Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There's An Old Lady In White Behind You, Say Hi.

As Of The 6th Of November 2009

I've been wanting to write on this since forever. The story is as stale as a rotting fish, with little rotten fungus growing out from it's eyes. Im sure a number of people already know about the story, but yeah, I just need to get this out just so I can still revise it when Im 40.

It all started with a regular, innocent night out. We were just having our nice, hot plates of Pakapao, or Pakapau, or however in the heavens you spell it. ( Pakapao is a dish consisting of rice, bits of spicy meat, fried egg, ulam and a small bowl of soup) . Then, there came Fahim, with an invitation that sent shivers down my throat, along with mushy, chewed up Pakapao. "Jom pergi ghost hunting jom ?" . I could've said no, and make chicken sounds, but then, I predicted that it will be replied with a tight "Kau balik jalan ah mcm tu, kitorang semua gerak" . So, I just shrugged my shoulders and make hesitant nods.

A small portion of us played DotA first, and guess what, GUESS WHAT (!):DD , for the very first ( or twice, thrice but no more than 6 times ) time, I OwNEDzzZ (!!) . Used Gondar with 7 or 8 kills. With only one epic death that went like this :
"SORCERON has been killed by Neutral Creeps" . -_- .

Had a small meet up, before we're off to send the hair on the back of our necks on an acid trip. The first destination was the Seputeh cemetery. As we're approaching nearer, I can feel my guts getting wrinklier. As I step out from the car, all security blankets teared, I was like " Oh shiaaat, this is it". Fahim said the graveyard has the victims of the 13th of May massacre buried in it. So,since slain souls are not souls in peace, so therefore, they're a little teeny weeny more, err active ? . Oh crap. Crap crap. We explored the place,with an eerie background of tombstones of various shapes hiding amongst the tall grass, blown lightly by the cold night air, tall, dead trees that looked like sturdy guardians, guarding the dead, and bright, colourful city lights shining happily at the furthest plain of the background. That simply brutal murdered the whole eerie mood didn't it, but somehow it made me feel safe. It made me feel like I'm not in the middle of nowhere, oh sweet civilization :D . Me and Azman looked like Siamese twins, with fear for the other-world-ly as the limb that connected us two . We were then separated as I shed more and more chicken feathers of myself. I didn't "encounter" anything, but I guess Shak and Faye have a little something to share. Faye's story was that, he went to take some pictures of the tombstones, then he felt a breathing, stroked his neck. He thought, it was Fahim as he falsely thought that Fahim was trailing behind him. He turned around and said "Apahal kau jauh pulak ni Fahim ?" . Then, an uneasy silence followed. They all exchanged wide-eyed stares, showing that that they know "what" has just happened, but they kept quiet. A wise move. As for Syak, I caught him making the o_o look that quickly turned to "No I did not just see that" kindoff expression. I asked him, "Kau okay ke Syak ?" . A few resistant head movements, he then said "Aku nampak cahaya putih lalu belakang Fahim tadi" . Okay, saying that wasn't the wisest move. Frequent interruptions of cement trucks passing by, made us move to our next spot.

Fayegraphy :P

Below are the url's for the footage of the trip : (my interview is in part 4 :D)

