Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Sick And Slick Seeks Six Thick Sticks.

The sunrise that marked the end of the ghost hunting night woke me up along with continuous sighs of relief. Alhamdulillah, , nothing weird happened. Or so I thought.

And on Monday (10.11.2008),I went to class like the usual. Late, like the usual. Half-awake, as usual, that quickly disappeared the moment I saw Eddy's epic Jumanji face, as usual. It was Studio Lighting class that day, and the room was full. So, some of us had to wait outside first until the turn comes. The usual (but not entirely similar) flow of a typical day of college, suddenly became not so usual, with just a quick, abrupt miss call. I checked the number. And this came out..


Six Six Six Six Six Six.

O_________O !!

HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JIVEEEES (!) . How in the logical telecommunication reason, could this number dial me ? . It's not even in 10 digits, and it doesn't have the (+03,+60) number codes in front of it ! . An attempt to call it back only replied with "This number is incomplete". As if 666 being the number of the S..SS.Satan isn't bone-chilling enough. WHATTAAAAAAAAAFHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHQQ !! . To prove I ain't talking bullshiyat. Here yeh go :


And that's not all. Later that week, I had a sleepover at Faye's house. And later that evening of the day I slept over at Faye's house, Faye and Eddy went to Mid Valley while I went home. Then, Faye called me, thinking that he would tell me that I forgot my stuff or wtv, that happens all the time, as in me forgetting my stuffs. But no, he told me this. The meter of the cab was busted, so when the driver tried to reset it. Out of an infinite number combination, guess what number popped out ? . No prize for guessing, but yeah, it's the cursed ;


Coincidence ? , read on.

A college mate, named Burger, after hearing the story. Only then he recalled, that he almost got hit by three cars. With each car having the number 666 as it's number plate. Oh god :( . Then one of the nights, we went to Rhasta. And after we're done, we head out to Eddy's car. There was this RED car parked infront of his car, again, with the number 666 as it's numberplate. And RED is indeed, associated with the duh, duh, duh-vell, devil :S

I bet you can't even pronounce coicnidence, concidience, COINCIDENCE (!) now, punk.

I know it's stupid to put my beliefs in such numerical nonsense. But, it's too freaky to be a coincidence. And we're not talking about any other number, we're talking about the demonic 6 6 6 . I'm kinda glad that I didn't pick up tho. There was this story called "Nombor MERAH" , or "The RED Number" . (Remember the red car ?) . It even came out in the paper. The story goes as follow, a group of Indonesian black magic followers, wanted to test how far they're magic could stretch. The number would come out unnaturally long, +62852731520946 (Dial at your own risk), and it would appear in RED . Those that answered, said that they had bubbles foaming out of their mouth, and the next second, "Poof (!)" , they're dead. And some of the cases actually happened in MALAYSIA ! . And I actually googled "666666, mobile phone number" and there's a similar case in Singapore. Daymn, that ain't too far. The dude said that he was playing tarot cards, just as soon as he finished playing, the number 666666 called him. Uh-huh.

Call me paranoid, but lately, I've been seeing number plates , such as 3669, or 3996,
9663 , etc . 6 being 6, while 9 is the topsy turvy version of it and 3, being a multiple for both of the numbers. I think I'm just thinking too much. Allahuakbar. I shall not lose faith for the sake of mere digits :)


afinatales said...

dud. u hav by far the most sickening story. scccaaaaarrrreeeey!

aza said...


Ashtaroth said...

eh hey fina :) . how did you fnd my blog ? ;p . yeahhh, it's prettyyy freaky kan :/

haha aza, :O indeed o_o

Anonymous said...

scary gila! burger almost kene langgar? aiyoo, so careless la that dude.

Ashtaroth said...

tp yg pelik kan eleena, burger tk join pun kitorang pg ghost hunting :/ . hmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

u kene these things after ghost hunting? cari pasal je :S
huhu. btw, mcm mana bleh lekat smp kat segi nama "burger" tuh?

Ashtaroth said...

yeapp, the monday after the ghost hunting trip, which was on malam jumaat o_o . mmg carik psl. ahha dia yg introduce sndiri nama dia tu burger :P

Ayyman Rahim. said...

Scary mary sialll