 5

For this one, I need to frame up three of my favourite pictures that I've taken throughout all of my photography assignments with mounting boards.

And I, being the "everything will work out just fine last minute" guy, misjudged on how easy did it sound. It is not that simple, as I painfully learned later.

The flow of this hectic day was like this

Me going to class to find out that today's the ultimate deadline -> Me and Faye went to Summit to send the pictures for printing -> Faye took some pictures for his assignment 4 -> We both went back for a while, so we can do our assignments -> We went back to Summit to take the pictures that we sent for printing and bought mounting boards along the way -> Went to college to mount the pictures up.

Okay I'm gonna interpret the "went to college to mount the pictures up"

As I arrived at the class, I saw a small fraction of the students, rushing to mount up their pictures. Mounting boards bits layed all over the floor. Messiness adds up more to the whole tension. The only thing that if left messy, but does not clutter my mind, is none other than BOB :D .

I sat around and searched if anyone has a spare metal ruler and a cutter, but too bad I've to wait for my turn to use it. So I waited, and waited, and waited. All requests for rulers and cutters after that, only replied with silent nods, or worse, no respond at all. This supposed to drive any other normal beings to shout "WOI AKU NAK PAKAI PULAK !" , but noo, I remained stupidly calm and easy. I know I'm not, the tension's building up so fast, it's not even funny. My outer physical reactions don't usually match the going-ons in my brain, and I still wonder why.A real tight slap will help I think.

The day ended up with the lecturer going back leaving all the hardships from the students, to sum up to none in return. And I only managed to frame up one picture. And it's crooked. Predictable, very. However he did extended the deadline to Monday morning BEFORE 11am. This was no joke, a friend of mine told me that whoever sent their pictures beyond 11am, the lecturer will cut all the totaled-up marks (nope, not for the assignment 5 only, as in the real TOTALED-UP MARKS) by an insane 50% rate. And I passed up mine on 12 something. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the humanity. Dear God, let the lecturer be JK JK LOL , for 50% is too much. It's too too much. All of my hard work, shared with my little sister's pink cybershot, to be paid with this outrage ? I hope frikkin not :(

Oh and btw, the three pictures I chose to frame up :) :

And for the rest of the pictures that almost made the cut (or not), you can check out my flickr at :)