And our next spot was Kemensah Heights. The story behind this spot was that, once, there was this insane doctor. To a point where he was too absorbed in his work, he actually sliced up his girlfriend/or wife, I'm not so sure, to 18 parts just for the sake of his experiment or whatever nutjob. Then, he killed his son by throwing him off from a small hill which the house was built at. The doctor, then ultimately ended it all by committing suicide. The maid, then soon after, got back from her vacation and was welcomed by the gruesome sight, triggering her trauma, making her tie a dumbbell round her neck. Then she threw it downhill, causing her neck to snap.
Thus, the story of Dr. Frenzy. Out of all the places I've been, this has to be the most balls-shrinking spot ever. The entrance itself was gloomy enough, with dead tree branches, and tall grasses covering most of it. As soon I was inside, I felt this surge of uneasiness immediately as I caught the sight of the place. Yes, it's old, and it's trashed up, like any other horror-movies would cook up. I can't explain this, but there's just something about the place that gave me the creepiest of creeps. In order to get to the house, you have to go down a flight of messed up stairs. Syak, Faye, Azman, Najee, Os and Fahim's friend went down into the pitch-black abyss. I can't go down because I'm not wearing shoes, and the place is too dark to even see the pile of debris and scattered glass. Or in chicken language, LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HEREEE ! . Which I did, as soon as I heard the sound of someone throwing a rock , hitting the roof. NOONE WAS THERE. NOONE COULD BE TALL ENOUGH, OR HIGH ENOUGH TO DO THAT. Fahim felt restless, as he recalled an experience from that dreaded house. But he refused to tell it on the spot, we understood why. Later, the six, alive heroes went up and told us that they tried to go down further but they just couldn't, like they're blocked by some kind of invisible barrier or something. And they saw a Pentagram, you know, those star-with-circle drawing which black metal followers would draw. Sick. We went into the car, as Fahim, finally unrolled the encounter he had at the place. One time, he went with his friends, with one of them having a bad, unfiltered mouth. Causing him to say "Kenapa kepala aku rasa berat ni ?" when they all finished exploring. Leave it be to your beliefs, but Fahim said he saw a Langsuyr parked on top of the foul-mouthed dude's head. Epikk Sikk.

To cool our shivering nerves down, we head off to this open eating place. I ordered a deer+otak-otak burger from a stall nearby. Screw the no midnight meals diet rule, you don't see a deer, or an otak-otak beef patty everyday. AND ! , the sheesha there has to be the best I've ever tasted yet. The smoke, followed the taste of the chosen flavour really carefully.

You'd think, a merry round of shisha pass-arounds, would mark the end of the expedition. Oh no, we've one more spot to seek some spiffy spook. The next spot was the infamous Highland Towers. You heard me right, it's where one of the apartment blocks tragically crumbled down, leaving innocent lives to be pummeled under the rubble. As told by Nelza, the story was, when the search for the bodies was carried, only two bodies were found, whereas the others weren't. Bound with no more options left, cement was poured on top of all the mess, indicating a burial. Yes, we all practically stood on a ground, with bodies underneath us. What kicked my courageous side of me up, was that, the way Nelza told the story, it was as if, we're gonna search a plain of rubble, debris on a plain cement since, the apartment has fell down. As long as it's not enclosed, it's not gonna be so bad. Claustrophobic, not really. But an enclosed "infested" area, compared to an open one, the open one is much gentler on the hair on the back of my neck. . Then as I arrived at the spot, mother mercy, there were still two apartment blocks standing strong (well, not really). How the boys slowly raised their necks up, with eyes prying on the most top floor, there could only be one way to interpret that. "Okay dudes, we're going up" .

..Uh'Oh. Oh dear Lord, what did I just let myself into.

A quick read of the Ayat Qursi, I headed up with the rest of the guys. I remembered someone saying , "Kita tengok tingkat 1 je la dulu harini, hari lain kita naik lagi" . Man, ain't that a good idea :D . But noooooooooo, curiosity laid us a bait on a string and it pulled it all the way to the top floor. Yes readers, we went all the way up. Halfway through, suddenly out of the blues, we heard someone's reading ayat Qursi. HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYY, it turned out to be Os's phone. That scared the living ba-jingles out of me. But why he turned it on, remained scarier. He told us later, that he saw a black figure, swiftly dashes infront of him. Uh-hm, yeah. The floor stretched up to the 12th. The view from the top is nice, only the view below isn't, moreover with no balcony railings or whatsoever. And the floor was slippery, one false slip, you'll automatically be a resident of the Highland Towers. If you get what I mean. On the way down, as we're about to leave the block, we hear something fell from the 1st floor (we were on the ground floor already). I'll leave the rest for your imagination.

Both were taken on the topmost floor.

Nelza and Katin, thought it was safe to stay downstairs, near the cars. But they didn't exactly missed out on the "excitement" (?) . Yeah, cause Nelza said that he saw Faye heading to the car, when infact he's up in the apartment. Doppelganger ? . WTFFFFFHKLJDSKL, go figure. And as for Katin, she said that she felt her tongue was cut short, making her to not be able to speak so well.

Hmmm. As for myself, I'd tell you on the next post.

What a night, what a night.