Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hugh Jass

As of the 7th of July 2008

Nabis JS came to my house today to have his Krew cap done. In a way, I've to thank him for widening my scope of ideas, I don't think I'll ever come up of doodling on the flap part of a cap before. And of course for giving me the honor of conteng-ing a cap worth 130 bucks. 8)

There was no payment but I didn't mind at all, because it's just basically doing what I've been doing my whole life, and that is crapping craps on anything drawable, but this time it's for a greater justice. And he said that he'll treat me something good to eat somedayy. Sweee-ee-et :) .

With an arsenal of markers and pastels, I started to work. Discussed with him on the idea I spontaneously had in mind, the colour combinations and all just so I could maximize my customer's satisfaction (y) .

Little Sticks Of Magic :)

After, err half an hour I think ? It's done, the design at least :)

Went up and ironed the design. I don't know how this is necessary, but it was shown in the instructions for both the pastels and the shirt markers. So what the heck :)

After the oiliness of the crayons was felt no more, I think it is finally completeee :D


Should've done it the other way up, but he likes it, so I'm glad :8)

To start a clothing line, I should consider all aspects in order to construct one. And one of em is the model shoots ;) . And Nabil my friend here, voluntarily stepped himself up for being the first one ever ;)


Hahaha I think I can get the hang of this whole thing already :) . Now all I need is a bundle of $$$$$$$ to start the business.