Monday, November 10, 2008

Holy Crappity Crap.

Man, I haven't update my blog for like, forever, and it's getting as dusty as that little house Snow White found in the middle of the forest before the seven midgets and her animal
friends clean it up. Anyone miss me ? :DD . *crickets* , anyone ? *the crickets go silent*. Err, okaay.

The main reason why I haven't touched my blog for the longest time is to be blamed on the absence of my computer. And I don't feel that "flow" of writing whenever I'm at a cc with booming
techno , and jiwang karat songs in the background. Heck, I'm writing this at my college's
computer lab. Oh and another thing, I can't write with that feeling of thinking all eyeballs are on my screen. Yes, this is just squeezing santan (perah santan, perasan) , and I know I'm thinking too much, but I can't kick off this feeling like how I can't kick a straight ball.

So till then, this is just to relieve the urge of just merely "updating" . The real updates are due on the arrival of my new, repaired computer :) . The pictures for a few of my hanged posts are inside the pc anyhow, so yeah, hold on :)