Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Splat

As my summer splash ticket was earned by treating my supervisor to that square-shaped, shakey's pizza, with four different toppings, I know I can't let it go to waste :D . On top of the fact of how much the past previous summer splashes rocked, and and how enthusiastic me and my friends were, to a point we all bought matching boardshorts. It's easy to tell that I was stoked ! :D . Little did we all know, we were up to face one of the biggest letdown ever.

The journey itself peeked a little reluctance, when I actually realized I forgot my ticket along the way o_o . Orrr , maybe that was just me :P . Okay, not funny. Im real sorry Malik, do tell me whenever you're short of cash to pay for the oil alright (y).

Then, that hunt for a darned parking spot. It's pretty predictable that the parking spots near the Sunway Lagoon entrance to be full, but to expect even the spots inside Sunway Pyramid itself to have a full house, was downright nuts. Then finallyy, we found our parking spot all the waaaay in the loading bay. And that's considered lucky, with the fact that there were cars parked at places as far as the housing areas o_o.

After a little meet-up, I headed for Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach with little mental pump-ups like "Oh yeah baby, here I come" and sorts. Ha-ha-haa. Then,the volume of the chant was put on mute the second I saw the queue. The friggin queue o_o. At heart, I know there's no way for me to get my hands on the roxy goody bag. Haha okayy cancel that "eww gay nya" thought immediately, was only kiddin' around. The queue stretched all the way to the parking lot. And it was not even in a single, straight line. So, to respect the early birds, we went all the wayy to the back of the line and waited for our turn to go inside.


So okay, this is the part where Im gonna read when one day Im an old gramps, rocking back and forth in my chair and say " Oh what in carnation, I could've been 2 hours younger ____(insert wife's name here)" . And why ? That's just basically it ! I just wasted 120++ dandy minutes out of my lifeeee o_o . Not only, we waited in the line for hours and tolerated BO's, we also had to bear with "twinkle² little star" singing rempits (no, I am not kidding), haha but then again I guess that wasn't so bad. But the MAJORR put off was when we were only mere footsteps away from the entrance, "Oh finally" we all thought. Until, a friend of mine snapped a picture of what was waiting for us downstairs. and oo yeah, it was AN EVEN NASTIER MESS O_O . People looked like giddy ants. The moment we all finally gave in and stepped away from the line, just hit me like a spitball, that 2 hours worth of waiting, for, n-n-nothinggggg. A sad thought, for sure.

Then we all headed in pyramid for a little redemption and we all decided to fill our tummies at A&W . Met another minor letdown, and that is the good ol' rootbeer is served inside paper cups :P . Ha-ha-haa. As I thought it was time to unwind and enjoy my mozza burger, another tragedy strucked (!) , I SPILLED THE FRIKKIN ROOTBEER all over the floor,all over Najee's and Fad's leg, and all over Fad's cap and phone -_- , I guess that's what I get for complaining. Out of panic and blushing cheeks, my reaction was very unlikely of me. I was rude. Sorry, that wasn't me (shaggy).

Laterr that evening,most of us headed to Malik's place for a sleepover. The briyani served was so goooood I tell you, that you can just eat it plain without curry or whatever. But since there were chicken fillets, and that sour cream and onion paste, so why not ? :9 . While waiting for euro to start, we played darts, watched Fad wrestle the crap out of Aznam, poor dude, played guitars, took pictures and stuffs. Oh and Malik owns a spear/sumpit people, don't mess.

We only watched Euro attentively for a while, then the rest of the sleepover was filled with us asking each other trivial questions. Surprisingly, it was fun, and it killed a LOTT of time, fast :/ . We all learned a lot no doubt, especially on capitals of countries. Ha-haa

And before bed, I got a nice round of bangings from Fad. And this particular part of it left me to wonder , is it something to be proud of , or to just be plainly pissed about :

Fad: Kau kena tau yang kau tu banyak buat taik kat orang.
Me: Ala , semua orang buat taik kat semua orang , pahal aku yang kena lebih ?
Fad: Ye la , kau taik special

Taik special ? Ha-hah-hah , thank you I guess -_-

Dah lah kentut tak beragak . Hahaha nyways thanks for clearing things up man , kinda felt a little insignificant through out the whole day. Now, a little, I know why. So here's a proper thank you:

MEMANG TAK ARGHHHHHHHH !! . Haha pfft , thanks :P

Now for a little randomness:

Who wouldn't jump when the first thing they see when they enter a toilet is a FRIGGIN CLOWN , adjusting his make up and his red nose -_- . As it turned out, he claimed to be the clown that was in one of Pop Shuvit's vids. But he's a clown, so yeah :P